17 thoughts on “[Event] 2021 S/S Season Wedding King & Queen Contest”

  1. Man can’t you at least try to balance the men and women costumes in the game??? seeing so many female cistumes and so little male costums is just saddening

    1. Not the original artists drawing these characters. It’s a new artist.

      The old artists who created Chase/Scarlet/Theo/Neraxis/Lucias/Esker/Evan/Lucikiel/Ezekiel/Crow/Talisha/Reinhart have left VESPA.

      I do prefer old artist but the new one.. isn’t terrible I guess.

      1. It was confirmed by the old artists themselves on Twitter. Their names are garlic_da and illusion_Poision on Twitter.

  2. This is why I dont recommend the game to my friends. Keep you fetish in your pocket please

  3. Cain is the only male one that doesn’t look ridiculously silly. Honestly these costumes were pretty bad in general. Felt like some weird fetishy shit.

  4. guess these costumes are the reason why we have that phrase NSFW… work? no, Not Safe for Westerners. look at those that cry about these skins… it aint safe for them…. Do it more vespa, let them cry.