8 thoughts on “[Event] Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Pieces of Memories!”

  1. @GM Gremory, are the ruby rewards (2,000~5,000) released for the CRaider event?

    1. Hi Pekora! Yes, they were sent on Wednesday 🙂 Please check your in-game Mailbox if you haven’t!

    2. If we already cleared the story content and got the rewards, will the rewards be reset so we can clear and receive again ?

  2. Is the reward repeatable? (like if I do two pieces of memory dungeons, would I get 200 stamina potions and 600 memory fragments?)

  3. I want to be sure to fulfill the requirements but I’m a little confused… I’ve cleared two episodes, technically started each episode (so I wouldn’t be able to start and clear any from scratch), and am at the special dungeon for two of the episodes. Does ‘clear’ mean do one run or do all the runs available until the episode is cleared? And if it’s the former, I’m 12 special dungeon runs away from clearing my third episode… would that count? Clueless newbie here, would really appreciate clarification…

  4. For those who cleared all of them just wait for Shakmeh dungeon in 27th update