[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – October 2021

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Greetings Raiders!

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

Through our latest updates, the Divine Punishment Raid content was updated to KING’s RAID. The Divine Punishment Raid, known as the toughest Raid content within the game, was actively played by our Raiders and different strategies and tips were shared throughout the communities. For Raiders who are still having difficulties challenging the new content, we will continue to provide events that will support the growth of your Heroes. We will also continue to monitor and make necessary improvements to this new content. Please look forward to the Raid content as we will be adding new Apostles of the Goddess and Raids with different concepts in the near future.

We will be providing information about the improvements we will be making to the old contents, details about KING’s RAID 2, and more details about the preparations of our next updates.

Improvements to Old Contents

The efficiency of products sold at the Special Shop has increased significantly through gradual improvement, however, the rewards of several contents within the game are still outdated. Therefore, we have decided to make improvements to the rewards of the contents once again starting from October. We are currently preparing to make improvements to the rewards of the contents such as League of Victory, Tower of Challenge, and World Boss as many Raiders have continuously asked and provided us feedback for the improvement of these contents. We are planning to implement upgraded rewards that does not demotivate Raiders, but instead, we will try our best to reorganize the rewards, so that more fun and satisfaction are added to the gameplay. Additionally, we’re also planning to make the 1st improvements to the Lil’ Raider contents within November. We’re planning to make extensive improvements gradually, and for the first improvements, we will be working to improve the Incubator & the feeding system of the Lil’ Raiders. To celebrate the improvements of the Lil’ Raider system, we will be opening an event in which our Raiders will be able to obtain coin rewards starting from the month of October. Besides the improvements we have mentioned above, we will continue to make further plans to improve the old contents within the game. We promise to continue working on these improvements in order to provide satisfying contents to our Raiders.

New Events

Our Raiders have provided us feedback that new events were no longer updated for the Special Event Dungeons. For this month of October, we have prepared a new event in which we will be revealing a new story of our KING’s RAID Heroes and their adventures throughout the Autumn Festival. You will be able to meet our Heroes as they aim for the first place in the competitions of the Muscle Festival, a widely known festival in Orvel. Please look forward to the Muscle Festival and the adventures of our Heroes through the first updates in October. To celebrate the Halloween season, we have added a variety of rewards including rewards such as Halloween Costumes and 5 Halloween Artifacts to this event. We will continue to work harder to provide interesting and fun-filled events with rewards that can satisfy each one of our Raiders.

New Hero

We’d like to announce the release of a new Hero for this month of October. Valance, a reliable assistant of Crow and a trusty companion of the Hound Unit, will be added as an NPC Hero. She has been designed as a Mechanic Class (Physical) to match her position of the chief research director of the Magos Le’flamme, the hub of Technomagic research. You will be able to obtain Valance for free through her Hero Dungeon. Please look forward to the story of Valance and how the story unfolds as she searches for Rose’s research materials. Enjoy Valance’s story and obtain different kinds of rewards that will help you strengthen your Hero. We’ve also prepared a ‘Countdown Login Rewards’ Event to celebrate the addition of this new Hero. For more details of the development process, we will be revealing the ‘Behind the Development’ content through our community pages. Additionally, we’re revealing Valance’s art sketches through the Official KING’s RAID Twitter page, so please take a few minutes of your time to look at them. [LINK]


After we have released the teasers of our KING’s RAID 2 protagonists, many Raiders have been asking us for additional updates of KING’s RAID 2. We’re continuously working on the development of KING’s RAID 2, and we’d like to share some parts of the game we’ve been developing.

Currently, we’re working to implement high quality graphics, natural and dynamic movements of the characters into the game without changing the originality of KING’s RAID. We will make our best efforts to help our Heroes to shine brighter than ever through KING’s RAID 2.

Besides the full version of the video, we will be revealing further updates about KING’s RAID and additional information regarding KING’s RAID 2 gradually by the end of October through the website of KING’s RAID 2. We will make sure to announce the details soon through our Official community pages. Also, please look forward to our Developer’s Notes and the KING’s RAID 2 website as we will be revealing more details about KING’s RAID 2 continuously. We will do our best to ensure the best quality game and services to all of our Raiders.

As for the details of the contents we have mentioned above, please note that they may differ from what you see in the game as they will be under development until the actual update.

Lastly, our KING’s RAID Studio will promise to make improvements by listening to all of the precious feedback from our Raiders. Please look forward to the next updates as we will continue to announce about the important feedback from our Raiders and our future development plans.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio

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      1. Okya there are soooo many things wrong with what you just said. My mind cannot comprehend how someone can be this stupid and insensitive in this day and age. Fuck man, I usually don’t wanna cuss but damn thats such a fcking priveledged thing to say. Other people wanna see Males and you automatically assume their gay? and even if they are, you’d tell them to go to another game instead of allowing them to voice their concerns so that they can be heard here?????

        What the fuck is wrong with you???

        Seriously, what in god’s name happened to you to say something as shitty as that?

        Dude, if you disagreee, JUST DON’T FUCKING COMMENT. its easier to do cuz you literally did nothing and you didn’t make someone else feel bad. What the hell is wrong with the people of today.

    2. Please no more swimsuits
      Please no more swimsuits
      At least not for the usual characters. Gau doesn’t even have new motions

  1. That’s all you’ve done for more than 30 weeks? Just some motions for a few characters? KEK.

  2. Gives us an update about hero balance.. Tells us what your planning and how you’ll move forward with it. You can’t be this slow about balance while KR2 is around the corner. Otherwise just give us a free UW, UT and SW transfer to the newest heroes you’ll be releasing on KR2.

    Last month only 1 hero got balance. Now, there is no announcement whatsoever for the next ones.

    1. Yeah i need hero balance or maybe remove the no nerf policy. We already have 1k trilion hp boss. I dont want 1m trilion hp boss because you dont want to nerf heroes

  3. Another op Phy NPC. Physical always has the upper hand.
    Magic mains are cucked.

      1. @SnowCone
        Valance kit havent even been leaked yet so stfu with your BS. How do you know she have phys/magic amp? Are you Vespa employee?

        Stupid Physical main trying to justify themselves smh.

    1. stfu, typical magic main. Endgame player usually have both magic and phy dps support tank. You just need to get good

  4. Fucking neglecting magic mains again.

    I swear to god Valance better be universal like how all magic supports are. Physical heroes are known to be selfish.

    Magic mains been neglected for almost 3 years btw.

      1. Isaiah is a magic support that benefits both magic/phys teams. Estelle on the hand, a physical support, lose like 25% of her full capabilities if used on magic side. Yes Isaiah didn’t happen.

    1. stfu, typical magic main. Endgame player usually have both magic and phy dps support tank. You just need to get good

  5. Just gonna be cautiously optimistic here, even if Selene’s smile and blush animations got me all excited.

    Looking forward to more info on KR2’s development.

    While not perfect, I’m also glad to see improvements being made constantly, though a bit more balancing in PVP would be a lot more welcomed.

  6. We really need a pc client
    How could we let our mobile run for hours with this extreme graphic 😀
    Although there is emulator for pc, it requires at least medium settings to run game smoothly, kind of hard to do anything esle on a low end pc.
    I believe a pc client would attract more players, like zilong and mihoyo

    Btw, this animation is fking great ^^, I love it.

  7. Only thing i can say i am looking foward to the new improvement. I am so excited for KR2( and this valance update, but i dont have that much resources left for valance foe who i was waiting). Also those rewards improvement will really helps alot. Have a good day to all vespa team.😇

  8. As long as you dont cover up the panty shots, im ok. No really, show me some pantsu.

  9. Okay so this video is promising not because they have become cuter in HD, but knowing that there is a possible burst of playerbase if KR2 releases. I hope that this will match the current level of game quality compared to other strategic games out there. We still cannot debate that the game content of Kings raid is very challenging and interesting that it makes me feel bad that the graphics has been outdated through time. I’m really hoping the release of KR2 would bring a big amount of players in, good content, and accomodating company. I hope for your success nya
    I wish the gameplay mechanics will have new adjustments to provide massive buff for gaming quality.

  10. Her boobs jiggle like jelly, this I like

    and f me for not seeing this coming, should’ve save ruby for valencia coming.

  11. “Lastly, our KING’s RAID Studio will promise to make improvements by listening to all of the precious feedback from our Raiders.”

    I am once again asking for a proper buff/nerf policy and buff fixes for pvp

    1. You are mistaken. By raiders, they are referring to their major spender like Miitra for this update (despite it has been bought up by many ppl but only Miitra’s word takes weight, so kudos to Miitra).

      The rest of us aren’t considered as player and there is no issue with balance at the moment, because none of our comments matters. Just look at those previous replies, they think its fine to have unbalanced hero power, its your fault to build the same hero as everyone else.

  12. My RTX3060 is ready for a PC Version.. Bluestacks or any other emulator are shit, need PC VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. vespa, plz update jin as NPC, cz i’ll alwas bring him at low investment, so he can die 😂


  15. I surprised Jin the blacksmith hasn’t been added yet he been long overdue as a NPC Hero plus he only one missing in orvelia who not playable yet.

    1. Don’t forget about Dimael’s sister, Epigael! She also deserves to be a playable character.

  16. Please don’t make this game really hard for 4gb ram phone optimized please velkazar already laggy for 4gb ram phone

  17. “Besides the full version of the video, we will be revealing further updates about KING’s RAID and additional information regarding KING’s RAID 2 gradually by the end of October”

    Does that mean that by the end of October we will see the new graphics of ALL the characters??? It would be great!

  18. I would like to know if you will release the limited costumes again! Because I recently started playing the game and I found out that I can’t buy the limited costumes. There are some costumes that I would really like to have (Fallen Frey – Hilda – Riheet – Ripine). I saw pictures of them and they are fantastic! I hope to have the opportunity to acquire them!!

    1. they’ve previously sold a ticket i believe for around $45 or so that allowed you to straight up choose one of the limited costumes that was acquirable before. pretty steep since its for a single costume.