[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – November 2021

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders!

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

Thanks to the love and support from our Raiders, we were able to release the new NPC Hero Valance. We could see that our Raiders have been waiting for the release of this Hero for a very long time. As Valance has been released as an all-rounder support type of Hero, many Raiders have shown us their concerns about how other Heroes might not be used anymore or replaced by the new Hero. We will be constantly checking the feedback from our Raiders through different channels, and we will make sure to make the necessary balance adjustments, so that more Heroes can be used in diverse contents within the game.

For this week’s Developer’s Note, we will be providing you more details about the new Skip Ticket system, improvements to the Lil’ Raider contents and other updates which are under development.

Skip Ticket System

Throughout the 4 years of service, different kinds of contents have been added to the game. We believe that many Raiders are having a hard time to clear all Daily and Weekly contents by logging in to the game every day. Due to this reason, we have decided to implement the 1st Skip Ticket system to the following contents during this month’s first updates: Royal Underground Labyrinth, Tower of Challenge, Shakmeh & Eclipse. The Skip Ticket system will be an update that will allow you to clear battles and obtain rewards immediately without using your time in battles. This system will be applied to dungeons you have already cleared. Therefore, the Skip Ticket system will allow you to clear dungeons you have cleared previously without wasting your time. After the 1st updates of the Skip Ticket system, we will sequentially proceed with the updates of this system for each of the contents. Please look out for the Patch Note as we will be providing you more details about the system. We will continue to make improvements to the game throughout time in order to provide a satisfying and relaxing gameplay for our Raiders. We will be checking your feedback from all available channels, and we will do our best to implement them into the game.

Improvements to the Lil’ Raider Contents

We have noticed that the Lil’ Raider content has been updated almost a year ago, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy our Raiders as the effects of the Lil’ Raiders were only implemented in battles. We have been receiving feedback continuously for the improvements of this content. As mentioned earlier through our Developer’s Note, we will be implementing new improvements to the Lil’ Raider content starting from November’s 2nd update. We will start off by improving the feeding and Incubator system in order to improve the utility of the contents within the Lil’ Raider House, and also helping Raiders to obtain Lil’ Raiders in a much easier way.

[Feeding System]
The Happiness factor from the Lil’ Raiders content will be changed to satiety, and based on the satiety of the Lil’ Raiders, they will be able to leave on expeditions. We’re hoping to provide our Raiders a new experience with plenty of rewards through this new improvement. Besides the expedition content, we’re planning to add new activities which will provide different roles to the Lil’ Raiders.

[Incubator System]
New improvements will be made to the Incubator in a way you will be able to hatch the Lil’ Raider’s egg by taking care of it on your own. You will be able to own more than 1 Incubator, and you will be able to obtain the eggs over a certain period of time. Through this update, you will be able to obtain Lil’ Raiders more easily, and at the same time, you will be experiencing a whole new level of excitement by taking care of the Lil’ Raider eggs.

As for the next month of December, we will be adding Legendary Constellation Lil’ Raiders. Additionally, a new system will be added in which effects will be granted as Lil’ Raiders accompany the Heroes within the game. Also, please look forward to ‘Star Gems’ as they will add a special upgrade to the gameplay.

Currently, we’re still working on the improvements we’ve mentioned above, so please note that there may be changes during the development process. We will make sure to provide more details about these improvements through our Developer’s Note on December. Please look forward to the improvements as we will work hard to change the old Lil’ Raider content to a content that can be enjoyed by our Raiders.


As you may all know, we have revealed the motions of our Heroes from KING’s RAID 2 through our last Developer’s Note. Furthermore, we have revealed our update plans and events for KING’s RAID, and the main contents that are under development for KING’s RAID 2 through <THE RELOAD> Promotion Page. For Raiders who are curious about the story that will be revealed before the actual story of KING’s RAID 2, we have prepared special scenes and summary for each of the episodes.

This story focuses on the continuation of the stories from KING’s RAID & KING’s RAID 2, unfinished stories from KING’s RAID, and the stories that we’d like to reveal before the start of KING’s RAID 2. The story will be a continuation of KING’s RAID, which will be focused on the ambience of the main chapter. We will do our best to bring great anticipation to the upcoming stories of KING’s RAID.

Episode 01.
실내, 플레이어이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

하늘, 실외, 옅은, 어두운이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
Winds of change and turbulence are blowing within the empire. There are clashes between the Imperial Army and the Resistance all over the place. Getting caught up in the disaster, Glenwys realizes about her limits and feels frustrated about the situation.

Episode 02.
실내, 식물, 여러개이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

실내이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Kasel and Frey leaves on an endless journey. Frey, now known for her image of corruption, is stopped by the angels. She becomes disturbed as she remembers of the memories of her past life and lost feelings.

Episode 03.
텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

사람이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Dominix, the leader of the Tower of Sage confronts Fluss. Fluss asks about the objective of the Tower of Sage, and Dominix tries to figure out his intentions for trying to revive the Republic of Gray. In the midst of heightened tensions, Dominix and Fluss can’t get to a point they can agree with each other.

And lastly, we will be revealing the original battle video we have revealed through our KING’s RAID 2 webpage. Hope you enjoy watching our Heroes in action once again!

As for our final words, we have disappointing news for our Raiders regarding the release of KING’s RAID 2. We have tried our best to release KING’s RAID 2 around the end of the year 2021, however, we have decided to postpone the release as we needed more time to fix and update several contents. We’d like to apologize for the disappointment this may have caused. As for now, we are aiming to release KING’s RAID 2 on the second quarter of the year in 2022, and we will be providing further details about the updates continuously. We have disappointed our Raiders, however, we will continue to work hard to satisfy our Raiders.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio

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      1. No offense.. but think lil raider content is trash. King raid dont need them, only mre husbando

  1. Well, take your time. Honestly, the teaser looks amazing and as hype as I am, I do want a stable release over a buggy one…

    Oh heck, I know it’ll be buggy anyway, but I still look forward to it. Have a wonderful day and thank you for making this game.

  2. > As for now, we are aiming to release KING’s RAID 2 on the second quarter of the year in 2022, and we will be providing further details about the updates continuously.

    They are coming, but they got lost along the way. :worryshh:

    1. it cant be helped right? i mean, KR 2 is like new project and almost end of the year. their employee need vacation or maybe some of them “graduate”. And with covid still threat, force your employee will be a bad thing. Also, new project means new bug. if you release a half-baked product, many people will bomb the community. epspecially the very toxic ungrateful person.

      1. Delaying the KR2 release does not necessarily mean it will be bug-free.
        Can you remember how many times they are hyping up the consumers for the n-th time and still the end product is still bug-ridden.

        At this point, based on my experience with KR, my expectation is still the same.

        “Bugs are coming”

        Note: at the end of the day, a small indie company is still a company. a consumer, regardless of what kind of a person they are, is still a consumer.

  3. What happened to the pc client? It was announced months ago and we’ve had no update. Also how on earth are these new graphic going to run on players’ phones? The game is already lagging in certain content with high end phones. Now we’re getting even more complex graphics you will need to do lots of optimisation to your buggy mess of a game.

  4. If your going to take at least another half year fix the main game
    How in the world loh and gc can be a competitive mode if lags like crazy
    Where is the valk optimization for phones?
    Where is more heroe balance Miri, Reina, Talisha? She is an npc that was buffed and is a joke and waste of resourses
    Also your doing wrong you need to delete the Pets that’s the correct way to fix them

  5. So, you VESTARD basically say that players must deal with lags, crash, tons of unbalanced things and boredom of repeated contents for another half a year at least???

    Hahahahahaha……… Do you thing how much players remain until the day KR2 release??

      1. It’s tragic. People like them say all these and yet they probably still play the game, since they care enough to post almost everytime.

  6. I prefer KR2 to be less buggy than to make a quick launch and fumble miserably. There are a lot of old heroes that can be rebalanced meanwhile, to make them feel new again, and a lot of lingering bugs to be fixed. Increasing cap of old modes is cool also, like galgoria, sieg, trials, etc.

  7. Dont cry if you don’t like lil raider feature. It’s not like youre obliged to use it anyway; but don’t go crying if you dont get pet buffs either. 🤡

    1. U seem like a neopet player that jus joined kings raid.

      No offense to vespa but lil raiders is a mistake like time defenders. The lil raider jus doesnt seem to sync well with current kings raid concept. Its jus weird ass extra stuff that is created solely to milk players with no actual meaning in game. Nt looking forward to Nov 2nd update and dec1st update since its jus lil raiders.

      Look forward to yr kings raid 2 prologue in dec 2nd update, that is real content with no half hearted efforts made by the devs.

  8. Buff assassins in arena Vespa. At least remove soft cap of evasion for assassins. Evasion is so hard to stack that compromises your dps yet its so easy to counter because its very easy to get 400+ acc without compromising your dps too much.

    Assassins are simply inferior warriors right now. Meta warriors have free cc resist or undispellable cc immunity buff to protect themselves, yet assassins have nothing thanks to how bad evasion stacking is right now.

    And I hope this game gets optimized for 870 snapdragon. My old phone with 855 snapdragon runs better than my new one with 870.

  9. To be honest, I like the story of the game and also the graphics (although I must admit that the new ones look better). However, it seems to me that before releasing a new version of the game, they must first fix all the bugs that the current version has.

    In my case, I have had problems at stage X-10 for a while now. In August, I sent an email to VESPA informing them of the problem I have, which is that I defeat Lucikiel (the Boss) and the victory image appears. However, it immediately appears that there was an error and it does not allow me to complete the level. From August until now VESPA has asked me to be patient, but the truth is that I am starting to get tired of waiting. I would like it to be fixed as soon as possible because it is preventing me from enjoying the game.

    1. We waited so long for KR2 and it gets delayed….

      Well, another reason to be disappointed.

      Please, hopefully, end with Swimswit skins this year.

      And skip system is finally happening (I’m seriously bored of doing Shakmeh and killing the phone tho)(please save ur “buy a pc” comment in your ass idc) so that’s a good thing…. At least. (I would preferred a dispatch for it tho)

      Wondering how u gonna keep us interested on keep playing until you d̶e̶l̶a̶y̶ ̶a̶g̶a̶i̶n̶ release KR2.

  10. On the KING’s RAID 2 page, only the new graphics for 12 of the character appear……. When can we see the new graphics for all the characters?

    I don’t like the idea of ​​having to wait any longer for season two, but I wish you would at least let us see what all our brave heroes will look like.

    From what I was seeing in the video that you uploaded of the battles, some characters appear with their new graphics (Kasel, Roi, Fallen Frey, Rebel Clause, Yuria, Bernheim, Gladi, Chrisha, Dark Lord Kasel, Glenwys …) but I would like to see their new graphics complete and also the ones of the other characters (Pansirone, Valance, Annette, Scarlet, Artemia, Crow, Ophelia, Lewisia, Jane, Theo, Dimael, Lucias, Isaiah, Pavel, Aselica, Reina, Ripine, Riheet, Sonia, Priscilla, Aisha , May, Juno, Dosarta, Lucikiel, Mitra, Arch …)