[Developer’s Note] September 2022

Hello, players.

I am King’s Raid PD Jin


Today, we are going to introduce the changes in the direction of the battle system before the advent of the Second Chronicle of the King’s Raid.

After the opening of King’s Raid in 2017, each hero has 4 skills and corresponding skill enhancements and brings diverse effects through dedicated weapons.

In the future, we will add transcending function, debuting skill exclusive treasure. There are also soul weapons and warriors (current warrior growth buffs) and other options that affect the battle formula and balance in a variety of ways.

During the period of the King’s Raid’s consistent maintenance and updates, we have not much careful confirmation of the battle balance, so clearly there are some pity parts, and these gradually accumulated issues exist in the King’s Raid, so we want to reposition the battle system.

In order to more meaningfully balance the current over 100 heroes, in the advent of the Second Chronicle of the King’s Raid, from now on, to bring “the thrill and joy of battle” meaning to everyone.


There will be very big changes, not only the numerical part but also the balance between characters, which may also bring a big blow to our users; But the purpose is to make the battle of the King’s Raid more interesting again; We thought deeply to consider to come up with such a change in the battle and will apply in our game finally.

We apologize for any updates that may cause inconvenience to players, but we hope you will pay attention with anticipation.

With the huge changes, the King’s Raid wants to pursue the three most important elements in the battle

  • Changed the current team structure where assistants are the center of damage to a team structure with multiple attackers.
  • Numbers that are too large will be readjusted to smaller numbers because they are difficult to identify due to numerical expansion.
  • To take all heroes as the target, maintain their individuality and usage, and at the same time, we will re-classify skills that were too cluttered to make them simpler and clearer, so that to achieve strategic composition and usage, rather than the automatic shooting of skills.

For a more detailed explanation

1) Multiplicative team formation construction

The current form of an 8-player combat team has specific class restrictions or game limitations, which are mostly in the form of granting one attacker to focus damage through buffs.

We believe that the current gameplay is to reduce the diversity of team combinations, so we want to make some changes to let players play other characters more.

If this change is implemented, better results can be obtained, the damage efficiency will be higher than that of a support-type multiplier team, and the combat effect will also be better than a team that utilizes most attackers.

The biggest change will be the damage amount increase.

Currently, an individual multiplication algorithm is applied on’ increase damage dealt with enemies’, ‘ increase damage dealt with enemies that are not heroes’, ‘ increase damage dealt with bosses’, etc.,

After the change, this multiplication algorithm section will be modified (→ to the Combined algorithm), and the focusing damage will be reduced significantly.

Then we plan to extend the cool-down time of powerful BUFF skills. Related to this, some skills’ cool-down time will be reduced at the same time.

2) Numerical adjustment

We will adjust the unbalanced level 1 benchmark stats between classes. In addition, the stats that grow through hero level, hero awakening, Gear level, Gear awakening, etc. will be significantly reduced.

The damage value itself will be reduced to the number within 5 identifiable digits, which is to produce similar efficiency between classes after the adjustment. Tanks and assistants will also have a meaningful amount of damage to some degree.

The defense calculation formula will also be modified. After the modification of the defense in the calculation formula, all classes will suffer increasing damage; on the contrary, attackers and tanks suffer ten times of damage currently.

Defense is also modified in the calculation. The amount of damage to the tank than the attacker is reduced to 1.5 times ~ 2 times. Therefore, the overall HP of the character will be reduced to a similar level.

There will also be changes to the protective shield. Currently, shield mitigation is applied after defense and damage reduction, and thus it has considerable efficiency. This part will become applicable before the reduction of defense and damage amount.

Gear stats will also be significantly reduced. At present, the proportion of heroes accounts for a negligible proportion of the overall numerical ratio; so the proportion of heroes will increase significantly after the numerical adjustment; All special weapons & soul weapons’ intrinsic value or % value will be reduced. After the adjustment, players will focus more on Heroes, and the Gear gap will be narrowed.

Regarding Attack, which is divided into the single attack and ranged attack. Ranged attacks have a lower damage efficiency than single attacks. In a single attack, the damage done to the target and the surrounding area is divided into range attacks.

At the same time, the amount of healing will also change. Currently, the amount of damage taken is too high and the amount of healing is quite high, so the character’s HP tends to be nearly 0 or instantly full.

As characters take less damage, the amount of planned healing will be adjusted, and the amount of healing will be less efficient than the attack skill. Healing will also be distinguished as single healing and ranged healing.

3) Changes in hero skills

There will be necessary adjustments when using more than 100 heroes.

The heroes ‘excessive stacks issue and their skill’s effect will be simplified to bring out each hero’s charm.

In addition, there are no restrictions on the use of skills. Fast magic supply and skill shooting shadowed combat screens, so we plan to make the battle itself more meaningful and interesting. The Playback speed remains, but the adjusted speed will be a little slower; and the magic recovery speed is slower than before, making the use of skills more strategic and emphasizing the fun of control.

While completing these adjustments, all PvE balances within the game will also be readjusted. Although the combat pace has slowed down, it is expected to be a tenser battle. However, for clearing the quests, we plan to keep it at a similar level.

Above, after long-time thinking and confirmation, we have introduced the future of the King’s Raid. Although these are all basic changes of <King’s Raid

Second Chronicle>, but we decided to start from the King’s Raid 1 in advance after careful consideration.

Although we’ve prepared for a long time, and so far we are still working on it the end, then we want to show you next week.

These are today’s developer notes and we will work harder on them.



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  1. im guessing this was mostly just tossed into an auto translator because a lot of the scentences/phrases/in game terminology is super off in this post. which makes me a bit worried for future english translations in second chronicle, it can really lower the quality of the game having lackluster translation.