[Notice] April 6th, 2021 App-player APK file and installation guide – (Updated)

*If you’re experiencing issues with the new APK version, please try deleting the previous version of the APK and try downloading the latest version once again. If it still doesn’t play smoothly, please contact our customer center with more details of the issues you’re experiencing.

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We have prepared a specific version for Raiders who prefer using app-players. This installation file will reflect the maintenance of April 6th, 2021.

* Please notice that you need to download the following APK even if you had previously downloaded the APK to play the game.

– If you downloaded the previous installation file (APK) dedicated for App Player users, we recommend you install this APK file to play the game smoothly.

– For those who use App Players and have difficulty playing due to lag issues, please download this APK file and install it before playing.

– It may be difficult to access the game when updating through the store after installing this APK, so we will update this dedicated APK.

※ If you’re still experiencing issues with the game APK file we’ve provided, please check the following details regarding [Auto-update apps].

– We’ve been reported of this procedure from a Raider in our Official KING’s RAID community. (This procedure has been checked and confirmed). We’d like to thank the Raider who have shared the following information with us.

– We’ve checked that the APK of the app player switches its settings to the APK of the Play Store when the settings of the Play Store for Auto-update apps is set up to [Over any network/Over Wi-Fi only]

▶ April 6th, 2021 APK file Download link (APK 4.30.1)


[How to install the APK File]

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– Click on ‘APK’ in the menu on the right to install the downloaded APK yourself after running the app player. (The APK installation menu may differ for each type of app player.)


– The provided installation file (APK) is an exclusive installation file for the App Players that cannot be executed on mobile devices.

– The ‘Payment failed’ error will occur when you try to pay while using the game through the (APK). However, after a failed payment the product you attempted to purchase is normally paid when re-connecting, so please proceed with the payment through a mobile device as much as possible for smooth product payment.

– It is possible to install without deleting the existing King’s Raid.

[Information regarding Auto-update apps]

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1) Go to Google Play Store > Menu > Settings

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2) Select Auto-update apps

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tab789.jpg

3) Select [Don’t auto-update apps]

– Please change the settings [Play Store > Settings > Auto-update apps] to [Don’t auto-update apps] before downloading the latest APK. (The previous version needs to be deleted)

The installation file for the app player will be provided at every maintenance to provide a more comfortable playing environment. We will do our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.

Thank you

GM Gremory

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  1. So today the game said there was a new APK, and when I downloaded it from this page, it was indeed new: the one I downloaded from 4/6/21 was 4.29.10, whereas the APK from 4/8/21 was 4.30.1.

    Having said that, the new version is far less stable than the previous one: it’s crashed at least 5 times on me. These crashes are seemingly random: from the game freezing at the splash screens on initial startup, the game just quitting mid-battle.

    The PC client cannot come soon enough….

    1. Just had it crash twice when I started the game and told it to check the latest patch: the game simply quit as soon as it initiated the check (didn’t get more than 1%). It finally managed to finish checking on the 3rd attempt, and apparently I’m running the latest version. :-\

      1. I can’t even get into the game now. It keeps crashing at the first splash page after the ‘Tap to Play’ screen.


        I give up. Hopefully it’ll work better tomorrow.

      1. Thanks very much for the response GM Gremory! It means very much to me. The guide in the link appears to be instructions for how to properly download and install the APK, which is a non-issue as I already know how to do this. The game version I have is 04.30.001 (863).


        That said, waiting seems to have been the best course of action, as thus far the game is running smoothly again. ☺

        When I think back on it, I experienced all the issues trying to play the game last night around 800PM PST. As far as I can tell the server reset affects me at 900PM PST. So perhaps I was playing too close to the server reset time.

        Again, thank you very much for the response GM Gremory; it is most appreciated. Keep up the great work, and please don’t let any of the negativity on the site get to you.

        Cheers and best regards! ♥

  2. My APK stopped working, I went from being able to leave the game in automatic for more than 40 or 50 minutes to simply not being able to play for 2 minutes, why is this closed after the update of about 2 days ago, any solution? I tried to reinstall it 3 times and it is useless.

    1. Hi Edu365! We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Have you tried following the guide we have provided through the APK download page? (https://client-app.kingsraid.com/apk/KingsRaid_Live_Android_x86.html) Please make sure to check if you have selected [Don’t auto-update apps] from your Play Store settings, and also check if you have stable internet connection and enough space on your device. Please contact us through our customer center if these instructions don’t work for you.

  3. Yeah….the game worked fine for me yesterday after the initial 1 or 2 crashes right after starting the game. This morning it just keeps quitting on me. When it does manage to load past the “tap to play” screen, it freezes on the notices splash page.


    I’ve had this problem in the past: after an update, the game would crash right when it’s trying to load the notices and/or the splash screens. I really think it’s a problem with the way the notices are handled….

    1. Hello Debo. We’re sorry to hear that you’re still having issues with the game. This may be occurring if you do not have stable internet connection or if you do not have enough space in your device. Please try checking all of these options above and try deleting and installing the new APK once again. (Also, don’t forget to check the [Don’t auto-update apps] option from your Google Play Store)

      1. Greetings again GM Gremoray! Again, thank you for the suggestions.

        Currently I have already disabled auto-updates in Google Play Store. As for internet stability, I’m not really sure how I can be more stable than I already am, as I am running wired ethernet (not wireless). And since I’m playing on Bluestacks, I don’t believe space is an issue.

        After the game crashes/quits several times (5-10 times for me usually) following the Tap to Play screen, the game works well enough. So no worries; I’m sure the next patch will smooth things out.

        Thanks again for the response GM Gremory; it’s greatly appreciated. Cheers and best regards! ☺