10 thoughts on “[Event] Free Costume Voting Event Result Announcement”

  1. Lol, crow barely broke past 2k votes and crackrock way down at the bottom… as I expected. Well costume crybabies, this is why the costumes are the way they are. Waifu sells harder.

    1. As a player I dont care what sells harder. Seria is still almost non existent anywhere yet some waifu plebs are voting for her. Speaking of irony..

      1. All I hear out of that was “muh eehh, re reeeee. Muh garbando lost. Muh eh eeehhhh.”

  2. All I hear out of that was “muh waifu zells hrdr”.
    Even Lakrak is 10 times better hero than Seria. Truth hurts..

  3. That’s bullshit. Fuckin favourtisim nonstop in this damn community! GIVE LAKRAK A FUCKIN COSTUME!!!

  4. I very clearly remember voting but I never got the rewards I even remember submitting the correct information for it, glad a fav unit of mine got a costume though