[Event] Special Event – Juno’s Cooking Quest (Re-Run)

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

Juno, the owner of the Hero’s Inn, is getting prepared for a Cooking Quest this year!

Are you ready for more exciting adventures with Juno?

If you’re prepared, don’t forget to check the details below for more information about this special event!

[Juno’s Cooking Quest] Dungeon

▶ Event Details

Event Period: After maintenance on April 27th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on May 25th (Tue)

Details: Collect ‘Stew Ingredient’ and ‘King Slime Gelatin’ as you clear the dungeons. With the items you have collected, you will be able to exchange them for different kinds of rewards from [Juno’s Recommended Menu]!

▶ How to participate

01. [Juno’s Cooking Quest] Dungeon Entry

– You will be able to access the [Juno’s Cooking Quest] dungeon by talking to ‘NPC Estelle’ who will be located at Central Orvel.

02. [Juno’s Cooking Quest] Dungeon Details

– [Juno’s Cooking Quest] dungeon is consisted of 3 [Story Dungeons] and 3 [Special Dungeons].
– You will only be able to access the next stage after clearing the stage before it.
– The [Special Dungeons] will be opened when clearing all the [Story Dungeons].

03. [Story Dungeon] Details

– [Story Dungeons] can be accessed through [Central Orvel] > [Juno’s Cooking Quest] > [Story Dungeon].
– You will receive 3 initial ‘Event Entry Tickets’, and 1 ‘Event Entry Ticket’ will be charged at 00:00 [Local Server Time] every day.
※ You will not be able to have more than 3 ‘Event Entry Tickets’.
– The [Story Dungeons] are consisted of 3 levels of difficulty. (Easy / Nomal / Hard)
– You will only be able to access the next level of difficulty after clearing the level of difficulty before it. (Please note that you will have to obtain 3 Stars to unlock the next level of difficulty)
– You will be able to obtain ‘Stew Ingredient’ by clearing [Story Dungeons].

[Story Dungeon Clear Rewards]

※ First Clear Rewards can be received only once.

04. [Special Dungeon] Details

– You will be able to access [Special Dungeons] by consuming ‘Stamina’.
– There is only 1 level of difficulty in [Special Dungeons].
– You will be able to obtain ‘King Slime Gelatin’ by clearing [Special Dungeons].

[Special Dungeon Clear Rewards]

▶ [Juno’s Recommended Menu] Details

– Clear dungeons from [Juno’s Cooking Quest] to obtain ‘Stew Ingredient’ & ‘King Slime Gelatin’. You will be able to exchange them for different kinds of rewards from [Juno’s Recommended Menu].

[List of Items from Juno’s Recommended Menu Shop]

※ Unique Treasure Ticket: Upon use, you can select and obtain 1 Unique Treasure of Heroes.
※ Event Artifact Piece: You can craft a ‘Event Artifact Ticket’ through [Inventory > Craft].

– We will be providing Event Artifact Pieces through Special Event Dungeons from now on.
– Event Artifact Ticket: Upon use, you can select and obtain 1 of the Event Artifacts.

– Please check below for the effects of the 3 Event Artifacts.

That was all for the special event of <Juno’s Cooking Quest>!

Hope you have fun raiding in KING’s RAID!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Another ‘KILL YOUR PHONE’ event.

    Do you seriously expect us to leave our phones on 24 hours a day just to run your damn dungeon??

    Can you CATER to MOBILE users??? Why can’t you enable dispatch feature?

    This game is advertised as MOBILE game, yet it’s more friendly for EMULATOR users.

  2. Vespa clearly has forgotten their roots.

    Still not listening to mobile users pleas even after 4 years. Instead, Vespa wants us to run our phone day and night.

    This is not a modern mobile game at all.

  3. I really do not know why QOL changes are so hard to implement for the developers of this game…
    Firstly, everyone will benefit from QOL updates and let’s be real, dispatch feature needs an overhaul.

    Please ask yourself: who actually enjoys leaving their phone or laptop/pc on 24 hours a day just for running a game? Because that’s certainly not me.

  4. This grind events are just a cheap way to boost in-game time of players, ain’t it? I wouldn’t know anyone who uses or likes to use a phone to grind these dungeons. Emulator users might do it, but I don’t think they enjoy it either. Vespa, please don’t continue to be dumb and try to listen to your player base for QoL changes in the game.

  5. This is ridiculous Vespa, we have been asking for dispatch on event dungeons for over a year now. It is unfair to have these events where we have to destroy our phones by leaving them on for hours to farm. Please change the way these dungeons works.

  6. HAHA we learn now from the first screenshot that Gremory really wants to try Juno’s cooking!!

    Thank you for the return of these Artifacts 🙂 I’m glad I now have the chance to obtain them!