[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – January 2022

텍스트, 사람이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Greetings everyone,

This is PD Jin from KING’s RAID.

Through our latest Developer’s Note, we have mentioned about the further content updates for Season 2. Focusing on specific PvP & PvE contents, we will be constantly working on their improvements and fixes. The content improvements we’re about to mention will be the first steps we will be taking towards the objectives we have mentioned previously.

First of all, we are planning to make improvements gradually to contents that have fallen behind or have lost importance due to certain reasons. We will make sure to improve the user convenience of the contents as well throughout the process. From this point, we will be providing the details on the game improvements we’re working on.

Rework of Guild War Rewards

We are aware that the rewards you can obtain are very low in value compared to the time and efforts that are required for the current Guild War content. This content, which is played around 10 weeks, has rewards that are not satisfying enough to keep players motivated. Due to this reason, players lose interest and only a few guilds are playing the Guild War content.

For the upcoming month of February, we will start off by reworking the rewards. Additionally, we will continue to brainstorm about ways we can improve the system or add more fun factors to the Guild War content to entertain and satisfy our players at the same time. As soon as our content improvement plans are fixed, we will make sure to announce them officially through our community pages.

[Improvements to Round Rewards]
Chances to obtain Reforge Ticket additionally will be by 50% chance when succeeding an attack in Guild Wars. As the Tiers grow higher, the number of attacks increases as well. Based on the system and the characteristics of the content, we wanted to provide players an opportunity to obtain additional rewards.

[Improvements to Season Ranking Rewards]

We will be adding rewards with more value to the Tiers Challenger & Royal Master and the amount of Guild War Medals of all Tiers will be increased by x2. Additionally, a buff in which increases the chances of obtaining Reforge Tickets (rewards that are given for a successive Guild War attack) will be applied to servers from the Guilds that have placed 1st ~ 3rd place. We’re looking forward to seeing more players participate for rewards with value and honor.

[Improvements to Guild War Shop]

We will be increasing the efficiency for purchases by lowering the overall price of products. Rewards such as Stone of Infinity, Random Unique Gear and Artifact Piece will be deleted. To give players a wide variety of reward choices, rewards such as Technomagic Gear Ticket and Reforge Ticket will be added.

We’re planning to rework the rewards of the Guild War content through the first updates in February. As for the month of March, we’re planning to rework on the contents World Boss and League of Honor/ Victory. Please look out for the next Developer’s Note for more details about what we’re preparing for March.

Improvements to User Convenience

Through the first updates in February, we’re also planning to improve user convenience for some contents within the game.

[Expansion of the Transcendence Perk Page]
As different contents were added through the updates, different settings were required as well. However, there were lack of Transcendence Perk Pages which brought up inconveniences to players to set up the Perks for each of the contents. To ease them up, Transcendence Perk Pages will be expanded up to max 6 pages.

[Obtaining Team Level EXP for Dispatch Battles]
Even though players consumed a huge amount of Stamina through Dispatch Battles, EXP could not be obtained to increase the Team Level. In order to level up the Team’s Level, players needed to login and battle for long hours. There will be a new motivation for players to increase their Team Levels as the new Raider Growth Buff system will be added to KING’s RAID. For this reason, we will make it possible to obtain Team Level EXP through Dispatch Battles.

Rework of the Divine Punishment Raid & Addition of Divine Punishment Runes

Through the second updates in February, we’re planning an extensive rework of the Divine Punishment Raid content. Divine Punishment Raid’s new Boss, Solenis, and a new system as well. A new Dungeon and the Divine Punishment Raid Runes will be available. We will be providing the details of each of the new contents in different sections.

[Solenis Raid]
다른, 여러개이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

The Solenis Raid will be composed of 2 Mid-boss Dungeons and a final Boss Dungeon. As the players defeat each of the Mid-bosses, Domain Skills will be activated, and the Difficulty Level of the Final Boss will increase. Working differently than the Apocalypsion Raid, this new Raid will have a system in which the Difficulty Level of the Final Boss and the amount of Rewards will increase every time the Mid-bosses are defeated.

Through the Solenis Raid, you will be able to obtain crafting materials for the new Artifact. Look out for the upcoming 2 new, powerful Artifacts after the updates.

[Scenario Dungeon]

A Scenario Dungeon with the story of the Apostles of the Goddess will be added, and you will be able to find out more about the hidden stories of Apocalypsion and Solenis. Through this story, you will find more about the world view of the Goddess in KING’s RAID and the Constellation Slayer. These incredible stories will draw you deeper into the whole new side of KING’s RAID and will allow you to focus more in the Apocalypsion Raid battles. We will continue to reveal stories which are related to different contents within the game.


실내이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명 옷이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명 하늘이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명 자연, 벽난로이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

[Infinite Difficulty Level System]

The ‘Infinite Difficulty Level’ will be added to the Divine Punishment Raid. As the settings becomes higher, the stats of the Boss and Skill Gimmicks will increase gradually. As the name itself, there is no limit. We are hoping to see players enjoy the content by overcoming and challenging their own limits. We are aiming to add the ‘Infinite Difficulty Level’ system to all contents in the future.

[Karma Dungeon]

For players who are having a hard time clearing the Divine Punishment Raid, we have prepared a special dungeon called the ‘Karma Dungeon’. Through the Karma Dungeon, players will be able to obtain a specific element/factor which will be working as a feature that will help proceed with the Divine Punishment Raid. We’re also planning to add new strategic battle factors to the content, so please look forward to it!

[Divine Punishment Runes]

The final stage of the Rune System, the Divine Punishment Runes, will be added. You will be able to obtain Divine Punishment Rune crafting materials through some of the existing in-game contents and the Divine Punishment Raid. By collecting these materials, you will be able to craft the Divine Punishment Rune. The stats of the Divine Punishment Rune will vary depending on the materials that have been used during crafting. This item will allow players to enhance their stats, and at the same time, to achieve the goal of obtaining more power for their Heroes.

PTS (Public Test Server)

The PTS (Public Test Server), a server which will allow players to experience the upcoming updates in advance, will be opened. Separate apps will be provided through the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, and any players with Team Level 100 or higher and those who have their accounts linked to their social accounts will be able to access the PTS freely. Through the PTS, players will be able to experience battle systems that have been reworked such as the Mana System and the Removal of the Solo Time. We will be revealing more details about the system through separate posts through our community.

As for our final words, we’d like to mention that the updates we have mentioned above may be shown differently during the actual updates as the contents above are constantly under tests and fixes. Please look forward to our next Developer’s Note as we will be back with more details of our development updates.

Thank you.

PD Jin

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      1. Casual players will be able to clear the easiest difficulty. They are introducing Infinite Difficulty Level so hardcore games can clear much higher difficulty. It’s all in the notes

    1. DP raid can be cleared by casual players, it just takes time unlike the rest of the game since its endgame pve content, you arent meant to clear it unless youve played the game for a while.

  1. More content for Gremory to dominate at.
    What happened to balancing heroes for content?
    Will Zafir and Dimael ever be relevant?

    Also that new boss looks like Ruin Grader from Genshin Impact lol

  2. Man, that Solenis boss design looks cool af
    Also the scenario dungeon, man I was looking forward to it for a while, thanks guys! Especially more details on Constellations, hopefully we get more lore behind them soon!
    Having new runes introduced shortly after introducing the ever elusive legendary runes is a bold move, hopefully the Dragon Orbs I havent opened yet can be used for crafting them, if not, well, it is what it is.
    Also, dispatch giving account exp was something I never understood, and I was wondering why even though I burned stamina, I was still level 190 smh
    As for Guild War, given how the rewards for LoV has made it so much more active, I guess this might be the solution. Its not bad content, it’s just not worth it compared to what else we can do. Hopefully this changes it.

      1. Annette wasn’t a” few weeks” ago mate. I think you have a poor sense of time. Or either you count 1 week as 1 second.

  3. I don’t really care about new content unless you mention HERO BALANCE.

    This new boss will just use the same old heroes: Gremory, Isaiah, May, Veronica, Estelle, Valance, Shea etc to clear on day 1 on hardest difficulty.

    It’s fucking dumb to release new content when there has been NO balance of heroes. it means your “new content” is gonna be occupied by the same old set of heroes.

    It’s actually hilarious how the same 10-15 heroes dominate 99% of your game.

    1. Balance is required in pvp that’s a given, but talking about PVE balance is stupid, if there is a hero required to clear a pve content you just need to build it and stop whining, “the same old heroes: Isaiah, May, Veronica, Estelle, Valance, Shea” aside from the fact that half of this list isn’t old heroes ofc those supports will be needed isn’t that’s a given? do you even have a use for your mind at all ?_?

      beside all of that you should read the news before complaining, there is no Balance to heroes anymore and there will be no more new op heroes, they decided to make changes to the battle system it self to achieve balance, and as I said this Balance is only needed in PVP and maybe Velkazar.

      1. Use your brain. Just because you only care about PvP and Velk doesn't mean that's all other players care about 댓글:

        Yeah totally. ”Only PvP and Velkazar” need balancing. Big bull shit, because if we only ever balanced PvP AND Velkazar then heroes who were never made to excel in these 2 contents will just bite the dust.

        Take a look at Dimael for example – he is not a Velk or a PvP hero anymore. Some might argue he was being use in PvP due to his ignore DEF but that was like 2018/9 and people forget he was actually was initially released as a PvE hero. He’s irrelevant everywhere and laughably, the oldest hero to date who has only had one adjustment in January 2018 (legit just a minor perk change). Same thing with heroes like Crow, Ripine, Riheet who were not created to excel in PvP or Velkezar. Even tanks like Morrah who is neither good in PvP or Velk and is irrelevant in 95% of content these days despite the numerous buffs she’s received, all because there are simply better choices to choose from and these contents don’t require her existence.

        So what? If we follow your ”ONLY BUFF PVP/VELK” logic, do we just never buff these heroes and let the same old 10-15 heroes dominate the game forever? Even if they change boss mechanics to make these underperforming heroes more viable, that’s kind of laughable. They won’t be able to change contents to make these underperforming heroes without changing the core of the content itself. Imagine they adjusted Velk so Zafir is better than Cleo or Erze. That is hell nowhere even close to possible unless Velk got a major rework to the point it’s not even Velk anymore. Imagine Velk got a rework so heal reduce is like 300%. Will people use Morrah? No, they’ll just stack heal reduction heroes and solar stones. Logic. It’s not possible to adjust contents to make heroes more viable unless they change the content altogether – or they buff the hero directly. I’m more inclined to believe even if they change contents, these trash heroes still won’t be able to outshine the current ones. If you compare Dimael’s kit to someone like Rebel Clause for example, the latter has a loaded kit whilst the former’s kit looks like a meme. Same thing with Zafir vs Erze. Both were released as Velk heroes. But due to Vespa being dumb with buffing choices, they’ve essentially killed off an entire hero by pushing another one leagues ahead in performance.

        In that case it’s probably better to pose the question ”do you even have a use for your mind at all ?_?” at YOURSELF.

        The reason people cry about balancing in the first place is because of contents using the same old heroes and certain heroes being irrelevant or bad everywhere.

        Judging how you’ve forgotten a lot of heroes who fall neither into ‘PVP’ and the ‘Velkazar’ category goes to show how those two contents are the only two contents YOU personally care about or either you’re using the ‘meta heroes’ so you don’t really care about heroes who are long forgotten.

        Majority of these comments here are requesting balance. Facebook, the offiical Discord, you name it is full of people asking for it.
        Yeah and we don’t deny we are whining.
        But at this point, maybe it’s time they SHOW something is being done rather than having people wait another 5 months for something worthy.

      2. Who’s hell have Dimael built in 2022, who cares about Zafir in Velkazar, that was years ago, the meta keep changing and that’s all there is to it so just accept it.

      3. This o.O is clearly a Gremory user, confirmed by the “ if there is a hero required to clear a pve content you just need to build it” line.

      4. Yeah sure I really want to see how they gonna “balance content” to make dead heroes more viable. Seems sus and another lie to me. Also it’s been how many months since they last said that and we haven’t had any content or hero balances since. So again a LIE

  4. Lol I like how every time a GM or Dev note is released, it just so happens that HERO BALANCE is not mentioned or ignored

    I cant wait for the new boss to be cleared on day 1 and then it becomes dead content again after one month.

  5. Instead of improving and balancing the current systems and contents, you choose to add another powercreep UT and powercreep dungeons that ONLY SUPER MEGA ULTIMATE WHALES can clear and enjoy it. But the irony is they are leaving one after another, and you already know that right???

    Not even client optimization and hero balancing becomes your concern huh?? Not even just a little?? What else i can say i’m out of words.

    1. I didn’t spend a single penny here and I was able to clear Apoc the second day it was released and I started to increase the difficulty gradually and in less than a month I was able to clear 4 pen, I clear it from the first try now easily and I’m not a “SUPER MEGA ULTIMATE WHALE”, BTW I only completed a year in the game recently so I’m not even once of the veterans with 3-5 years in the game

    2. Suggestions like frm this dude ultimately lead to demise of vespa.

      The game is ultimately dying frm lack of new contents. Look at other games with healthy updates. Honestly improving the system, hero balancing will nt bring my withdrawing interest in this game now. We need more new contents!

  6. you better to fix client optimization rather than adding more content who can actually imo decreasing the game itself, have take a look at shakmeh or apocalypson or even velkazar, those content need high configuration of device to run smoothly and FPS drop, stuttering when changing content, lagging skill cast etc is serious issues that you always seems don’t even care.

    oh, not to forget to mention that hero balancing schedules seems like a wind in the middle of summer

  7. Sounds Great! hoping for more updates regarding this new contents and changes. However, I would still like to emphasize the importance of client stabilization and hero balance. The client is very wonky and it can’t keep up with some system updates, especially on phones, I lag a lot in large contents specifically involving 8 man teams. As for the hero balance, we need more heroes to be relevant. As a player who played for 2 years, I would personally like to see more heroes in the arena, especially if we have lots of heroes yet some of them you can rarely see or don’t see at all.

    Well that’s all I can really say, I’m sure lots of players have more concerns and I hope you continue to improve the game. Pardon some players for being toxic, they are just concerned for the game. Thanks

  8. Yeah I doubt this is going to save your dying game. That new boss will become dead content after one month and irrelevant.

    Also can you balance heroes FFS?!

    How long has it been since the last balance patch and what happened to client optimisation and “balancing heroes for content”?!

    Lies and more lies.

    No wonder your JP whales quitting 👏

  9. Hi devs, so when you gonna delete EU server?
    I guess that will be in March 2022 update!

    You begin to remove language for Spanish and Portuguese speaking by claiming that “due to the decrease in the number” of players speaking these languages.
    The REAL reason you remove the languages is because you cannot afford a translator anymore since your profits sinking!
    Next will delete German, French, Russian and then English will be next!

    Just delete Europe server if you hate us so much
    Don’t forget u even forget the anniversary one time LMAO.

    Also your playerbase is dwindling, and your stocks are plummeting hard too.
    It all comes down to poor communication, lack of good updates, lack of balancing, and nothing but lies after lies.

      1. Yes, delete Japanese, Korean and Chinese too. Then this game really will be dead!

  10. That’s a good way to make players play GW, everyone will do it 100% and overall good stuff for the upcoming next updates, but a reminder that we need to shift this meta for good sooner or later (balance when?! and say yes to nerfs, especially for that db ironically called Valance that completely ruined LoV more of what already was)

    1. Also another take after some talk with guildies, infinite content will create a even bigger gap between players who can’t go very far vs whales who can (like if Eclipse gap wasn’t already huge) on terms of progression. This will affect unprepared, casual, f2p players and players who want to focus on pvp like I do

      1. It’s alright bro. Remember the infinite ethers eclipse bug? Well, the devs refused to ban the huge ass whales and only selectively banned.

        Since they’re adding infinite stages now, they won’t be able to tell who is bug abuser or not, so you can exploit any holes in their coding, go to max stages on a non-whale account and give your account limited resources without worry. Ez.


  11. wake me up when the next hero balance or KR2 arrives because i’m sick of checking every note to find it’s either:

    1 – more fucking costumes that is just cosmetic and nothing useful
    2 – a new ‘content’ that will be cleared and then dead content again in 2 weeks

    Also can we seriously get optimisation.

  12. I would like to know when will we get a team building system to have separate teams instead of just trying to memorize them. I see all different kind of games with it but yet we still don’t have something as simple as that.

      1. Its like a list of preset teams. Each team has a set of heroes you chose. You just load which ever team of heroes from the list that you want when you about to enter a battle.

  13. I don’t know if i’m supposed to be happy with this so called “new content (powercreep)” or feel disgust knowing that it will be another WHALES ONLY playground which casual player can’t even enjoy it at all as usual.

    Petition to change this game’s name to POWERCREEP RAID or WHALES RAID. But the irony is WHALES are leaving rapidly.

    So in this current state of the game it’s so confusing. Wise man said, “People are tend to desperate if they are facing their end”.

    1. About GW, i think it lies more to its presentation rather than the rewards. Two columns fight is not so inviting, could add more spices to it (maybe take example from ES or B9 where they put guild member as forts, or any game who could match with KRs system). Getting more reward is cool but, after all, PvP’s always meant to be a high invest low return. Unless you put a very significant ones, these stuff will feel like a drop in the lake.

      And i think, it would be a shame if you don’t improve GW more seriously. It has the potential to motivate people to have a vast hero pool, bringing more life to these underwhelmed heroes that you have been trampled over and over. Not to mention it is also fuel for the guild activities.

  14. I’m not an old player, but I think that this game has few big issues:
    1. Lack of optimization
    2. Shop system is broken
    3. Heroes balance

    For the first point I guess people already said everything, so there is not much to add.
    About the second point I think that Devs set prices randomly without even thinking what they are offering in return.
    Two Soulstones 89€…. Really? I can buy 2-3 games on steam with that price with plenty of content and tons of hours of fun, how do you think I would consider 2 soulstones at that price? Maybe I would if you were giving 7 of them (maybe).
    Said so, look at rubies. There are Growth packages, but the cheapest (17€) which is really close to a 19€ average budget game, after it there is another one which cost 26€ and gives lot less rubies. What’s the sense?
    Normal rubies are very costly if you consider that many games like KR, always double the amount on the first buy of the month. You give almost no rubies with 2k more as bonus. No sense again.
    The key is making things fairly priced. It’s not a money issue, it’s what you giving in return for that money. In many other games there are packs from 0,99€ to 99€, they get renewd every month, but having just 26€ /44/89€ it’s just stupid. But again, you should give us something worth those prices otherwise we won’t buy them.

    Stamina required it’s so much for what we get in return. Some heroes are just taking dust ’cause they are not worth to be geared since they find no use in 99% of the content.

    If you want this game to last longer, I think that you need to re-think few aspects. Personally I disliked the Lil Raider revamp. It simply suck as it is right now.
    First because I liked the idea to summon those cool pets, also if we couldn’t use them in combat they were great addition.
    I liked also the expeditions which were a bit helpfull expecially for newcomers, they helped me to raise more mats for soul judment.
    Now it turned into a rubies sink system.

    A game that keep loses F2P or casual gamers that spend money from time to time, usually won’t survive for long with just whales, ’cause also those players will give up at some point.
    Keep it in mind for future addition.