[Developer’s Note] Announcement regarding Client Stabilization

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Greetings Raiders,

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

We’re about to make an announcement regarding the instability issues of the game (latency/crashing/freezing) many Raiders have been reporting us about. We apologize for the delay in responding to these issues.

We’re glad we’re finally able to provide all Raiders a positive and clear announcement through today’s Developer’s Note. Thank you for your patience in waiting and we’d like to give our deepest gratitude for believing in us.

We’d like to announce about the details of the 3 main updates we’re planning to implement during the first update in May. These updates will be considering several instability issues our Raiders were continuously reporting us about. In order to implement these improvements to the game, we have continuously checked and tested carefully. We look forward to seeing a noticeable change in the actual gameplay of our Raiders.

[Eclipse Optimization]

We will be implementing changes to the Eclipse content from a Multi-mode (Network verification mode) to a Single-Mode (Network verification is applied when the final battle is completed). Every time a team clears a wave in Eclipse, constant connection is required between the server and the device. However, connection couldn’t be maintained at a stable condition at all times. We realized that a single instability connection would cause discomfort while playing the game. Therefore, we decided and prepared to make fixes to this content as soon as possible. Through this update, we expect to see improvements to the following issues in the content: excessive delays when starting battles, network disconnection issues, abnormal progress and results in battles. At the moment, we’re making the final update preparations and verifications of the Eclipse content.

[Gear Preset and Gear Box Optimization]

We have finally found the cause of the crashing and lagging issues that occurred when using the Gear Preset option. This option allowed the Raiders to look up for better Gear than the ones that were equipped to the Heroes. With this option, Raiders were able to check a [yellow dot icon] option (Check image below) on the icons and profile images of the Heroes from the Heroes List/Info screen. However, this option in the game required a complex processing of all the data of Heroes and Gear owned by the Raider, causing lagging, freezing and crashing issues.

We’re sorry to inform the Raiders who were actually satisfied using this option, but we decided to delete this option from the game as we believe that game stability is our priority. After removing this option, it will not only improve the Gear Preset function, but also improve the lagging issues that occurred when opening multiple Gear boxes at once. If we encounter any inconvenience for removing the ‘Change Gear’ option after the update, we will consider about implementing the option once again with further improvements.

     ‘Change Gear’ Option

For more details on how changes will be made, please check the video below.

[Cutscenes Optimization]

We will also improve the cutscenes within the game. We have encountered an issue in which memory was accumulated unnecessarily when playing cutscenes. This was a problem that could lead to serious issues such as freezing and lagging when watching contents like the Monthly Orvel (contents with large data collection of cutscenes). Therefore, we will make improvements not only to the Monthly Orvel content, but also all contents that include cutscenes, so that memory can be processed in an efficient way. After the update, we look forward to seeing a smoother, comfortable and enjoyable content for all Raiders.

As for the [delaying issues in the Velkazar Guild Conquest] and [delaying issues in the reward results screen after completing Devourer Shakmeh and Technomagic Kingdom Raid contents] that were mentioned on our previous Developer’s Note, we’re continuously working on the stabilization of these issues.

We’d like to inform you that we’re constantly checking delaying issues with Velkazar (one of the Guild Conquest Bosses) through the issues reported by our Raiders. Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide sufficient information regarding the optimization dates and fixes that are needed for this content. We promise we will keep up with the investigations of this issue until we’re able to identify the source of the problem. As soon as we come up with a solution, we will make sure to announce it through our official community pages.

In addition, we’d like to thank everyone for reporting or providing sufficient details about the issues that are encountered within the game. These reports have been a great help to our developers. When encountering any issues, please report us about them with details or with videos as this will help us analyze and investigate the cause with more depth and accuracy.

As we have promised to communicate often with all Raiders, our KING’s RAID Studio will continue to visit everyone with more posts and announcements in the near future.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio.

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    1. give them time, they just succeeded buffing other memed heros like scarlet, roi, if we rush them again and buff all of them at the same time, im pretty sure they will mess up again, patience is a virtue, let them do their thing

  1. Nice QOL changes, but I do hope you’re working on QOL for mobile user as well. Apply Ruby flask to dispatch and apply event bonuses to dispatch feature as well. Also fast/turbo mode Devourer Shakmeh.

    This game is really not friendly for mobile users, it benefits emulator users much more. The irony is you started as a mobile game and advertise it as so.

    Anyway, nice to see the gear preset feature is being fixed.

    1. This is my two cents of why they probably wont implement the ruby flask and event bonuses on dispatch is because one or two of the only pros on doing a normal (non dispatch) play is you can fill your ruby flask on it and event encourages the players to engage on party play, if you add those on dispatch, then what’s the point of doing a non dispatch runs beside party play? everyone will just go dispatch.

      which goes to the other cent of what i think they cant implement this is cause dispatching makes the players go out of the game (not sure if your aware, but one of the ways vespa(or other game developers) can make money is to make players stay on the game)

      i understand that this can be inconvenient and it kinda sucks, but for a small company like vespa, they need to make money, especially with the amount of free stuff we’re getting lately, most likely MORE other players wont even spend a dime on special shop.

  2. Please buff the victims of the meme November balance patch (Crow, Theo, Chrisha etc…) and also outdated hero like Yanne, May, Dimael!

    Thank you Vespa for working to improve client.

    1. give them time, they just succeeded buffing other memed heros like scarlet, roi, if we rush them again and buff all of them at the same time, im pretty sure they will mess up again, patience is a virtue, let them do their thing

  3. Finally smooth gear loading!
    Please nerf Otherworldly Shakmeh or do something about it to make it actually enjoyable, it’s the most irritating content in the game, 100000 restarts, too much time consuming and frustrating, is this how games are supposed to be :c

      1. Shakmeh isn’t challenging you fool. His minions just have gozillions hp.

      2. The fool is you Scarlet simp
        your comments everywhere whenever you see something you don’t like or don’t agree with are always rude and aggressive
        people with poisonous personality like you are like a sickness in the game community

  4. Dear Vespa,

    Thank you for those wonderful updates, I would like to share my idea in regards to Guild Conquest content especially regarding the disconnection issues on Party Play resulting loss of entry, my idea is, to put an exit button or restart button for the first 10 seconds at the beginning of the battle especially Velkazar (GC3), where players can exit without losing their entry, and at the same time, players who are disconnected for the first 5-10seconds at the beginning of the battle won’t lose their entry, because most of the problems on Guild Conquest is crashing on the loading screen, resulting a devastating loss of score on the guild,

    Thank you for reading this and keep up the great work vespa,

  5. (ノ*0*)ノ~✧
    I can’t believe they finally did it! Gimme that Gear Preset fix ASAP! Like right, stat, now!
    But wait…
    “3 main updates we’re planning to implement during the first update in May.”

    4 weeks?!?