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  1. So will share direct link now form post like redit or etc manual post now..?
    This llike just for comment web..
    Yeah maybe need time build form ..
    This page kr just one day make.. (/ω\)

    1. Anyone have Day one and Day two from this new Riheet&Ripine event being I only just got the notification of it’s happening last night I’D really appreciate it thanks in advance. 🤗😣😥

  2. How ,just how is possible when you have over 80%(81%-87%-93%)success rate when you try awaken gear…. FAILLLLLLL .. over 80% , thats” no words” (in my case 3 times in a row)

  3. Plz remake riheet. He supports only for repine. Make his skill become “ignore block in 10s like Gremory, so he can support for others. 2 of them, riheet n repine not stronger than Gremory.. thats waste of 2
    Skill him very useless

  4. I would like to point out that in the skill description of Shamilla s3 it says “attacks en enemy” instead of “attacks an enemy”. Not sure if this mattered but just wanted to let you know 🤗

  5. Okay so, not sure this is the place and for certain, not really sure wth is up with the game lately. Had 3 charges on my eclipse, ran through it then the game had an error and I had to relog. Got back in and my charges were spent and no loot from running it at all. Fun. So! After this new patch that was supposed to fix the Conquest, I attempted to run it, got told “Insufficient stamina.” So, reloaded and went back and my two fresh Conquest tickets were spent and again, got zip…. Apologies in advance if this isn’t the right place for this post, I’ve never really had any complaints up til now. So… can someone either redirect me where this kind of post belongs or can someone get in touch with any solutions, compensation or realistic answers as to why I got the short end please?

  6. I am halfway through chapter 10, and now it says my party members have been dispatched, and for some reason they are blacked out and permanently unusable for chapter battles? If that’s the case it’s a deal breaker and I will never play this or another Vespa game again.

  7. Fix this scam of a “Pay me more money” pass… Chargeing money for a pass FINE but charging EXTRA IN GAME CURRENCY TO GET EVERYTHING YOU PAYED FOR IS slap in the face. Are you Vespa or Activision??

  8. Please make npc uws easier to get, sometimes it’s not even worth it so what’s the point of making them so hard to get?

  9. HELP! Every time I win 10-2, my game closes with no rewards or progress. Please help me!!

  10. Hey. Today i completed the shakmeh memories in the Archive but didnt get him. Is it a Bug? Or how did i get him?

  11. Why did all of my fragments and skill books get reset?! I had 100s of books and now I’ve got only something like 86 of each. Wth?!?! What else did you ppl steal from me?

  12. I just hope fix the lag problem … THERE IS ALWAYS LAGGING IN GC LOH AND LOV even the setup is lowest
    Thats all