[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – May 2021

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Greetings Raiders,

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

First of all, we’d like to thank all Raiders for supporting us through our latest Developer’s Note regarding client stabilization.

As for the other issues besides the client stabilization we’ve mentioned previously, we’re constantly checking and testing to make the necessary improvements to the game. We will continue to work hard to create a game that can satisfy all Raiders.

Also, we will continue to check and implement the improvements and suggestions reported by our Raiders.

For this Developer’s Note, we will be mentioning about the customer satisfaction survey that was held on April and the details of what to expect for this month of May.

[Client Stabilization]

As mentioned on our latest Developer’s Note, we will be working on the 1st client stabilization through May’s first update.

1. The Eclipse content will be changed from a Multi-mode (Network verification mode) to a Single-Mode (Network verification is applied when the final battle is completed), and these changes will improve lagging and crashing issues within the content.

2. The [Change Gear] option will be removed, and Gear Preset & Gear Usage will be optimized.

3. Memory processed when playing cutscenes will be optimized.

We’re aware that we still have a long way to go in order to provide a stable gaming environment to all Raiders as we still have unfixed issues such as the stability issues encountered in the Velkazar Guild Conquest content.

As you may all know, the game, KING’s RAID, is Vespa itself. We have continuously worked through all these years receiving criticism and at the same time love and support from our Raiders. Due to these busy years, we were not able to look back and fix the issues in the right moment.

However, we have never forgotten about the importance and urgency of these issues. We believe that these are challenges we will need to face continuously throughout time.

Taking this attempt as our first step, we promise we will continue to work hard to solve and communicate the issues we have encountered, and the issues reported by our Raiders.

[The Final Chapter]

We’ve mentioned about [The Final Chapter] through our ‘1st Quarter of 2021 Developer’s Note’ post. For the second updates of this month of May, we will be finally revealing this content to all Raiders.

The Final Chapter will be the chapter that will be representing the grand finale of the current scenario of KING’s RAID, and it will also be an important link that will be connecting season 1 & 2. We have tried our best to include a prologue-like content which will be showing off the season 2 of KING’s RAID.

Besides ‘The Final Chapter’, we will be providing the new content ‘Enchanted Raid’ and additional systems related to this new content to help you upgrade your Technomagic Gear through ‘Enchanted Dungeons’. (Please note that this is a tentative name for the content, and it may be changed during the actual updates) We’re also preparing for different promotions and events for this month’s second updates.

For Raiders who have supported KING’s RAID, we will be giving out free Costume gifts, the story of the Primal Demon [Isaiah] will be revealed and the Hero will be obtainable for free. Additionally, we have prepared lots of exciting events for everyone.

[KING’s RAID Game Improvements & Customer Satisfaction Survey]

Through last month’s survey, we have collected lots of thoughts and suggestions from our Raiders. Thanks to all of your valuable voices, we’re in the process of discussing the improvements that will be made to KING’s RAID in the future.

As for the improvements we have checked through the survey, we have selected the contents that could satisfy 2 conditions: provide the contents we have prepared and make improvements to the contents wanted by most of the Raiders. Please do not be discouraged if what you have submitted in the survey is not included, as we have tried to include the contents with the highest number of opinions and suggestions from everyone.

1. Improvements to Technomagic Kingdom Raid Gear Farming & Raid’s level of difficulty

2. Improvements to the rates for obtaining Lil’ Raiders through the Incubator & Lil’ Raider contents

3. Improvements to the rewards & overall battle system of the Repositorium content

4. Improvements to rewards of the Dragon Raid and Hard Mode content & merging Dragon Raid dungeons

5. Balancing number of Costumes for all Heroes & releasing Costumes of Heroes that are owned the most by Raiders all around the world

* Improvements to the rewards and the entry system of the Stockage Vault were placed 3rd place in the survey, but we have excluded this as we have made improvements to the content on April 27th.

We will be discussing about the improvements of the contents that were mentioned above, and we will make sure to implement them starting from the month of June.

[Hero Balance Adjustments]

Starting from January, we have consistently made balance adjustments to 3 Heroes at a time. At first we started off with 3 Heroes at a time, and we have decreased the number of balance adjusted Heroes to 2 Heroes for April and May. Due to this, many Raiders were disappointed about the decision we have made.

We’d like to let you know that we’re continuously making plans and fixes for the next balance adjustments. We also wanted to make balance adjustments to more Heroes at a time, but as stable balance adjustments and consistent game updates are the top priorities on our list, we decided to balance 2 Heroes instead of 3. We would like to ask for your understanding regarding the decisions we have made as we want to implement safe and stable adjustments to the game.

For the Heroes with the latest balance adjustments, Cleo and Shamilla, we have not made simple numerical adjustments, but adjustments that required consistent testing of the Heroes. Instead of increasing the number of balance adjusted Heroes or increasing the number of balance adjustments, we wanted our Raiders to use their beloved Heroes with more efficiency. This is one of our primal goals and we believe that our Raiders will desire stable and efficient Heroes, instead of Heroes that aren’t stable at all. We will continue to work on the balance adjustments of our Heroes, so that they can be born again with better performances.

We promise we will be putting our best efforts to satisfy our Raiders with our honesty and hard work. We’d like to thank everyone for supporting KING’s RAID for all these years. As always, we will be caring for our Raiders and we will do our best to repay the love you have given us.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio

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  1. I always see you talking about making older heroes from the game better because players complain but you never really do anything. Also if only the most used heroes get new costumes then soon Estelle and Pansi will have one billion till next year. Duh.

    1. So if ppl want estelle and pansi ppl get Estelle and pansi no body cares for shity heroes like lakrak or kaula. This is how all games make skins they make what most ppl want and use not what some dorks want

      1. @piss off

        Quit telling other people to “piss off” on every single post. How about you go and “piss off” yourself. Vulgar human being. Meta abuser idiot and no-brains player (since you use Pansi and Estelle).

        I can imagine in real life you have the most toxic mouth and poisonous tongue. Not attractive in the slightest. Indeed, a very vulgar human being.

  2. Dear vespa adjusting hero have two meaning buff or nerf, since you decide to not NERFing the broken hero because people will rage and disapointed because they already build and invest the said hero, then you SHOULD make the game environment more stable and balanced, your only option is to adjusting(BUFF) other hero to keep up with the updates, alsoBUFFing other hero beside the broken one isnt negotiable, yet you guys went too far and said we will be adjusting less hero so the adjustment will get more impact in the games. And then proceed to put a banner from the adjusting hero on step up summon that give free costumes / unique gear / soul weapon from the said hero, most player want the other hero to be adjusted sooner not this clowny things lmao, you just want to make money from it so you prolonging the adjustment from every other hero and decide the popular hero first to get adjustment instead of needed the most. And you guys DARE to say that hero need to be TESTED , WHILE YOU FU**ED UP WHEN SHAKMEH RELEASED , and one shoting people in arena LAUGHABLE , then decide to nerf him with emergency MT, then some of your player from jp server disapointed with your action then you compensate us lmao easy as like that

    1. Dude just piss off u are not even trying to put an argument, all u r doing is complaining for no reason all buffed heroes we recived we by the users so it is good buffs. Unless u want the November meme ones?

      1. Yeah, that buff on aisha wqs real good. Now she can solo all content.

    2. You do remember what happened last year in November right? Also with Shakmeh yes maybe they were not thinking clearly but that’s okay because no game is perfect. Try listing just one game that you know that has no bugs or problems. And at least Vespa tried their best and went with a emergency MT to reduce his power because they realized that “hey we made a mistake we need to give Shakmeh an emergency nerf”. Please next time put you feedback of the game into a constructive way because even though this community can be toxic, doesn’t mean that you have to follow along with that as well. Take care! -Tdiger

  3. No nerf stance is the stupidest decision for game which dependent on scoring pve content & pvp, because it will make unhealthy environment,make player just go to built meta hero and just meta hero to get good score (pvp) and to win (pvp), and you (developer) managed to make this happen.

    Not just that, instead of nerfing broken hero, you decided to buff the rest of the hero, but with a VERY SLOW PACE. On top of that, you devs still dont do anything about past hero you once give a meme buff, such as Aisha, Crow, Seria, etc.

    I wonder which one of your stuff think that no nerf hero policy is a good thing. And whose idea is that to balance the no nerf policy, decided to buff the rest of the hero (with slow pacing too) instead of just nerfing a few problematic hero.

    And i doubt the developer will respond to us player anyway, because they dont bother to read our complaint.

  4. I’m still waiting for a real adjustment to Crow and Theo after the meme November patch. It’s been half a year and no redemption in sight.

    Instead, Vespa decides to move onto other heroes instead of fixing their mistakes.

    Fix meme balance patch. Stop moving onto heroes who are in better position than others and don’t need buffs.

    It’s King’s Raid 2 soon, and 80% of heroes in this game remain trash.

  5. Balancing remains a persistent issue but as others have said, you are giving them too damn slow.

    Not to mention, you keep memeing certain heroes and don’t bother to redo their buffs (November balance patch was half a year ago)

    Also some heroes remain garbage and outdated since like 2018-9. And you still don’t fix them.

    No wonder only a tiny pool of the heroes in this game are used and abused today. No wonder majority of heroes aren’t even used much.

    Because most players abuse the same old bunch of heroes.

    No diversity, nothing.

  6. It’s nice to see you guys doing better work lately.. 2 hero each balance, how long it’s gonna take to “balance” those heroes left consider we are going to enter king’s raid season 2 next year, the only exciting thing that i always check, please reconsider to do 3 hero again

  7. I really appreciated the recent changes of things which is on point and efficient. Will definitely be supporting the game if you keep this trend forward!

    As a side note, I was hoping there might be a ‘secondary way’ to balance old units while they wait for their queue in the balance patch, such as allowing special enhancements exclusively to old units only. For example, allowing 100 TP instead of 95 TP. (Or some basic mechanic, like increasing skill potency from 3 levels to 4 levels)

    1. God please no. 100 TP will be a INDIRECT HUGE buff for those broken heroes with amazing perks.

      And then you get those who stay irrelevant and sh*t because they have trash perks in comparison.

  8. Are you ever going to do a real revisit to your November meme balance patch?

    Been waiting for 6~ months and just nothing to show for it!

    Only Roi, Scarlet and Shamilla got a real rework!

  9. ‘Balancing number of Costumes for all Heroes & releasing Costumes of Heroes that are owned the most by Raiders all around the world”

    Basically, you guys aren’t changing shit on that. It’s the same shit that’s going on currently. STILL FUCKIN’ FAVOURTISIM!!!!

    1. you can’t win that point.. results shows ppl want popular heroes.

      Just like how ppl voted to increase pet drop rates..(err probably the whales liked the system(or results were rigged). personally i want the system to be deleted.)

  10. You can’t win at this point. It’s a shame because despite all the genuine hard work Vespa does, the complaints aren’t necessarily groundless. I’m curious to how the player base will hold; whether people will just start leaving or stay and keep complaining.

  11. This game has no hero diversity. Legit 92% of the player base is abusing the same set of heroes. The last 8% are those who are willing to explore outside of the meta.

    I think it is a HUGE problem when most of your player-base uses the same heroes. It goes to show there’s a SERIOUS problem with your hero balancing.

    The fact you are unwilling to nerf does not help. The fact that you are buffing heroes at a snail’s pace does not help either. Every time you bring a balance patch, a new hero is released and often, these new heroes are broken tier; which renders a group of heroes irrelevant.

    In that sense, you have created a vicious cycle: an endless list of heroes needing balance and this is loop you cannot break out of. Basically, no matter what, you cannot shatter your poor reputation on balancing.

    Worse, is how you sometimes choose to buff heroes who don’t need buffs compared to others. One prime example is Chase, who was arguably in a much better position than many heroes pre-balance. He was able to do Trials 10, Otherwordly Shakmeh 9, Devourer Shakmeh, PvP and so on.

  12. Thanks very much for working on stability! Stability can’t come fast enough! I pretty much keep loading the game until I can get in, so that my log in is counted. Then it will inevitably crash, whereupon I just stop playing. Hopefully the next update will fix the constant crashing.

  13. So much love!!! Thank you for all your hard work and perseverance. I am so grateful to be able to experience this special time in King’s Raid when we will be concluding Season 1 and moving on to Season 2!!

    Enchanted Dungeons sound interesting. Your creativity is always impressive! I’m grateful you have decided to stick with your decision to work on balancing 2 Heroes at a time, as you know your own limits and are prioritizing stability for us players!