[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – July 2021 (Updated on July 1st (Thu) 18:15 [PDT])

※ Fixes
We have fixed the number of Costumes from the table below (including Darkness Costumes) – Updated on July 1st (Thu) 18:15 [PDT]

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders!

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

As you may already know, the Repositorium content has been adjusted through our latest updates. Many Raiders have requested adjustments for this content continuously, however, we were not able to make the adjustments earlier. Once again, we’d like to apologize for the delay and for your patience.

After reading the suggestions and opinions about the Repositorium content from our Raiders, these valuable comments have motivated us to try harder to provide more updates and contents to the game. We will continue to work harder in order to provide an enjoyable game for everyone.

Moreover, we hope we can communicate and get a little bit closer to our Raiders through this Developer’s Note. First of all, we will be sharing the details of the client stabilization, which we will be checking continuously throughout this month of July.

[Client Stabilization]

– Details regarding the Guild Conquest Velkazar

We have provided our Raiders the APK version for app players with the adjustments of latency/lags within the Guild Conquest Velkazar during the first updates in June. Besides the lag/latency issues within the game, we have noticed that Raiders are having a hard time with abnormal crashing issues within the content. Currently, we’re also trying to find a way to improve these crashes that are experienced while playing the content.

After several tests, we have verified that the app player APK version is stable enough to be implemented on the mobile version. We are planning to implement these improvements, which were tested on the app player APK beforehand, during the first updates in July.

Furthermore, we are also planning to make the adjustments to the Party Clear Challenge Raid content to improve latency issues as well. We are expecting positive changes and smoother gameplays within the Party Clear Challenge Raid content in the near future.

– Details regarding Eclipse Stabilization

We’d like to inform you that we’re still developing the function in which you will be able to play from the ‘finished wave’ instead of the ‘starting wave’ when retrying the content after experiencing abnormal crashes (mentioned on our previous Developer’s Note on June). We ask for your patience and understanding as we will be delaying these improvements due to several issues that have been encountered during the development process.

– Details regarding Other Stabilization Issues

Our development team is continuously working on the R&D (Research and Development) of the network reconnection function, and they’re accelerating the development process, pondering about how to provide a comfortable and stable gaming environment to our Raiders.

We’re also in the process of checking and testing issues reported by our Raiders (or checking in-game play records) such as abnormal crashing encountered in PvP contents, issues in which victories & defeats are decided regardless of what is shown on the screen, etc. We’d like to kindly ask for your patience as we’re still trying hard to find ways to improve the game. Therefore, we are not able to provide the details regarding these issues at the moment.

We believe that checking the issues mentioned above regarding network reconnection and issues with the PvP contents will take more time than what we have expected. We’re currently thinking about an alternative way to provide adjustments to these issues during the Season 2 of the game. We will make sure to make an announcement through our community pages if we have any further updates.

In addition, we’d like to provide you updates about the PC version that was mentioned through our Developer’s Notes on April. Until now, we have managed to run the PC version Client (exe), and we’re additionally setting up and discussing about how to provide the game, link accounts, and other necessary options besides running the game. You will be able to take short sneak peek of how the PC version will look like through the videos below.

※ The scenes we have filmed are parts from the game that are still under development. Please note that some of the image resources are broken and effects are not shown properly in the videos.


Based on our latest survey on April, our Raiders have provided us the suggestions to ‘add new Costumes by balancing overall Hero Costumes’ & ‘add Costumes of Heroes that are owned the most by Raiders around the world’. We agree with these suggestions that have been provided by our Raiders, and we’re doing our best to add different kinds of Hero Costumes.

Next, we will be sharing with you the total number of Heroes owned by Raiders all around the world and the number of Costumes that has been released for each Hero.

[Number of owned Heroes (total sum from Global Raiders)]

[Number of Costumes]

※ Please note that the data above are based from the date on June 30th (Wed) 07:59 [PDT].

※ Please note that the Basic Costumes (3 Star, 4 Star, 5 Star) from the Heroes were not included.

Based on the data above, we will make sure to update Costumes from Heroes that are owned by most of the Raiders and we will also continue to update Costumes of Heroes that do not own many Costumes.

Time has flown so quickly and we are halfway through 2021.

We’d like to thank all Raiders for playing KING’s RAID this year, and we’d also like to ask our Raiders to watch us ‘till the end of 2021 as we continue to grow. We promise we will try hard for the rest of this year, and we will continue to work hard to provide a stable and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio

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  1. “ After reading the suggestions and opinions about the Repositorium content from our Raiders, these valuable comments have motivated us to try harder to provide more updates and contents to the game. ”

    I’m 99.99999% sure that most players opinion on the Repositorium was that it was too unfriendly for mobile users with the “leave your phone on for 5 hours” system. But again, Vespa doesn’t care a damn about mobile users despite this being a MOBILE game hence you make no mention of it here in your Developer’s Note.

    Just say this game is for emulator user only and stop advertise it as mobile game if you’re not going to cater to mobile users.

    Also I laugh about the costumes.
    Crow and Theo “buffs” are basically costumes as I said before. The costume treatment is Vespa’s “fix” to their November meme buffs mistake. Vespa’s way of saying “we cannot buff your character so take this costume and shut up!”

    1. you can literally play KR for around 45-50 minutes a DAY starting on monday and you’ll fill up the repositorium bar around saturday/sunday. you can even just do stuff in 10-15 minute bursts throughout the day to reach those 45 minutes a day goal. you know…like a reasonable amount of time to spend on a mobile game per day via logging in and out for a little bit at a time. no one is telling you to play the game for 5 hours straight you lunatic. I swear people look at the 5 hours total thing and forget that the concept of there being 7 days in a week and this being a weekly reset and that division exists lmfao

  2. “ Time has flown so quickly and we are halfway through 2021.”

    Yeah 7 months later and only THREE out of 15 meme buffs from your November balance patch have been redone. You promised to fix your November mistake but still nothing to show for it.

    Meanwhile some heroes that arguably didn’t even need buffs over those Memed heroes were chosen to get buffs instead.

  3. Well ty for repositorium? Is not like we have better choices like eclipse or sw since their wer not included in the pool…
    Also almost 2 years from having an unstable client, why not release 2nd season already. Is like you loosing to much time on a almost obsolete version of the game that also incluides the pc version.
    Finally this is a mobile game so why no add more dispatch qol features? Emulator keep geting the best part first lol

    1. LoH costumes count as 2, Dark skin and for those Starter Light Skins, some Heroes like RC have 2 Costumes, imagine, both Limited.

      But hey, 45€ and one of em could be urs next time.

  4. Why don’t address how joyful is for us having a double pay wall season pass?
    Address the constant ruby consumption problem (trial recharge, season pass, buy special items on events, now to get gear and upgreat mats)
    The lack of dispatch counting for events, ruby flask fill

  5. Are you kidding me, you should improve more stabilization in mobile, because I’m alreadylow graphic and high graphic not that much of a difference in performance

    Are you force us to play in pc? The fck are you doing huh

  6. How about address the racism and sexism with your game?

    > Selene (light skin Elf) got buffed last year to become the strongest Eclipse queen and TM raids Princess.
    Meanwhile, Dimael (dark skin elf) has not had a buff since 2018 and that was a minor buff and his ONLY ever buff in the years of King’s Raid existence.

    >> Kibera (Asian) still getting nerfs/adjustment despite being powercreeped and kicked out of high tier LoH with TM gears update.
    Shakmeh (dark skin) getting nerfs on Day 1 despite no-nerf policy in place. Meanwhile you created the no nerf policy to make Pansirone/Lorraine/Fallen Frey/Dark Lord Kasel etc immune to nerfs despite complaints.

    >> Nicky (dark skin NPC) getting meme buffs treatment but meanwhile all other (light skin) NPCs get huge buffs (May, Hanus and soon to be Talisha). *Talisha despite being powercreeped by Estelle is still very strong in Eclipse, Sky Trial and TM raids. She did not need buffs compared to much worse heroes.
    * The only case that conflicts this is the November meme buffs last year, but I am talking about THIS current year.

    >>> Erze (light skin) getting buffs meanwhile Zafir (dark skin) ignored and no buffs. Zafir has been continually trampled on ever since his release, where he was powercreeped by Erze a few weeks after his release date.
    He was never once #1 for GC3 and could never compare to Cleo/Hanus/Esker/Pansi teams either.
    Now he is the worst DPS out of the original GC3 heroes since Erze (light skin) character will probably get Cleo/Hanus treatment for PvE alongside some PvP buffs. *Remember Vespa doesn’t do meme buffs anymore.

    >>> Costume racism: Kaulah (orc) is owned by half a million raiders but still very little costumes (3). Lakrak (goblin) is owned by 250k but gets less costumes than some heroes who don’t even have 200k users. Dakaris (lizard) no comment.

    >>>> Sexism: Kicking out male heroes (Esker, Zafir and the ancient pick- Nyx) out of GC3. Female domination in GC3. The only competitive MAGIC male DPS in PvE out of scoring content Esker slowly dying. Also changing meta every month so I bet you by the end of this year Pansirone will be getting mega buffs.

    >>>>> Mobile vs Emulator user racism! Vespa been cater for emulator users but penalise mobile users over and over.

    Institutional racism!!! You need to address it since it’s serious problem.

    1. >Using ‘Murican political talking points in a Korean game that mainly caters to Asian countries, especially Japan…
      >Also, unironically engaging in ‘Murican politics


    2. The whole package: Class inequality, racial inequality and gender inequality ! ! ! 댓글:

      I just do more research and realise there is also some case of CLASS inequality issue regarding buffs and nerfs.

      > Princess Scarlet get broken buff for arena.

      >> King’s Kyle’s son (Kasel) get all the good treatment with their new broken and powerful buffs.

      >>> Princess Selene get buffs last year but Dimael no buffs!

      >>>> Artemia, Queen of Penteonia get buffs too!

      >>>>> Princess Jane Grey get strong buffs!

      *Meanwhile the peasants and lower class*:

      > Poor barbarian peasant Yanne get nothing!

      >> Maid girl Mirianne no buffs!!

      >>> Knight of Loyalty Theo get pepega and meme November buffs but his Princess get better but than him!

      So much class inequality! :worrytorch:
      • But I guess Vespa is more sexist/racist than they are at creating class inequality because this explain why Prince Zafir get no buffs despite being high class and Shakmeh get nerfs on day 1!

      :worrytorch: The whole package: Class inequality, racial inequality and gender inequality ! ! !

      1. Each one of you can do yourself and everyone else a favor and go play something else. We dont need this bullshit crowding around.

      2. I sincerely hope Vespa is listening…

        ….And not taking this seriously. Stop throwing politics into a game.

    3. Agree with sexism. Females don’t just dominate the game, they also steal costumes.

      Always the same old females also steal costumes for husbands! Anyone remember the 1:7 male to female ratio and 2:7 ratio for costume batches? People hated it. But people on Facebook, KR Official, Twitter, Discord and Naver Café lauded Vespa when they made the 4:4 batch because of the first time equality was given after 4 years of the game running.

      Again they are reverting back to their sexist ways. Especially obvious with the ways females are getting mega buffed and stealing costumes. Always the same old female culprits getting costumes (Kirze, Shea, Yuria, Chrisha etc)

      I’m not surprised that many people voted in the survey that they are unhappy about the way costumes have been distributed.

      1. Yeah definitely bro. Too much institutional racism and sexism in this game. It really makes me sick! 🤮

        Just because gamers are primarily males doesn’t mean females should always dominate and male heroes should always get the short end of the stick! Also they’d be surprised how many female players actually play this game.

        It’s sickening how they treat their own male characters and also darker skin characters 🤢

        I’m still waiting for that one day they do a 4:4 costume patch again. Or that one day Dimael/Zafir/Nicky gets real buffs.

        Also your comment about class inequality as well… poor Mirianne, Theo, Yanne etc. Even Crow who used to be a high rank Naval Officer later got reduced to a bounty Hunter and that’s still too low class to get real buffs. SMH.

        They need to stop this inequality on all levels.

  7. Are you kidding me, you should improve more stabilization in mobile, because I’m alreadylow graphic and high graphic not that much of a difference in performance

    Are you force us to play in pc? The fck are you doing huh


    1. Darkness of RC which was available during his step up summon with dkas and ff.

      What if RC which was available during his step up summon on his release. Both of them are no longer acquirable.

  8. Instead of checking ‘owned’ units, I think you should really consider ‘actually used and build’ units as well. I personally buy clothes according to that. Not just cause the units are free or old. And NPC will have a rough time also due to that reasoning even though they are super popular for veterans.

    Fully agree with balancing costumes though. Hopefully that will fill in the indeed needed gap.

  9. @Vespa “issues in which victories & defeats are decided regardless of what is shown on the screen”. – Only happens when encountering certain players and only limits to those players. Maybe google on mod programme could show you some that could do that, no need to hide the facts to “network reconnection and issues”.

  10. You need to balance your costumes the ratio to female to male heroes its very unbalance in game not mention this year is frustrating annoying yeah I get swimsuits got most votes but common its most uncreative costumes we could have just corrupted costume not swimsuit.

    And just because people own these heroes have you even buff them like crow or theo they need it most. If you want players be happy listen to community instead ignoring.

    1. its ok, crow isn’t even a dps hero. more like dpm if u manual play him or if u prefer auto he becomes a dph. and theo is such a failure of a knight he wasn’t allowed in the knight class kek.

  11. This game need more gays,i love Chase and Esker,they are the best homosexuals !!!
    Ugly woman get out!!!Ugly woman get out!!!Ugly woman get out!!!
    More gays!!!More gays!!!More gays!!!
    Only Gays Raid can save vespa!!!

  12. Sort out your racism, sexism and class inequality before it becomes a even bigger issue. Else in the near future, more players will realise this silent inequality and will work together to boycott this game.

    It’s seriously getting worse every patch.

  13. The Repositorium update is very good, but hopefully the rates for silver and golden could be a little higher or the refresh cost get reduced (unless Vispa is planning secretly for a new content with rubies in the rewards :)), even without that it’s still a really great update and it’s certainly a relevant content that’s worth paying attention to in 2021.

    Regarding the heroes popularity, this statistics doesn’t seem right at all, only heroes that’s actually built or used should be counted, also inactive accounts and limited costumes shouldn’t be included.

    Thank you for including your progress on the PC version of the game here, as it’s something I’m waiting for and will be using for sure.

    1. you only need to play for a total of like 45 minutes a day every day starting from monday to fill up the repositorium bar by sunday. you can just play in like 5-15 minute bursts throughout the day and achieve 45 minutes of battle time WITHIN A 24 HOUR PERIOD super easily. there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t cater to mobile users with this game that is an issue, but the repositorium isn’t one of them.