18 thoughts on “[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #2”

  1. So we ARE getting new costumes for DLK and Ffrey and potentially RClause and such in the future. Great stuffs

    1. Why does the link to the survey not work for me??? It just jump me to Google play, but no survey there ://

  2. This is soooo dumb that I don’t even know what to say.

    How are we supposed to vote for “costume” if we have no idea how it looks like???

    1. Did you even read the post?

      We’re voting for the hero that we want so they could get a new costume.Obviously,they ain’t gonna show it since its a freaking poll.

      1. Actually, if you read the post yourself, you’d realize that what you said is wrong. We’re voting to receive one of the upcoming costumes for free, something they mentioned several times before.

        ALL of those characters will receive a costume, but one will be free. And if the pre-register page is something like a hint, we probably know the theme of the costumes already.

  3. Come on vespa y put dlk and ffrey in the same pole. Like both don’t have any costumes but since ffrey is a priest and most ppl use her and have her both magic and physical teams she will 100% win. Also y would u add a hero that isn’t even worth n the game yet?? Lastly poor recardo as if there is a chance he would win against such popular heroes. This is the dirtiest and worst pole I’ve seen in my life.

    1. Read the post again, all heros will be reciving a costume, the one who wins lets all players have their costume for free.

  4. Yuria getting a costume again… bruh. She has tons already.

    She isn’t that popular either, so idk why they keep giving her them.

    Must be one of the artists or Vespa favorite hero…

  5. I’ll choose Glenwys. Not interested in any of the others. Isaiah already has a limited costume coming up.

  6. I’m voting for Glenwys! Best wishes to all the Heroes. Thank you!!

    1. Ohhh I already voted, and I think I voted for Isaiah. It’s too hard to choose!!! 😀