[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – September 2021

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders!

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

Last August, we have made adjustments to the Challenge Raid in order to add new challenges and fun factors to the content. After the updates, our Raiders have provided us positive feedback regarding the new Raider’s Pledge system, and also negative feedback as well about the improvements that should be made. We have implemented some of the feedback that we have received through the updates on August 31st (Tue), and we promise we will continue to make improvements continuously, so that we can provide fun and enjoyable contents for everyone.

Through this Developer’s Note, we would like to explain more in details about the main updates for this month of September which will be including the Divine Punishment Raid, Hero Balance Adjustments, and Pansirone’s Limited Edition Costume.

Divine Punishment Raid

As mentioned through our previous Developer’s Note, we have announced about a new, top-level raid content.  We are preparing a new raid content called the ‘Divine Punishment Raid’ for this month’s first updates. There are 3 main factors you should look out when playing the new raid content: First of all, the Divine Punishment Raid will be a top-level raid content in which it will help you to upgrade your party’s power. Second, Apocalypsion, the Apostle of the Goddess, will be revealed. And lastly, a system will be added in which each of the dungeons will be affecting each other as you play through the content. You will be able to experience a whole new level of fun as you will encounter a different gameplay system within the Divine Punishment Raid. For more information about this new update, please read the details below.

[Background Information]

자연, 실외, 일몰, 어두운이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
실외, 자연, 실루엣, 밤하늘이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

There are 4 obelisks and a ruined temple in the middle of a mountain-covered basin. Inside the ruined temple, a magic circle with an ominous energy is engraved. Within this dark place, ‘Apocalypsion’, the Apostle of the Goddess, can be found. 4 Dragons, the descendants of Apocalypsion, are guarding each of the obelisks. From the tips of the obelisks, scorching energy gathers as if it is being discharged, and it writhes and transfers power to the magic circle.

클립아트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Apocalypsion is one of the ancient dragons and Apostles of the Goddess who destroyed the ancient kingdom ruled by the constellation. She was a good-hearted Dragon who used to care for the human beings with pure love. After encountering the incarnation of the Goddess Lea, she witnesses how her descendants were sacrificed by humans through the secret research of the power of ancient Dragons. Upon witnessing the sacrifices, she swears allegiance to the Goddess and receives the power of revenge. She slaughters humans without hesitation and begins to faithfully carry out the mission entrusted to her by the Goddess.

Tersio is Apocalypsion’s first descendant. At first, it was known as the most smartest and kindest Dragon. However, due to the cruel experiments performed by the humans, it became a Dragon that vents the power of the dead. It has lost its ego completely, and has the intention to annihilate anyone who tries to approach its mother.


The Divine Punishment Raid is composed of 4 Dragon Dungeons and 1 final dungeon called the Apocalypsion Dungeon. You will be able to participate in single battles by forming a team of max 8 Heroes, with 4 Heroes each for the Main & Sub Team. As for the Dragon Raids we have mentioned here, these are different dungeons from the existing Dragon Raids. When you defeat each one of the 4 Dragons, the skill activated from the Apocalypsion Dungeon will be deactivated, and it will be easier to confront Apocalypsion. However, the rewards you can obtain will be less if the difficulty level of the final dungeon is lower. Due to this reason, if you aim to clear the final dungeon without defeating the Dragons, you will be obtaining greater rewards.

The final dungeon, the Apocalypsion Dungeon, is composed of 2 phases. Through the 1st phase, you will be confronting Apocalypsion’s first descendant Tersio, and during the 2nd phase, you will be confronting Apocalypsion. When clearing the Divine Punishment Raid, you will be able to obtain Legendary Runes, and also you will be able to obtain materials in which you will be able to craft 2 new Artifacts with incredible options. Try obtaining the Legendary Runes and the new Artifacts, and upgrade your party’s power to the next level.

Besides Apocalypsion, Apostles of the Goddess with mighty powers will be added one by one. We hope you look forward to the new story and the contents we have prepared for you. We will always try our best to provide entertaining contents through KING’s RAID.

Hero Balance Adjustments – Yanne

Yanne, a dealer specialized in Dragons, had outstanding moments in Dragon Raids in the past. However, as the Dragon Raid content grew old, Yanne was falling behind compared to other Heroes with better performances and she couldn’t outstand new Heroes who were specialized in specific contents. Many Raiders have asked us for Yanne’s balance adjustments, and we have also received lots of feedback for the adjustments of this Hero. Nevertheless, we thought it was not right to change her concept as a Dragon Slayer or to give her new characteristics. As there were Raiders who loved Yanne by her concept and character, we have thought about different methods to improve her without changing her current concept. Due to this reason, we will be improving her in a way that she can be used in the top contents, and we will be focusing on adjusting her Skills/Transcendence Perks. For Raiders who have been looking forward to Yanne’s improvements for a long time, we hope to see Yanne to be more active as a Dragon Slayer through the battles with Apocalypsion.

Pansirone’s Limited Edition Costume
분홍색이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
Pansirone has won 1st place through the ‘Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero!’ event, and her Limited Edition Costume will be updated during September’s first updates. During the process of designing the Costume, we have thought of different ways to accentuate the symbolism of Pansirone’s Costume. Also, instead of just giving away the Costume, we will be adding fun and vivid scenes that can provide entertainment and excitement for those obtaining the Costume. We have prepared additional details for Raiders who have been waiting for the release of this special Costume.


When we first started designing the Costume, we have planned to create the best and suitable Costume for Pansirone, the most popular character in KING’s RAID. In order to create a glorious Costume for the first place Hero, we have created Costume designs of different concepts. As a result, we have decided on the design of a uniform that could represent the concepts ‘1st place’ & ‘leader’, and an armor that could symbolize a ‘hawk’. At first, we tried adding fancy ornaments to accentuate this concept, and we have also tried adding a deep blue color to give it an image of the navy. However, for the final design, we changed the colors of the uniform to a white base color and decided to remove the unnecessary designs and ornaments.

 We have concluded to a simple design, emphasizing the ‘leader’ concept. We have also added colors and details to the Costume to give it a cute look to Pansirone’s charismatic Costume.


We have included pastel tone colors such as pink and light blue to add a cheerful  look to Pansirone’s neat uniform. We have also added the wing ornament to Pansirone’s Costume to give it a stylish look, and we have focused on adding bright & soft colors  in order to express the lightness of the uniform.

[Hero Signature Motions]

As for the motions for this Costume, we wanted to make it look like Pansirone was going up for the throne. After deciding on the design of the throne, we proceeded to work on Pansirone’s modeling. This is how Pansirone ended up looking snobbish sitting on top of the throne. As you may all know her attitude, we have decided to give her the motions that would express the character itself. In other words, Pansirone would definitely act this way when taking the throne. Instead of adding humble motions to Pansirone, we decided to give her a mischievous expression.

You will be able to obtain Pansirone’s Costume for free after September’s first update. We hope you enjoy the scenes of our 1st place Hero, Pansirone, and also please look forward to the Costume. We’d like to thank all Raiders once again for participating in the voting event, and we promise we will continue to communicate with our Raiders.

The updates we have mentioned above are still under tests and development, so please note that they may appear differently during the actual update.

We will continue to listen to the feedback and the voices from our Raiders in order to create a better game for everyone.

Thank you.
KING’s RAID Studio

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      1. Pansi is best hero for WB3, Eclipse, Trial of Sky, and general adventure stages. You’re stupid if you’re not using her.

  1. ” as there were raiders who loved her the way she was”.. WHO?!!!! …Who TF! are these imaginary motherfuckers that loved yanne the way she was uhn? Seriously I need explanation for who in their right mind loved yanne as dragon killer and does absolutely nothing else?

      1. Valance is favourite non playable character for me.

  2. could you make Apocalypsion or whatever she is called, a bit more… you know, less packed?
    Why should i be scared about a girl whose chest is bigger than literally everything else, she can’t even swing thous horn blade things without knocking herself off balance
    Booba are grade and all, but at some point it’s just ridiculous
    And if you give me the excuse “that’s her Flame bladder” then she better have a beach attack

  3. So I want to point out about Yanne having “moments in dragon raids” as BS, as a long time player I know that after her release date not even a few months later and dragon content was nerfed to be easy to clear with anyone. Yanne’s concept as a DPS for only one content is a stupid idea, and was even worse on release. 5* UWs back then was hard as hell and you wanted us to build a hero for only one content with no viability anywhere else. That’s just stupid in general and I think many others can agree with me on that. I call BS on people wanting Yanne only to be specialized in only one content as the Yanne mains I know want her viable in other content too. You talk about how “Many of people”, which would be like 99% of the fanbase, want Yanne changed yet y’all refuse because of the mere 1% trolls. As much as still love the game it’s hard to see how much neglect it’s going though. There was a point in time this game was topping the Google play market but now it’s just one of the many gacha games buried under the many cookie cutter games. This game had the potential but y’all keep dropping the ball countless times. If the proper steps had been taken maybe this game could have been on par with the popularity of Epic Seven which has low RNG rates and obsessive farming but still is more popular than this game which is about as old as it. I don’t mean to be harsh but It’s sad thinking about what this game could have become when I look in comparison to what it is.

    1. epic seven is just popular bcz of the advertisement.. not for the game. this game much better than that epic7.. what u said is kind of true though.. also this game advertising team sucks if u compare with other gacha games thats why its not that popular.. and now with so many content and being a old game, newbies are less attract to this game(even tho there are so many freebies for beginners).so basically there need to be balance between old player sand new players & a good advertising team for this game to attract more newbies.

    1. Stop asking for playable bosses you cringey fucks. New heros, not bosses. Look at how well shakmeh and luci worked out (nerf tf out of shakmeh please. Ridiculous)

      And yes, no more swimsuit. Not every player is and incel weeb.

  4. I need Baron Havelock & Havok, a physical mechanic, who specialises in Conquest and big Raid content, that can either lose his dragon pet to AoE/Poison etc, and switch to a more aggressive whip fighting style, or die himself, making the dragon faster with more powerful debuffs, incl. defence and Heal Rate redux.

    I need Athrus/Coltus, a dodge focus assassin, who dual wields thin sabres/katanas, and switches between his elf form, and his naga form, where his scaled skirt reverts to become his snake-tail, and his damage type changes to physical with poison effect, and he looks like mid-90s Scott Moffatt, with the bleached bangs.

    I need Mixilly, a sun-tanned boy the size of Leo, dressed in black/purple/orange techno/breakdancer goth combat gear similar to Leos 2nd beach costume, a magic mechanic that alternates between his kamikaze burst attack running forward and spinning around with added caipoera kicks, and teleports to the backline, to improve across the spectrum of defences and heal for his allies, and he fights with dual technomagic laser-boomerang launchers/Khopeshes, and can cycle through his UTs in combat, by triggering his S2 twice.

    I need Lonian, the other illusion mage from Team Stardust, whose kit can boost especially for Lucias and Esker. He creates a doppelganger of himself to avoid damage in PvP and swarm content, has a powerful broad-spectrum debuff, and can choose the target of his shield spell.

    I need Daqu, a physical warrior for Team Desert, with spikey/fauxhawk (blond) hair and equipped with a Godhand, a bracer-like lantern shield, who is skilled in protection, support, even some healing, for his party. His skill use determines which of his buff stacks are kept and added onto, and which are cancelled. A slow builder with some DPS potential in longer fights.

  5. No offense, but this is supposed to be a developer’s note, but all you are doing is basically releasing the week’s patch note more or less…What happened to all the future plans, content, development of KR2, the “They are Coming” aka new units, and balances?

    Too busy working on saving your other game Time Defenders?