[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – April 2021

Greetings Raiders,

This is the KING’s RAID Studio

We’d like to thank all Raiders who have sent us their encouraging messages after we have posted our Developer’s Note on March.

Also, we’d like to thank Raiders who have sent us feedback about the improvements we should be making in the future. We promise we will be listening to all of the criticism and feedback in order to improve the game.

We are aware that we may not be able to satisfy all Raiders by providing all of the necessary information on the right timing, but we will try our best to communicate and deliver the process and the results as clear as possible.

We will be starting off this Developer’s Note with optimization issues in which most Raiders have reported as one of the main issues of the game.

[Client Stabilization]

As shown below, these are the issues that were reported the most by our Raiders:

1. Abnormal crashing issues or deck changing issues when playing the Eclipse content

2. Delaying issues in the Velkazar Guild Conquest content

3. Delaying issues in Event Dungeons and Monthly Orvel content

4. Delaying issues encountered in the reward results screen after completing Devourer Shakmeh and Technomagic Kingdom Raids contents

With the feedback of our Raiders and the analysis we have made in KING’s RAID Studio, we’re trying to identify the main cause of the issues and we’re planning to fix them as soon as possible.

We will be making sufficient preparations in order to announce the cause of the issues and the plans to fix them in our next Developer’s Notes.

In connection with this, we’re providing an APK to Raiders who play KING’s RAID on app players.

We highly recommend Raiders who use app players to use this APK for a smooth gameplay.

Please note that you will experience less delaying and crashing issues through this APK for app players.

Due to the lack of information regarding the installation of the APK, we will be providing an easy-to-follow installation guide.

As for our long-term plans, we are in the process of developing a Windows version of KING’s RAID, in which our Raiders will be able to enjoy the game on PC.

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

텍스트, 전자기기, 컴퓨터, 다른이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명 Main screen of KING’s RAID (Windows version)

※ Please note that this is the Korean version of the game

[List of Improvements]

1. Improvements to Guild content

Guild content is one of the most popular contents in the game in which Raiders can enjoy altogether.

However, the rewards, UI and the game rules were left unchanged for a long time.

Starting with the improvements of the Guild War last March, we’re planning to make improvements to Guild Shop UI, Guild Construction and rewards related to Guild content.

In addition, in order to help Raiders use the guild contents efficiently, we will be providing Guild related event missions with different kind of rewards.

2. Improvements to Old Rewards

Previously, we have made adjustments to the 28-Day Roll Book, but we understand it was not enough to satisfy all Raiders.

Many of our Raiders have provided us feedback to make improvements to Accumulated Login, Hot Time, Tower of Ordeal, list of items in the Hero’s Inn Shop, list of items for the Roulette of Fortune. In April, we’re planning to make big improvements to the rewards of the game.

We will strive to fulfill the expectations of our Raiders by constructing better rewards. We promise we will not only look from the point of view from our developers, but also consider the feedback and suggestions of our Raiders.

Besides the points we mentioned above, we are also reviewing and discussing important matters that were suggested previously by our Raiders.

[Communication with Raiders]

Currently, we’re sharing you updates from KING’s RAID through our Developer’s Notes and GM notes.

In order to communicate and share updates on a regular basis with our Raiders, we will be posting our Developer’s Notes & GM Notes as shown below.

– Developer’s Notes: Once a month. We will be discussing the future direction of our development, the process and results of the issues that are encountered.

– Update Sneak Peek: Twice a month, 1 week before the update maintenance

– Patch Note: Twice a month, updated on the day of the update maintenance

– GM Note (Costume): Once a month. We will be receiving votes for the most wanted Costumes from our Raiders through Surveys and these Costumes will be available for free

– GM Note (Developer’s Talk [Tentative Name]): Posted before/after the main updates. We will be introducing the development stories of the updates.

– GM Note (Behind the Development): Posted before/after the main updates. We will be introducing the behind-the-scenes of development stories that Raiders are curious about.

– Surveys for Improvements: Once for every quarter. We will be receiving feedback & suggestions from our Raiders, and will try to implement these as much as possible.

We have tried communicating with our Raiders through different channels, but we weren’t able to keep our promises on time. Due to this reason, we will be using this opportunity as a stepping stone to improve the parts we have missed. We will be making our best efforts to implement the feedback our our Raiders, and we promise we will be working hard to make improvements to KING’s RAID continuously. 

We are aware that the pace of improvements made to the game might not satisfy all Raiders, but we will continue to strive for excellence in communication and growth of KING’s RAID.

As for our final words, we will be revealing some of the scenes of our final chapter. We hope you enjoy these short videos we have prepared for you! Please look forward to our final chapter of KING’s RAID.

Thank you

KING’s RAID Studio

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    1. I hope the game wouldn’t get grindier with the implementation of PC version.. mobile players would suffer a bigger difference to other players that have accessibility to PC due to their lifestyle.

      One example of the current issues that game forces players to grind: Ruby flasks, reduction of TM boss frags upon dispatch.

  1. OMG love this update. Thanks for the notice and looking forward to all the changes~
    I hope we also get more balance patches soon, some characters have been left powercreeped for a while and it’d be nice to see them gain relevancy again.

    Other than that, REALLY looking forward to the new guild stuff, helps that I’m in an active guild that I enjoy being in, but I do hope that those without active guilds will gain new life with this update.

    Finally, that video of Scarlet, Selene, Naila and Demia is basically my team when we see a DLK in PvP lmao

    1. Oh right, any more [Storytelling from the Scenario Team] posts? I did enjoy reading those and I hope they reveal more.

      Surprising to see PC client, I know Mobius FF has one, but that game was backed by Square Enix money so I didn’t expect KR to get one. Really glad that it is though however.

      Thanks for the update and looking forward to the finale~

  2. Hey.. i m really glad that you guys brought the developers note back.

    Theres was a period you guys stopped posting. I thought it was really good, but well this kind of things u r bond to take criticism…(i hope you guys wouldnt fear them) as players would want the best for the game

    Keep up the good work!

    Based off from what you guys said in this developer note, it seem to me that you guys are putting things on the right track agn

  3. Wow, excited about the prospect of a version of KR specifically for PCs. Also more free costumes lol. I love the April Fools’ Pansi and Mitra, thanks for implementing those in the game and giving them to us for free.

    If the costume voting is for entirely new costumes, does this mean we as a community can unite and make a Daka costume happen…? Don’t let your memes be dreams.

    1. Idk man.. feels pretty meh for new players as well..

      i mean those rewards are really really old tier that was made in the 2017-2018s? I dun look forward to it at all (getting transcendence frags?), but well..whats free is free.

      More of the up-to-date rewards were given for the older players. I mean they totally deserves it. I hope they ll b mre appreciative than newer players.

    1. oooh, guild content improvements, accumulated login rewards revamped, great news thank you guys!

      one thing you might want to consider, make joining raids as easy as joining chapter battles.
      currently its 11 different ‘anybody need help?’ things to go thru.

      such a cool game. thank you heaps.

  4. Watch out for that Shamilla 400 ACC it’s going to hurt!!!

    all jokes aside, thanks for the note, still hoping to see November meme heroes buff reworked eventually, that would be great if you could comment on that thing everyone been pointing out… I would hate to wait an other 2-3 years to see Shamilla finally up to date (maybe?)

    1. I seriously hope they don’t. At it’s heart this is a mobile game; something that I wish the developers would remember. Playing on PC already provides some massive advantages over playing on your phone.

  5. Glad for PC client but please focus on fix November meme balance (it’s been 6 months) 댓글:

    Glad we are actually getting a PC version of the game, but I do hope client optimisation is the priority before releasing a PC version. Don’t want an extremely buggy game.

    That being said, please do PRIORITISE BALANCE as well. It would be wise to fix your meme November mistakes FIRST, before moving onto other heroes unless they are Yanne.

    It really does hurts to see only TWO of the memed November heroes have been looked at again almost 6 months later.

    1. The “memed” characters are much better than quite a few other characters, so just shut it already. There are characters that need a buff way more, before we get another Roi mistake of buffing an already strong character, resulting in something that should’ve never happened.

      1. @ .

        Roi buffs was a mistake? What planet are you from dude? Roi was extremely pepega before his recent buffs. He was one of the worst and most outdated heroes along with Yanne. He couldn’t even target big Shakmeh tree, doesnt do well in Dev Shak/Technomagic raids and his score in WB2 was less than Pansirone lol. He could also barely farm his own trial, can’t do AOE, couldn’t even eclipse… Mind you, it was since the release of Cecilia and all newer content afterwards that rendered him useless and falling hard.

        So yeah sure Roi was definitely a “strong character” pre-buffs and definitely didn’t need his “mistake” of a buff… /sc

        Seems like to me you’re just hating on him for no reason.

        The only character who got buffed recently and didn’t deserve them was probably Chase (who was in a much better position than 75% of the heroes in this game) yet he got them over heroes who desperately need them like Yanne and May.

      2. Roi used to be the 3rd strongest (if that means weak, then my god there’s something wrong with every other single character) WB2 character before his last buff (and he was still right behind Cecilia, it wasn’t a big difference. So no, his damage wasn’t weaker than Pansi like you say) and in case you don’t know … HE IS NOT A LONG-BATTLE DEALER (and in case you don’t know what this means, he’s not supposed to compete in long-battles, let alone be on top). Now do you know what happened? He’s stronger than Mitra (by a lot btw). Now a short-battle dealer is stronger than long-battle dealers at their niche… and he’s still better than them everywhere else… except for Lakriel, who limits Roi with a mechanic and even there, he’s likely still one of the strongest for it. It’s time for ppl to start spamming Mitrash again.

        By all means, if you think this wasn’t a mistake, there’s something ridiculously wrong with you. So let me use your name “lol”.

        Big shak made him look weak only because he couldn’t target the tree….and yet his damage was more than enough for Roi users to kill him even before the changes, by simply nuking before the tree shows up (something that the other melee characters couldn’t do).

        “He could barely farm his own trial” lol.. LOL.. LOOOOL. You do realize that there are a lot of characters that can’t do that and they’re far weaker than Roi even outside of trial… scratch that, they don’t have anywhere that they’re good at.

      3. To “.”

        FYI, the game meta is changing fast (thanks to Vespa who doesn’t know how to balance content and yet keeps releasing many broken heroes like Estelle). Take WB1 meta which just changed this week thanks to Jane buffs and Estelle’s release. Shea is now kicked out of WB1 again and Fallen Frey is not used in top scoring teams for GC3, WB1 or WB2 anymore. Guess Shea and Fallen Frey must be “Freytrash” and “SheaTrash” too well then… I guess Jane must have gotten ‘over-buffed’ or “didn’t need buffs” also…

        Why bother chasing the meta anyway? Why compare when you’re just going to make yourself all angry and depressed with such comparisons? These are questions you should ask yourself. Just because Roi is meta in WB2 now doesn’t insanely mean = he is overbuffed and that also, that he didn’t deserve them.

        Now personally I DO think Roi buffs were deserved seeing he was in limbo state for almost 2 years. Just over 1 year ago, WB2 content changes removed Ceci meta and kicked her from #1 WB2 DPS to #2, which paved way for Mitra users. All three of them had their time to shine in Protanius to be fair. Roi is back today but who knows about tomorrow, a month or year later? And actually, some JP Pansi users did do more DMG than whaled ore-buff Roi teams (this was when everyone was shouting “Pansi’s Raid” everywhere months ago). If you take that into account she was actually no 3, not Roi.

        Now currently all three of Mitra/Ceci/Roi can now kill big Shak 9 and Ceci was one of the only melee dealers who could kill tree before nerfs. Even content where both Mitra and Roi suck at (PvP), Ceci is actually fairly decent at so she’s still the more versatile of the two. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, and they all have similar content where they all useable. So again, I don’t know why such comparisons are necessary. Simply just because Roi took no.1 in Protanius means he’s been overbuffed? Just because Roi is better than Mitra in WB2 now makes Mitra “Mitrash”?

        If this is the case then Vespa better just not buff altogether just to please certain users. Just keep Roi in limbo. Just keep Yanne dead hero and don’t ever buff her in case she gets meta-buffs which renders a ton of heroes ‘useless’ or “trash”. Why not? Because they’re always going to be a person complaining when they lose to a X hero. To save the complaint, just never buff, never release new heroes, never content balance!

        Well sadly. That’s not going to happen. Vespa won’t do that.

        I think you have to look at it like this. You’re the one who is making yourself angry really. Whether you like it or not, meta will change and your hero will not be #1 forever. You can blame Vespa developer team or whoever you want, but some of the fault lies in you as well. You choose to chase the meta or choose to build a character you like. If you chase meta, then you should accept there’s a risk involved- you character, they may fall one day and lose to future heroes. Being salty when your DPS loses to another character means you’ve forgot this risk and you fail to just accept this as inevitable. It also means you are not loyal or happy to use them (even if they’re not the best of the best anyone) without any complaint… this again, falls on you.
        To be fair, Vespa is shoving transfer SW and transfer UW/UT tickets like candy so if you’re a meta chaser then by all means join them. If you choose not to transfer then again, it’s your fault and you can’t blame anyone (except yourself) if you lose to Roi teams. I think this is why everyone says follow the golden advice: don’t just chase meta, it’s better to instead pick a character you really like that you will stick by through thick and thin.

        Well I understand. Realistically, nobody likes to see their hero being taken over. So this whole conversation is just going to end as one of those toxic, pointless war-like conversations between Roi users vs Mitra/Ceci users like in the past, KEK.
        This whole Mitra vs Roi argument dates back years and here it is reborn, since a few people starting to argue about it again. Also reminds me of those Seria vs Esker WB3 posts we had back on PLUG before Xanadus was turned into physical dealer playground.

        Well I digress. Also tip to @lol, I wouldn’t even argue with this guy anymore. It’s honestly a waste of time. He is likely a Ceci/Mitra main so obviously he is inclined to hate on Roi. Also try to understand his POV. Nobody likes to see their own dealers fall behind another and they want to convince themselves that the new no.1 doesn’t deserve their position and should be behind their own dealer. They refuse to believe they are accountable for their decisions. It happens in every game.

      4. @Sieg
        The meta is changing yes, but Shea and FFrey still have places where they’re very strong, Mitra? He’s a long-battle dealer and that’s basically the only thing he’s good at… yet he got surpassed by again… a short-battle dealer. So no, your logic is bad.

        Roi was good (not broken) almost everywhere before his changes. Just because there are some random Roi users that can’t use him no matter how hard they tried.. and still call themselves “roi mains”, it doesn’t mean he was bad.

        Big shak 9? You mean the joke of a boss that literally almost every character can kill? “Ceci was one of the only melee dealers who could kill tree before nerfs” huh? Pretty sure most melee dealers could do that back then… people simply didn’t use the melee side buff to cleanse the atk reduction during tree (or didn’t have good gear). There were videos of the majority melee dealers doing it, including RC who ppl said is trash for big shak… Are we playing the same game?

        And nope, I’m not angry. I do understand that explaining the facts often looks like angry talk to ppl, but it’s not. And no, I’m far from chasing meta either, in fact I’m completely the opposite by building characters like Selene, Reina (before both got buffed) and Requina. And by the way, I’m not even a Mitra user, I just understand that if a character has only one niche and loses it to a random character that’s not supposed to be good at that, there’s an issue. And it’s even bigger issue if players can’t see it.

      5. roi no need buffs?! that’s a first… make me wonder why I saw plenty of player transfer pre-buff Roi and pre-buff Shea UW when transfer ticket first come out then!

      6. @Isiah
        Why did they transfer? It’s actually quite obvious… Shea is a defensive priest… let me rephrase that, Shea WAS a defensive priest before the buff that gave her all these offensive buffs.. while still keeping all the defensive ones. And why would you keep a defensive priest when the bosses just don’t do enough damage to warrant the use of one? Once people got a2+20 FFrey, there was simply no more need for Shea, despite her doing better defensively even with just a0 and 0* ut in the TM raids. She was still the 2nd strongest priest, but that didn’t matter for people that wanted to get higher scores in WB, where defense is irrelevant. Not to mention that she was a manual character and the slots for manual characters simply diminished too fast with characters like vero, oddy and priscilla.

        Roi? Similar case, he wasn’t the strongest in scoring content (and he shouldn’t have been as he’s not a long-battle dealer). For meta slaves, why would they keep a character that’s good, but not the best at something?

        It’s similar case with characters like Reina, people say she needs a buff, but I’m a Reina user myself and I don’t see it. She’s not supposed to compete in long-battles .. but people want her to.

        People always want their characters to be the best at everything and if they aren’t, even if they’re close to the top.. they’re trash. That’s just how things work in games like these.

      7. Lmao as far as I know, RClause can NOT kill Otherwordly Shak 9 even with TM gear and hugely whales supports. And this is coming from a guy who has a A220 RC and ranks top 200 global in WB3 Xanadus (usually end around 180-ish).

        I’d like to think I’m playing him right seeing I have quite the maxxed supports and TM equipment.

        Idk, Maybe you confused Big Shak 9 with Small Shak 9. RC definitely cannot kill big Shak 9. He can do small Shak 9 though it’s painfully slow (but what dps can’t do that with the right supports and gear)

  6. – I think you’re forgetting that most of your playerbase which are MOBILE users (since your game is advertised as a mobile game) is still suffering to this very day. Most events nowadays force players to run their mobile device 24/7 essentially killing their phones.

    Please don’t forget where your original players came from.
    • Mobile Players would love to see QOL features like 1. dispatch working with boss crystal/Technomagic stamina reduction events and 2. Turbo/fast mode Devourer Shakmeh.

    > Reducing Dev Shak tickets to 60 is hardly a fix. We still have to run our phones for long hours and fry our battery.

    > Currently it’s laughable how this game is more friendly for emulator users than actual mobile users.

    > I see you’re working on a PC client but I do hope you hear the voices of mobile players as well.

    1. Agreed. My phone is literally dying because of this. I cant use emulator since I have to do things in real life. All emulator players can safely run this game 24/7. We (mobile users) can’t.

      1. *cough* Nope, I can pay with my emulator, just have to login to my Google Account and I can buy stuff ingame like everyone else on my Nox and LDPlayer…I don’t know where this “You can’t buy on emulator” lie comes from…

  7. No mention of balance at all here, but I do hope you haven’t forgotten your November balance which was almost half a year ago. In 6 months only Roi/Scarlet got a second rework.
    Meanwhile heroes like Crow, Theo, Tanya, Chrisha who got memed hard that patch has had silence.

    Other heroes needing buffs are Yanne (pretty sure you know, May (so outdated, no place anymore and only really used in some old Flow teams) etc…
    Now I do hope you won’t pick already good heroes for the next batch.

    Would prefer you fix the mistakes you made in November or fix extreme off-meta heroes first.

    Hope you do improve communication and let us know where you plan to go with balance. Also why certain heroes over others and an explanation as to why only 2 of the memed heroes have been reworked again in 6 months.

  8. What about Physical vs Magic disparity? This is a hot topic now and it would be nice to see if you know about it.

    Currently Physical having easier time and reigning everywhere:

    * Have access to SELFISH (physical only) amazing tanks and supports (examples: Shakmeh, Loman…) whilst Magic supports are universal and benefit both damage types (Oddy, Lavril, Fallen Frey, Veronica, Shea).
    * Extremely OP and game breaking new physical heroes (Shak, Estelle).
    * Nearly every physical dealer released after Pansirone being extremely strong (Dark Lord Kasel, Rebel Clause).
    * Physical teams have easier time to clear and auto end game content like Galgoria 9 and Ascalon stage 9.
    * Technomagic raid bosses actually have a hidden mechanic where they take like more physical damage.
    * Physical is incomparable in WB3 Xanadus due to the overtuned physical amp change that Vespa made almost 1 year 2 months ago. Currently, the highest scoring Magic team cannot even do 1/3 of the top physical team’s score.
    * Physical heroes getting better and more significant buffs (Chase, Roi, Scarlet) whilst many Magic heroes getting meme, unnoticeable or minor buffs (Chrisha, Theo, Seria).
    * From the memed heroes in November, only 2 have been looked at again in 6 months and ironically they are Physical (Roi, Scarlet). No communication on what going to happen with the other memed heroes. Also, the ‘best’ buff in that meme November patch was to Lilia, who was also physical.
    * Some physical damage dealers performing better than many Magic heroes in WB1.
    Take Physical dealers like Mitra, Cecilia, Roi who can app do 45~50T+ in WB1 Mountain Fortress, which is almost DOUBLE many magic heroes score.
    This is ridiculous seeing WB1 is supposed to favor magic heroes, yet magic heroes like Theo, Mirianne, Epis cannot even do more than 25T.
    * Announcement of nerf immune heroes mainly because players kept flooding PLUG with “Pansi’s Raid” and “Pansi needs nerf” comments. This privilege set a huge future precedent just so at-the-time broken heroes like Pansirone, Dark Lord Kasel would never be nerfed. This led to tons of players rating 1* on Google Play/App Store.

    There are more examples but these are the biggest evidences of physical bias. It’s becoming even more noticeable every patch.

    + Very likely GC3 Velkazar will be tuned so physical teams will benefit massively more than Magic (who knows maybe Pansi/Hanus teams will overtake Esker). Hope I’m wrong, but I would not be surprised if this happened.

    1. You also forgot how all magic tanks were kicked out of competitive content for like 1.5 years until recent Jane buffs.
      Actually even now all magic tank have the same issue and pale in comparison to phys ones… maybe except Jane after her buffs.

      1. ^ I think the point is comparing between the buffs magic heroes vs physical hero got…

      2. alr, I’d like to mention that our supports being universal isn’t a bad thing, I just want to make it clear that we aren’t asking to limit our supports to benefit Magical only, but instead making the physical supports universal

        Honestly all this troubles could just vanish if they removed the “ATK type” so no more Magical or Physical, this way we can just build the heroes we love in the same team, otherwise this talk about one side being stronger or getting better treatment will never end…

        I hope Isaiah would be magical tho, I really want to build her :O

    2. I didn’t read the whole thing, I just read this “whilst Magic supports are universal and benefit both damage types (Oddy, Lavril, Fallen Frey, Veronica, Shea).
      * Extremely OP and game breaking new physical heroes (Shak, Estelle).” …. and laughed.

      Of the characters you mentioned: Oddy has magic only amp (it’s little, but he still has it), Lavril.. has a shit ton of mamp (on par with Loman and the reason why magic teams don’t require more amp, making it look like magic tanks are weak). The rest are universal yes… and so is Priscilla (100% universal). And then there’s Estelle, who has … 50% pamp (25% of which is from the SW so barely any uptime) and 30% def shred (when in WBs it’s almost useless)? By all means, if that makes her a physical only character… I …. I’m speachless.

    3. Yeah its really disheartening. I spent a lot of time and money for KR and in the end got mediocre results compared to broken phys teams. I can do tm raids and eclipse but I cant compete in scoring content with broken phys teams. Being unable to compete is the worst thing for me. I still love the game yet I will quit if Vespa wont change something soon.

  9. Balance updates are fine but it shouldn’t be their first priority
    we just got a transfer ticket recently
    just transfer and stop whining in every damn post

  10. I hope PD Edge is not a “MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd” guy like PD Sean.

    Anyway I just want you to bring back more equality in costume ratios and stop giving the same females costumes every batch.
    I don’t have anything against females getting costumes but the same culprits every patch is getting honestly annoying.

  11. Mobile user need love too Vespa. Please don’t forget where and how you started. This is mobile game at heart and I hope you don’t forget about mobile user.

    The current end game consist of dispatch TM raids and doing other stuff like trials, Shakmeh …

    But there is a HUGE issue for mobile user because stamina reduce and bonus crystal events don’t work with dispatch, nor does Ruby flask. Even some central Orvel events like the chocolate one cannot be dispatched. This is very unappealing to mobile user because they must leave their phone run day and night and this is not good for their phone in the long term…
    also Devourer Shak 60 tickets is not a solution. We need speed mode like Eclipse.

    Would be nice if you can notice the struggle for movie years, cheers!

    1. Really agree with this comment.
      Please listen to us mobile users Vespa, we’ve been asking for better life changes for years and it’s getting more vital with all this new content and huge game client!!

  12. as I see recently many people are expressing their opinion and asking for an equal ratio for female:male costume, so I’m here to express my opposition and saying that the costumes should be for popular heroes regardless of their gender, and there is nothing wrong with a single popular character getting many new costumes

    Please note that the characters that I personally wish they get new costumes isn’t getting any at all and got their last costume from more than a year ago, so my opinion has nothing to do with my fav characters being popular at all, however I find asking for “equality” or just using this term is laughable…

    1. Well I don’t care about equal costume ratio but I do have to agree with some comments that if it’s the SAME heroes getting costumes every patch it is very annoying.
      Common culprits: Kirze, Chrisha, Yuria, Lavril, Shea, Sonia, Cecilia…

      I can understand why heroes like Lakrak, Kaulah don’t get many costumes. Fair enough.
      But this doesn’t explain why did heroes like Tanya wait like 2 years for another costume and why has Arch not gotten one since his LOH/Swimsuit ?

      1. Because they are not popular. Very easy to understand from a business stand point. I get that some people may not like it, but tanya/arch players (just to follow your examples) are played by a veeeeery minor portion of the playerbase. They dont generate the same profits as most of the one “common culprits” do. They obviously want to put resources into making costumes that SELL and keep the company alive.

      2. @Shal
        Actually, I’m not sure if you know but Arch is actually one of those off-meta characters that’s actually quite popular in servers like Korea (home server) and Asia. Kind of like Theo who’s popular across servers but off-meta.

        Also if what you’re saying is true then I have no clue why Yuria/Chrisha is getting costumes over actual popular heroes like Lilia who’s last costume was LOH and Player’s Choice lol. So clearly it’s not just simply a business stand point which they’re looking at when choosing who gets costumes. There’s obviously definitely more factors involved.

        I remember last year they mentioned in their PD Dev video how they take into account 1. how many costumes a hero has and 2. how long it’s been since they’ve had one as some of the factors. But then this would contradict heroes like Kirze who’s been getting them every batch (and has a lot!) and on the flip side, why heroes like Tanya took like 2+ years to get another one.

        Also arguably if Arch/Tanya wasn’t so mediocre I’d bet there would be more players for them. Reminder that Lorraine pre-buffs was rarely used by anyone except, but now she’s used very widely.

        Whatever their reasons for these costume decision, only those who work at Vespa will know. Best for everyone to put down this whole argument and stop assuming. Let’s just hope Vespa tries to better cater to all.

      3. Players before : Vespa should give costumes to those that don’t have many

        Players now: Why does Vespa give costumes to those that don’t have many

        Players before: Why does X character have so many costumes

        Players now: Why does that same character not get another costume

        Players now: Why do they keep giving heroes back to back costumes?

        Players now: Time to vote for those same heroes to get another costume

        Now let me ask you this, why should a character like Tanya, who has 7358793483479 costumes.. get another? Tanya’s been my “waifu” since I started playing the game and I disagree that she needs so many costumes.

  13. These White Knights spoiled kid are so fucking blind or simply retarded.

    Overhyped for some bullshit and false promises one after another makes me feel so cringe to the soul…….

      1. I can understand, there are few good mechanics in the game

      2. I, for example, could imagine as a mechanic, knight, or maybe archer

  14. if you’re looking at rebalancing heroes I am probably going to be the only person who cares, but pls, make Dimael useful 😛

    …also in very wishful thinking, please let me switch out Estelle in the Missions screens for a static image. her animations lag, and I find them really, really annoying.