[Notice] 2021 KING’s RAID Game Improvements & Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to thank all Raiders around the world for playing KING’s RAID this year.

As we have announced through our latest Developer’s Notes, we will continue to work on the optimization of the game environment in order to provide a smoother gameplay for everyone.

Through this survey, we will be asking you about any inconveniences or concerns you’ve had while playing KING’s RAID and other improvements you’d like to see in the game.

We will do our best to listen to all of your valuable thoughts and opinions, so that we can make better improvements to the game.

Rewards will be sent to Raiders who participate in this survey.

For more details, please make sure to read the information below.

■ 2021 KING’s RAID Game Improvements & Customer Satisfaction Survey

▶ Survey Details

– Period: April 20th (Tue) ~ April 25th (Sun) 07:59 [PDT]

– Participation Rewards: 1,000 Rubies

– Reward Distribution: April 30th (Fri)

※ You will be able to receive the rewards until May 6th (Thu) 23:59

▶ Go to the Survey [Link]


– Participation rewards will be distributed only once per account.

– We will not be able to distribute the rewards if your in-game account information is incorrect.

We promise we will do our best efforts to listen to all of your voices through this survey.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

362 thoughts on “[Notice] 2021 KING’s RAID Game Improvements & Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. Lol the amount of bots in this thread yet GMs insist they are real comments made by different people is hilarious.

    It’s clearly a bot generating these comments. 359 comments all saying the same/similar stuff and no more than a sentence.

    Clearly just lazy to remove all these fake comments, lol.

    It’s comparable to those people on channel 1 called “ADMIN” who shout “free rubies at XXX” when you knows it’s a scam/fake, meanwhile GMs doing absolutely nothing about it when it’s their own game. *rolls eyes*

  2. Remove LINE pets from the game. Miitaa also voiced out against line pets.

    It’s an additional layer ON TOP of all other layers. It’s not flat buffs that people thought they were.

    For a max invested team, and then whaling line pets, these line pet layers will give them a 30-40% DMG increase.

    This disparity is especially noticeable in competitive content like WB3/GC3.

    And what makes it worse is LINE pets are time limited and p2w.

  3. Aw, looks like I missed this one. Hope we gained some interesting insight!