[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – June 2021 (Updated on June 4th (Fri) 02:00 [PDT])

<Updates & Fixes>
※ Additional information has been added to the stabilization updates of the Eclipse content – (Updated on June 4th (Fri) 02:00 [PDT])

Greetings Raiders!

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

First of all, we’d like to thank all Raiders for taking part of our survey on April 20th, 2021.

As we were preparing for our Developer’s Note on June, we were able to check how much love and support we were receiving from our Raiders.

During the 1st updates in May, we were able to successfully update our latest Client Stabilization to the game. We’d like to let you know that we are grateful for the positive feedback and messages of support we have received after the stabilization updates.

Through this Developer’s Note, we will be announcing about the next Client Stabilization updates and the plans we have prepared to implement the feedback we have received through the survey.

[Client Stabilization]

– Latency/Lag Improvements to Guild Conquest Velkazar

As for the Velkazar content, the damage calculation formula and gimmicks, as well as different Hero combinations and Party Play components, all of these factors in overall were causing a decrease in performances within the game. These adjustments have taken a considerable amount of time as we had to implement the adjustments without making any changes to the fun and details of the battle system.

On our first updates in June, we are planning to provide you the improved version of the battles of Velkazar through the app-player version of the game.

At first, we were also planning to provide the improved version for mobile devices as well through Google, Apple, One Store, and Galaxy Store. However, due to the variables that occur in mobile devices, we realized the adjustments could take more time than expected. Therefore, we decided to provide the X86 app-player version in advance.

Through this update, we are expecting you to experience the Guild Conquest Velkazar content with better performances through app-players. As soon as we’re able to check positive feedback from our Raiders after the updates, we will be implementing these improvements to the mobile version as well.

– Changes after abnormal crashing in the Guild Conquest Velkazar

If one of the party members experiences abnormal crashing after accessing the Velkazar content with his/her party members, an opportunity will be given to the remaining party members to leave the battle.

This was one of the issues that occurred not only due to abnormal crashing, but also with a single network disconnection. Along with the improvements to the current issues, we needed to minimize inconvenience by improving the rules of accessing/exiting the content.

As the updates for the content needs to be developed and tested carefully, (such as implementing the changes when exiting the content and additional issues that could lead to unfairness) we are planning to implement these changes during the 2nd updates in June.

– Mission Tab

The Mission tab is a function that has been developed in order to provide a detailed guide of important missions within the game. However, as updates and contents were added continuously, the content of the Missions has grown excessively.

The list of missions has increased beyond the capacity, causing latency/lag issues or abnormal crashing issues to new Raiders or returning Raiders.

We will be improving this issue during the 1st update in June. We will be making changes in a way that [the list of daily and weekly missions] are shown instead of showing all of the missions in progress when accessing the Missions tab. These improvements will greatly alleviate the current latency/lag or abnormal crashing issues within the game.

– Improvements to the stabilization of other contents

1. After the stabilization updates of the Eclipse on May 13th, we are currently planning to make additional improvements to this content. We’re developing additional functions to the game so that Raiders are able to continue with ‘finished wave’ instead of the ‘starting wave’ when retrying the Eclipse content.

※ Please note that the buffs/stacks that have been applied previously will remain when continuing with your ‘finished waves’.

When retrying the content, you won’t have to play the content from the starting wave. Instead, you will be able to start from the wave where you stopped playing. This improvement will allow our Raiders to focus on enjoying the content without worrying about losing progress.

2. You may have all experienced the issue in which you were placed in the lobby (exiting the content you were playing previously) when experiencing network connection delays or disconnection during your gameplay. Currently, we are considering the development of the function in which you will be able to play again from the point where your network was disconnected.

3. We’re collecting issues reported by our Raiders and checking issues we have found within our PvP contents, and we’re making plans for further improvements of the contents. Please note that we’re planning to announce them through our next Developer’s Note.

Additionally, we’d also like to share some disappointing news regarding the stabilization updates.

As for the issues in which latency/lags are experienced after completing battles in the contents Devourer Shakmeh and Technomagic Kingdom (announced through the Developer’s Note on April 13th), we have analyzed and examined this issue in different ways and methods. However, we were able to confirm that delays were occurring due to logic verification from the point rewards were received after concluding battles within the game.

In order to fix this issue, we will have to fix and examine all battles within the game. Therefore, we will not be able to fix this issue at the moment. We ask for your patience and understanding as we are planning to fix this issue during the 2nd Season of KING’s RAID in which we will be proceeding a grand scale update for battles and in-game logics.

[2021 KING’s RAID Game Improvements & Customer Satisfaction Survey]

As announced through our Developer’s Note in May and the infographic of the results of the survey, most of our Raiders have asked for the improvements of Technomagic Kingdom Raid Gear Farming & Improvements to the Level of Difficulty of the content. We will be proceeding the updates of the improvements separately as shown below.

[Improvements to Technomagic Gear Farming]

We are planning to provide different ways in which you can obtain Technomagic Gear besides clearing Technomagic Raids.

The Technomagic Raid is a content in which obtaining Technomagic Gear is effective and definite, but at the same time it is also a challenging content for most of the Raiders.

Currently, we are preparing a new content that can be enjoyed by Raiders who are having a hard time challenging Technomagic Raids and Raiders who are desiring to play a new content besides the Technomagic Raids. We’re planning to announce this through our update sneak peeks in the near future.

[Improvements to the level of difficulty of the Technomagic Raid]

Decreasing the overall level of difficulty in the Technomagic Raid may be an option, but at the same time, this option is something we should be avoiding as decreasing the overall level of difficulty may affect the unique battle characteristics and gimmicks of the Technomagic Raid.

Rather than decreasing the level of difficulty, we will be providing a detailed guide of the battle characteristics and gimmicks of the Technomagic Raid.

We will also be verifying all data within the game, and we will make sure to provide supplementary updates to the game.

As for the improvements of the Technomagic Raid and Gear Farming, we are planning to proceed with the updates for June and July separately.

Next, we will be explaining about the feedback we have received for the improvements of the Lil’ Raider Incubator and related contents.

[Lil’ Raiders]

Some of our Raiders have provided us feedback to delete the Lil’ Raider contents from the game. However, there are Raiders who have invested a great amount of time and efforts to this content, and it still remains as one of our biggest concerns (and one of the most important ones) in the KING’s RAID Studio.

We are continuously thinking about rearranging the Lil’ Raider content, so that it can possess its unique position and characteristics within the game, and at the same time, provide the enjoyment of collecting and using Lil’ Raiders. (instead of being a stress in the game)

We are aware that this will not be an easy task, so we will be taking more time to think about the improvements that will satisfy all Raiders.

Next, we will be discussing about the improvements of the Dragon Raid content.

[Dragon Raid]

The Dragon Raid content was released when KING’s RAID first opened its doors. At first, it was a content in which Raiders were able to obtain high rank Gear. Throughout time, Soul Weapons and Technomagic Gears were updated, and the purpose for playing the Dragon Raid content has faded away.

Like the promises we made for the Lil’ Raider content, we promise we will try to make the contents for the Dragon Raid useful and enjoyable. Instead of making simple adjustments to the rewards, we promise we will improve the Dragon Raid contents so that it can live up to its name.

As soon as we’re prepared for the improvements we have mentioned above, we will make sure to announce it through our community pages in the near future.

Next, we will be talking about the Repositorium content. As you may have seen through our infographic post, Repositorium was one of the top contents that was mentioned for improvements.


The Repositorium is a dungeon content that was designed to obtain different kinds of Gear and gold. However, it is a content that has been released long ago and the rewards and the rules have been outdated for some time.

Fortunately, the Repositorium was not a content of high importance such as Lil’ Raiders or Dragon Raids, and the items that were collected through the content did not have a great impact in actual battles. Repositorium is more of a fun content rather than a tough content that requires intense Gear farming. That is why we intend to provide the Repositorium content with improvements that can attract the interest of our Raiders.

Through the updates on June, we promise to make the improvements to the Repositorium’s rewards, rules and entry tickets.

Lastly, we will be discussing about the feedback of Hero Costumes.


Currently, we’re trying our best to implement the feedback we have received to release Costumes that are wanted by our Raiders.

However, as there are more than 100 Heroes in the game and the preferences of Heroes from our Raiders are all different, the balance of Costumes from our KING’s RAID Studio was not enough to satisfy all Raiders at once.

First of all, we will make sure to plan and recalculate carefully, so that we can include the development of the Costumes of your favorite Heroes. After we’re done with the recalculations, we will be preparing to announce it through our Developer’s Note.

Besides what we have mentioned above, we are thoroughly reading and analyzing the feedback and suggestions we have received through the survey.

We will be checking each category carefully, and we will work hard so that we can implement these valuable suggestions into our development plans. Also, we will continue to announce the feedback and the details of the implementation through our future developer’s note.

Finally, we have taken our first step towards Season 2 through our updates of X: The Final Chapter.

As for X: The Final Chapter, we hope you enjoy raiding with the other Raiders and hope you like what we have prepared for the 3rd anniversary of the European server / 4th anniversary of the American & Asian server.

Even if we do not reach the expectations of our Raiders on time, we will continue to work hard to provide a better gaming environment for our Raiders.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio

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        In terms of monster heroes you have two options, make them extremely badass or extremely hot.
        Lakrak costume was awesome and is an amazing combination of both!

  1. “When retrying the content, you won’t have to play the content from the starting wave. Instead, you will be able to start from the wave where you stopped playing.” Starting from the starting wave is better.Please don’t change it.

      1. I only care about ether rewards.. If eclipse will give more ethers after this update. That will be better.. But make the rewards almost equal for everyone like it is now.. Otherwise it will break the balance again.

  2. When it comes to lil raiders
    Still delete the content.
    Keep the LINE stuff just as pets without these broken buffs
    Reimburse players who sunk money into it
    It’s a terrible system at the moment

  3. Just increase the fing drops in Technomagic Raid by 100000%. DO you know how many characters i have geared with Techomagic gear since release of this content. 1. FKING 1.
    The drops are shit, and even when i get something, the skill sucks so i need to farm more.
    Its pure trash. 1 piece can have shit ton of option and i only need the desired one.

    Its fking stupid. Its so fun to dispatch stage 5 everyday and get nothing useful. SO FUN!

    1. What? are you running TM 1 and only crafting global drops or something?
      I’m guessing your mother drank heavily when she was with you but even then that’s no excuse for being so monumentally stupid

    2. Sounds like a user issue buddy. Most people who are dedicated to this game have plenty of gear by now. The fact you’re running stage 5 is not helping since the drop rate is trash under stage 7.

      1. vermilion, It’s user collected data, it’s not the exact rates in the code, and you said it yourself it’s “miniscule” which means it’s pretty much the margin of error, and considering not all the runs have the same sample size, it’s not smart to compare them.

    3. how is it that when i stage 2 dispatch i could get a set of TM gear with the skills i wanted (i didn’t reforge the options yet because im poor on reforges lol) and note i started playing since March. I dont believe you and if this story was true, you’re just bad lmao
      (also i dont have a photo of proof because im lazy) :l

  4. TM: agree, you dont have to lower the level, adding more details can help a lot or just make the description a lot clearer. i think this has something to do with translations. hope everything in the game is made clear specially the details about skills, perks, stats bonuses, skill level stat bonus etc. for example, i wanna see the actual damage after i upgrade my skill and it is kinda confusing about how gears can affect the skill damage. some skills can be affected by gears, some are fixed. if there is any guide about that, i hope someone can point it out to me but if not, i do wish some improvements can be made there.
    LilR: i do hope we can use them in actual battles.

  5. Buff assassins when vespa? Specifically tanya?
    And TM reward drops really need improvement. A small chance for 1 random enhancement stone even on Stage 9 when you need hundreds to max one piece of gear? How is that rewarding and fair for the amount of stamina you burn.

  6. One of the best things you did in the latest updates is the gear preset lag fix,
    it’s really refreshing loading presets this fast without lagging or crashing

    however I’ve to also point out another issue,
    the notification for completing missions appears in a place that’s easily clickable by mistake which most of the time is covering a button or something that I’ve to continue clicking on for a while, for example while buying the upgrade stones for the first time on the new week you complete the mission of spending 1m gold and you are forced to wait until it’s gone if you remembered (which is still annoying and inconvenient) but most of the time you will click by mistake on the notification lagging and jumping to the missions tab, this is just an example, it happens frequently in many other cases too,
    Please continue working on making the game more convenient and thank you for your hard work.

  7. Wow, it sounds like you are hard at work like always. Thank you for all that you are planning for us! It would be interesting for Dragon Raid to be reworked into something that affects late game progression. I wonder what you have in mind!

  8. Lil Raiders needs deleting. Return investments. You can do this, it was done long ago when you made changes to how people obtain NPCs. Delete Lil Raiders.

    Just lower the technomagic difficulty instead of coming up with another weak, unimportant, uninspired, and failure of an idea. Whatever you come up with, I guarantee the drop rate for techno gear with be next to zero, which will make the content worthless.

    Here’s an idea – keep Repositorium, put techno gear there. BOOM! Old content made useful again and you barely have to change anything. No need to invest money and time into a worthless idea.

  9. thanks for thorough explanation vespa team. the game feels safer when makers have a talk like this with community. so at least I am not exactly concerned with the time. hope to see a tasty fruit.

  10. TM raids may not need a difficulty drop but putting the enhancement materials behind stage 7 and up is perhaps too demanding. Really need to consider how much more behind newer players get when you award stuff like that behind such a massive gap. A lot has been done in other content to make the gap less notable too, so it’s not like this is up to the same par.

    I would also argue better rewards in repo would be nice over improving dragon raids. Maybe simplifying those raids and grinds would help speed up things for newer players though. Something more set for solo too.

    Lil Raiders could just have their buffs be more superfluous. Instead of stat and damage increases, more like gold and stuff. And no putting really great stuff like increased drops between pay only versions. Probably the part people have the most problem with.

    Costumes… I hate to say it but really should go over what people want than some outliners. Maybe Dakaris should have more than one outfit yes, but the equality does few people any benefit. Honestly some heroes would be easier to get love if they were just better. Not the best, not near the same level, just more usable. Speaking of which…

    Also reconsider forcing Hanus to be some guild activity only character seriously. I can not be the only one who wants to use her in more content without being massively dragged down by half her kit stuck behind content people don’t really enjoy.