[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – December 2021 (Part 2)

Greetings everyone,

This is PD Jin from KING’s RAID.

Today, I’d like to share you the details regarding the updates for the season 2 of KING’s RAID.

Until now, we have only shared the details of the updates that were fixed through the Developer’s Note. However, this way of communication made it harder for us to collect or to adjust the feedback while disclosing more information in advance. From now on, we will be sharing our current plans without leaving out any details or adjusting it.

KING’s RAID has been opened in Korea, USA, and 12 other countries in February 2017. Additionally, the game has been opened in Europe in September 2017, and Japan in March 2018. KING’s RAID has received tremendous love and support from all over the world, and I would like to thank everyone for the love, words of courage, and including all of your feedback and criticism.

To take a closer look at the situation, I tried analyzing what parts of the game were loved by our users and what parts angered them.

Looking at the big picture, contents such as World Boss, Guild Conquest, League of Victory, League of Honor, the overall story of the game, the story of the Heroes & Costumes were the ones that were loved the most by our users. On the other hand, contents such as the Royal Vault (currently moved to the Stockade Vault content), Stockade Vault, Underground Labyrinth, Tower of Ordeals & Tower of Challenge have become like daily homework rather than enjoyment. Due to this reason, these contents have been neglected after a certain period of time. The Dragon Raid content, a content where T8 Gear can be obtained, has also lost a spot in the game after the TM Gear system has been introduced.

In summary, challenge related contents have received attention and love continuously, and contents which were added to the game for growth and simple farming have been abandoned. With this direction in mind, we will be working to create better contents for season 2.

When we first planned for season 2, we were planning to open the new season by the end of October in 2021. However, the release of the new season has been delayed due to several circumstances within the company. Looking at our current situation, we are expecting to open season 2 by next year in June. Moreover, we are planning to open season 2’s first regular season on July 1st. We will do our best to ensure that we keep up with the updates according to the schedule.

1. Season 2 Contents

For KING’s RAID Season 2, we are planning to work according to the following 4 contents.

[PvE Competition Contents]

  • Content in which individuals compete with scores: [Rework] Upgrades to the World Boss Content
  • Content in which Guilds compete with scores: [Rework] Upgrades to the Guild Conquest Content

[PvE Challenge Contents]

  • Challenge Raid: [Rework] Continuously increasing the Gimmicks & Difficulty Level of the Content
  • Divine Punishment Raid: [Rework] Continuously increasing the Gimmicks & Difficulty Level of the Content
  • Guild Raid [Rework] Content in which Guilds can challenge together
  • Ordeals of the 12 Constellations: [New] A content in which 4 teams (a total of 16 Heroes) challenge the Power of God > Expansion of the Divine Punishment Raid Content

[PvP Contents]

  • Content in which individuals compete with each other: [Rework] League of Victory, [Rework] League of Honor, [New] League of Crowns (Tournament)
  • Content in which Guilds compete with other Guilds: [New] Strongest Guild Content (Tournament)

[Chapter Contents]

  • New Story Content for Season 2

As for the contents mentioned above, we are planning to put them in to separate Regular seasons (ex: second half of the year 2022, the first half of the year 2023) every 6 months. In simple words, we will be working on a large-scale update every 6 months. Besides the first Chapters from 1 ~ 3 which will be added all at once during the early stages of Season 2, the new Chapters of Season 2 will be added once every 6 months. We are planning a total of 8 Regular Chapters, excluding the Chapters with supplementary stories. Also, we are planning to release new Heroes at the start of every season in order to stabilize the meta of the battles. For every Regular season, we are planning to add 5~7 Heroes every Regular season.

Additionally, for all contents including World Boss, Guild Conquest, League of Crowns, Strongest Guild Content, Challenge Raid, Divine Punishment Raid, Guild Raid, Ordeals of the 12 Constellations, etc, we will be implementing separate point systems and a Ranking System will be implemented for every Regular season.

We are also planning to provide extraordinary prize rewards for the final Rankers. We will make sure to organize and announce further details regarding the system and the rewards separately in the near future.

2. Graphics for Season 2

Since it’s been almost 5 years from the release of KING’s RAID, we wanted to rework on the graphics of the game. In order to maintain the uniqueness and style of KING’s RAID, we went under brainstorming and worked on the R&D thoroughly. As a result, we’ve decided to ‘upgrade’ the appearances of all Heroes instead of changing them.

Overall 3D rework is being proceeded at the moment. Fields that were constructed in a layered 2D method are being converted to a 3D style with minimal change in artwork. This has created more freedom for the camera movements, and we’re looking forward to show off this new style in the future to our players. Moreover, we have removed the dizziness that might be caused by the movements of the camera. The visibility of the screen in battles will be improved as the effects that make it hard to distinguish in battles will be removed as well.

Now to mention about the customization within the game, we will be making additional improvements by expanding what we have prepared for the Legend Costumes to a whole new level. We are planning to provide new animations for the Heroes as one of the new customization options of the game.

Currently, we have a total of 3 appearances for each of the Heroes: 3, 4 & 5 Star Heroes. However, we will be removing the development process for the appearances of 3 & 4 Star Heroes in the future. As time passed by, the performances and significance of 3 & 4 Stars have faded, and most of our players have preferred equipping new Costumes instead of using the old appearances of 3 & 4 Heroes. This is the reason why we’ve decided to stop working on the appearances of 3 & 4 Heroes, and we will be putting that energy and efforts in to creating new concept Costumes. We sincerely apologize to Raiders who preferred using low Star appearances for our Heroes.

As for the Costumes and customization parts, we’ve noticed that these items were being purchased mostly during the release. However, after a certain period of time, they were forgotten and sales have dropped tremendously. We’ve noticed that old Costumes were taking a large portion of the Special Shop for a long time. In the future, we will be gradually changing the sale methods in a way Costumes and customization items are sold within a limited period of time or sold in limited quantities. As a result, we will be implementing new changes, so that Costumes and customization items can be a valuable collections in the game.

3. Implementation of Pre-Tests

The part in which we had the most trouble with during our services of KING’s RAID were the lack of tests for different variables within the game. We’ve worked to try out most of the tests as possible, however, we’ve had difficulties to reproduce the exact same issues with different variables experienced by our players due to the lack of staff members in KING’s RAID.

In order to provide better quality gaming environment, to check the issues in advance, to secure time to implement the changes, and to provide better services, whenever a new Hero is released or changes are made to the meta, we will make sure to reveal them through the PTR (Public Test Realm) server or the actual game server. Therefore, we will be checking any bugs or issues such as balancing before the official release and we will be implementing the complaints and feedback to the game.

We will try to implement the tests above starting from the period we’re moving on from Season 1 to 2. Once again, we will try our best to listen to your opinions and feedback in order to provide a better game for our players.

4. Implementation of the Auction system

Starting from Season 2, we will be opening the Auction system in KING’s RAID.

We believe that the items that have been obtained by our players through long-time investment and efforts are important assets that have been collected in KING’s RAID throughout the time. We’ve been thinking that the implementation of an auction system is needed to conserve and maintain these precious items.

Thus, we’re planning to create an auction system, which most players might be familiar with, where purchasing and selling items will be available. Also, we will be supporting an auction system merged with all servers in order to maintain sufficient number of trades going back and forth between the players.

New players will be able to purchase items they need through the auction system, and on the other hand, players who have been playing KING’s RAID for a long time, will be able to remove items they don’t need and will have the opportunity to look for other items. Additionally, we think that this system will vitalize the community as new and old players will be able to support and communicate with each other.

The items that will be available for exchanges will include all items excluding the Heroes. This will include all kinds of Costumes, customization items, Unique Weapons, Unique Treasures, Artifacts, etc.

We have not decided yet on the type of currency that will be used to exchange items, however, we are thinking about adding a separate type of currency for this occasion. We have come to conclude that Gold or Rubies, type of currencies that can be created and obtained unlimitedly, will not be the right type of currency to be used to create stable trading cost within the system. For more details of the auction system, we will make sure to go over the details once again and announce it through our official pages.

5. Modification of the Game’s Meta

We believe that the meta of the current game of Season 1 had its own fun and depth. Nevertheless, there are still issues that need to be fixed, and we will be working on it to get the game on the right track.

First of all, we had a severe issue in which we had to change and remove Gear constantly due to the Gear’s Tier system (T1 ~ TM). Every time a new Chapter or new Gear Tier was added, we had a hard time listening to the complaints of the players.

Instead of deleting the Tier system, we will be implementing a system in which players will have to strengthen their Gear continuously in Season 2. Moreover, changes will be made to the Gear drop system from contents such as Field, Raids, etc and rework on the Gear system will be proceeded.

There will be several parts of the current Season 1’s system that will be move on to the next season. As for the current Gear system, we’re still discussing and making additional changes to the plans. We will be providing more details about these changes through our next developer’s note once fixes are made to our plans.

At the moment, we’re being extra careful to think of a way we can transition Season 1’s TM tier to Season 2’s Gear system. We’re reviewing various measures in which we can minimize the loss of the current players.

Besides the Tier system, options are also one of our top concerns when modificating the game’s meta. Currently, too many multiplication operations are accumulated in the options, causing hyperinflation of the damages within the game. Continuous addition of OP Heroes, balance adjustments for old Heroes, sudden increase in difficulty level of the game and additional measures taken to balance the contents, etc are factors that have caused hyperinflation in many different ways.

When Season 2 is opened, new & returning players will come to play the game, and this is when we will be encountering different kinds of issues. If we don’t deal with the issues encountered with hyperinflation, we believe that we won’t be able to provide a gaming environment that can satisfy all players at once.

Therefore, we will be decreasing the spectrum of the overall performances of the Heroes. This time, we will be trying to approach this with an upward system. In other words, if the stats of our Heroes are 1 to 100 currently, we’re planning to push up the players with lower stats up to 50~100 or 70~100. The damage gap due to the high stats of top users will be arranged within a range that can be recognized.

Please check below for the details of our current plans.

  • The difficulty level of all contents of Season 1 will be adjusted from Lv. 1~100 to Lv. 90~100.
  • After the adjustments made to the difficulty level, all new Heroes that are obtained will be Lv. 90, 5 Stars. (The limits for Hero level shown according to the Transcendence stage will be removed.)
  • Season 2 contents will start from Lv. 90.
  • In the Chapters of Season 1, you will be able to level up the Heroes’ levels up to Lv. 100.
  • In the Chapters of Season 2, you will be able to level up the Heroes’ levels up to Lv. 200.
  • The performances of Heroes and Gears that used to be 20 : 80, we will be making adjustments to it by 40 : 60.
  • Number of % options will be reduced, and changes will be made so that fixed damage or fixed defense are applied.
  • We will not be making big changes to the damages in Season 1. However, for Season 2’s damage will be limited up to max 6 digits (excluding DMG proportional to HP)
  • We will be separating the attributes from target DMG & Wide-area DMG, and we will be adding the Resistance Wide-area DMG.

We will make sure to proceed the plans mentioned above after sufficient tests and by implementing the feedback of our players. We will always be open for good opinions and feedback, and we won’t hesitate to implement it to our game. Please feel free to share us your opinions through all channels available in KING’s RAID. Even if we encounter differences in between our opinions and our players, we will continue to try our best to come to an agreement in which can satisfy both sides.

Even though we are the developers of this game, we’re always surprised at how our players are cleverer and keen than our team in many different ways.

6. Hero Balance Adjustments

In Season 2, there won’t be OP Heroes that will be released intentionally. Moreover, we will be working on the balance adjustments of various Heroes after the release of an OP Hero, and we will make sure to avoid the gradual increase of the Heroes stats. However, looking at the game based on the PvP contents, Hero performances will be similar in overall. Instead, we plan to specialize the usability of Heroes for different contents. In simple words, players will have better advantages by strengthening a wide number of Heroes.

Improvements will be made as well to add specialized factors for each of the classes. For classes such as tank, healer & dealer, we are planning to add different options per class to give them clear and specific goals. If you look at the system based on only one Hero, it is clear that there is less freedom in setting up a team. However, we’re planning to implement a system in which the overall organization and strategy of the team will be meaningful depending on the class of the Heroes.

The options for each of the classes will be related deeply with the Gear system. We will be providing more details of these options as we introduce you the new Gear system later on.

7. The Soul Weapon and the Power of the 12 Constellations

To start off the topic of the Soul weapon, we’d like to inform you that the value of the Soul Weapons you have obtained through Season 1’s Trial of the God King content will remain similar in Season 2. In Season 2, we will be introducing a new Gear called the <Power of the 12 Constellations> (Tentative Name) which will be relevant to Season 1’s Soul Weapons. Season 2 Heroes won’t be able to obtain the Soul Weapons from Season 1, but Season 1 Heroes will be able to obtain both Soul Weapons and the Power of the 12 Constellations. Season 1 Heroes will be able to select whether to use Soul Weapons or the Power of the 12 Constellations.

However, it will take some time to develop the Power of 12 Constellations of all Heroes in Season 1. We’d like to ask for your understanding regarding this matter, and we will make sure to develop this content elaborately and as soon as possible.

The Power of the 12 Constellations will be a lasting system (passive), different from the Soul Weapons which are activated (active). We will be providing more details about this content as well through our future announcements.

8. Removal of Several Contents

It has been a long time since the release of KING’s RAID. We are planning to delete some of the contents which we used to play some time ago, but which are not necessary anymore.

[Tower of Challenge, Tower of Ordeals, Underground Labyrinth]

These tower related contents have become contents in which you obtain rewards regularly + they have become homework-like contents after clearing them once. Instead of investing our efforts in maintaining these contents, we will be focusing them on contents like Challenge Raid and Divine Punishment Raid and we will be reworking on these contents continuously.

As for the rewards you could obtain through these old contents, we will be distributing them through other contents in the game.

[Lil’ Raiders]

Lil’ Raiders are one of the top contents in which we have received constant feedback. We have received feedback such as ‘unnecessary content that does not have any connection with the contents in KING’s RAID’ or ‘content. (We understand that most of the feedback negative feedback or complaints…) Therefore, we’ve decided to delete the contents related to the Lil’ Raiders.

Most importantly, we also know that it is our role to compensate the time and money our players have invested in the Lil’ Raiders. As for this matter, we’re discussing about ways in which we can separate the Lil’ Raiders and the Imprinted stats, making them into exchangeable items.

We believe that the Lil’ Raiders have the appropriate appearances as pets within KING’s RAID. We will be improving some of the effects and additional upgrades will be made so that they can be visually pleasing like customization items. As for the Imprinted Effects, we will be adding a system where players will be able to manage different effects. This system will allow the players to store and conserve the Imprinted Effects in marbles. Additionally, we are also planning to make these 2 factors into exchangeable items.

[Dragon Raids]

Due to the implementation of the TM Gear, the content Dragon Raid (Normal/Hard) has lost its place as the need for T6~8 Gear has decreased. We’ve decided to delete this content as this content had many similarities with the current Challenge Raid system.

We will make sure to check carefully, so that the gameplay of the Chapters and the growth of the Heroes are not interrupted by the removal of the content.

[Summoning with Gold]

Different than what we planned in the first place, the content for summoning with Gold has become meaningless within the game. The purchasing price for this content is noticeably low, and it has been hard for us to exchange or add significant items to it. This is why we will be removing this option, and we will be implementing the efficiency of the product through other contents in the game.

[Hall of Heroes]

The awakening of Heroes to 2, 3, 4, 5 Stars and Purification of Heroes have been mostly uncomfortable. Therefore, we’ve decided to delete the system and the scenes of the content excluding the scenes of Hero acquisition.

[Crafting Items]

We are also planning to delete the content of crafting items as we haven’t found any special importance in the content. We will be adding a function in which you will be able to change items you need to change immediately from your inventory.

[Hero’s Inn]

Hero’s Inn is also one of the contents we’ve decided to delete from the game. Most of the players use this content to obtain the rewards from the roulette, however, we think that it isn’t a content that can provide fun at all. We also think that it has been a stress than enjoyment to interact with the Heroes to recruit them. Instead, we have thought that it would be better for the players to build up the Kinship Rate of their Heroes by using them in the game.

We might have small or big changes for Season 2 during our journey, but what matters right now is that we have revealed all of our current plans for Season 2 without hiding any of them. Some of you might be looking forward to these new changes, but at the same time, there may be some who might be worried of how this will be affecting the game. We’d like to welcome our Raiders to share us your honest feedback and opinions with us.

Besides the Official community pages, we’re planning to create an additional communication channel in order to listen all of your feedback and opinions carefully and to make Season 2 successful.

After making our final preparations for this channel, we will be announcing more details of the platform through a separate post through our community pages.

As for now, our priorities are to create a KING’s RAID that can be loved and enjoyed by our players. We are totally aware that we will not be able to lift KING’s RAID up once again with our own strength. We’d like to ask for your advice, support and love as we will continue working to take KING’s RAID back to its days of glory. Lastly, we will put all of our efforts to create a game that our players are proud of.

Thank you so much for your support.

With Love & Respect.

PD Jin

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  1. Please don’t make all our investment on SW obsolete. I am sure there is a better way to go about it, like turning it into an OP item or something. Giving old players some sense of ownership after being loyal for so long.

      1. XD so naïve max level is going to be level 200 so what does that mean? this makes sw stats useless. They’re slowly trying to phase them out.

      2. Whats wrong with phasing out? Dragon gears phased out after released of DL gears, DL gears phased out after the released of TM gears.

        TBH u guys are just lazy of farming. I think vespa spoiled us too much at one point that players are getting complacent as well.

      3. YOUR COMPARING SW TO GEAR XD my friend you got a few screws loose. I don’t know what kind of drugs your on but it must be some good s$%#. Lazy? you know how hard it was to obtain a220 back then? my bad your those new players that just got the free handouts ,and got it easy with the nerfs + powercreep. GOOD LUCK defending this trash of company that gave the middle finger to all the players that cared and funded it. Salute to all the old devs that actually cared. Dead the moment they left.

  2. Hello. There are so many changes. Some are real good while others are somewhat concerning.
    Now I would like to say about costumes and acessories. First, as a player who loves these things, I really hate them becoming limited as default. My biggest hope about them is most of heroes be able to be as customizable as possible. So limiting them would be a huge downgrade. Not only this, but the acessories are a bit expensive, so buying them regularly to many heroes is certainly hard expense.
    Costumes takes a large portion of special shop? This is one of if not the best portion of special shop. And one of the greatest points in the game. So don’t change them to limited and don’t restrict them. I hope you see this.
    @Vespa @GMs

  3. Dude Auction system is an invitation for RMT and also people to abuse this system.

    You’re never going to see a single drop of profit going forward, if you implement this. Nobody will buy from your special shop anymore if they can just buy from players lol

  4. Like everyone, i am against the release of auction, especially the auction where you can trade absolutely everything except heroes. There are much better and less dangerous for gaming economy ways to rid players of unnecessary things than this one.
    It would also be awful if, after a hell of a lot of filigree polishing gears for each hero and content, we had to re-build our entire team in new gear. We’ve done this several times already, please don’t make us go through this nightmare again. Also keep in mind that the difficulty of crafting the perfect gear that maximizes your hero’s abilities is a key feature of King’s raid that makes it unique, and that there are heroes who are much more dependent on equipment than others, or simply do not work without a specific build. Too radical rework of existing gear system and giving gear a more subordinate position can destroy such heroes and destroy balance.
    And please don’t touch sw system or turn it into nothing, it took a lot of time and hard work, 12 constellation system could just be an add-on to sw, not a replacement. It took old players months and years to assemble their sw and gears, respect their hard work and time spent, do not zero out part of their progress, so that newbies feel more comfortable in KR2.
    Except for these worrying points, everything looks great overall. I hope you take good care of the KR1 and keep that spirit going as you move to the KR2.
    Finally, a small suggestion about lil raiders: we don’t want to see them in gameplay, but we don’t mind having them as a cosmetic item. They’re actually cute, we just don’t like the pet system itself.
    Thank you for your honest disclosure of KR2 details, it is much appreciated, hope you pay attention to our comments. And sorry for my google translate english 🙏

  5. The auction isn’t a simple fast trade so it can’t be abused with alts, a cross servers auction means if you tried to sell something for your main account others can just bid a higher price so the idea is very tempting, if you crafted a wrong piece you can just auction it, same for UT’s and UW’s you get from RUW and RUT tickets, you can auction your old customs as well, as for pvp players in LoH if you don’t like the costume of a specific season but got it as a reward duo to your rank you can just auction it and buy something else you need, this addition will certainly make things very lively in the game, I hope you can be decisive and just implement it, if you are worrying you can backup all the players data first and give it a test for a month or something to monitor it’s effect on the game, I was worried at first about trade between players but if it’s an auction it’s a different story, I’m very much looking forward to it.

    1. ok what kind of drugs are you on because it must be some good s^$#. They would just juggle the currency around. Purchase item at highest price and buy his trash item on the main. I mean if they want to implement be my guess I am here to witness the s$#^ show.

    2. if they implement it the items that can be auctioned must be limited to only minor things such as some armor and even then i can see it being abused for gold, not really a easy way to use this system without bein exploitable

  6. When auction/trade is on between player it’s mostly the same results, the game ruined. Why? Because player can make more than 1 id farming it and exchange it to their main id. Plus when there’s a trade system there almost and always something like either item duping, scam trade etc.
    U should aim more on things like game mechanic, like the auto play system more friendly, eg: let the auto button on the skill it self, plus the sequence use. So the skill use in auto not be so randomly.
    For equipment u can make something ke TM gear crafting specs, so player only need to craft item they need and not over loaded with unnecessary equipment.
    For thing like surplus exclusive item like soulstone, artifact u can make something like exchange store, eg: 4 soulstone into 1 specific soulstone/ether/gold (yes gold! Its so damn hard farming it, and then it’s gone in a second…)
    As for daily, what game doesn’t have it, but still u can make more simple, like stockade; u can make something like 6 ticket/day and u can choose on what stockade u need.
    And lastly for heroes inn u just need to gave more point for recruit, for now its too long, 2½ week/hero. And u could toss something like a 1 ut+uw for max level and max transcendence heroes. Oh and skip button for transcendence preview…

  7. The interface is really bad for having a large amount characters. If you want to encourage building multiple teams, please implement:

    1) folders for different parties where you can add a number of characters and just view their gear/perks. This exists to some extent in gear presets, but there is no quick rearrange for scrolling through relevant characters for a certain type of content to check their gear and perks. And the KR emulator package is extremely unstable, which makes this even more annoying.

    2) Additional perk pages or perks built into gear presets with gold auto-spend to change them. 3 pages is not enough for certain characters which are brought in for a myriad of content, e.g., Estelle.

    1. Concerning your first point… It’s a very bright idea and i could slightly extend it. I think Vespa should have long ago implemented a simple and convenient filter for heroes list. So that every player could easily sort his characters by class, magic/physic type of skills, choose only NPC heroes and so on.

  8. Pls make a survey form about this, but be very strict about who can answer the surveys so we can prevent misinformation and trolls populating the data.
    Ie, KR account must be active for 1 or more year to answer surveys or to be valid. While new players are important, in terms of this discussion I would give more importance to veteran players reaction/opinions since they are the one that kept this game afloat for a very long time

  9. OMG THIS TOO FUN TO WATCH XD. How Ve$pa trying not to piss away the remaining vet/loyal players left with a complete reset. GOOD LUCK trying to sell packages from here on out till KR2. XD if you can survive long enough. Option to swap between soul weapon and constellation which is a nice way of saying soul weapons are gonna be useless.

  10. Auction system is interesting. Even if we have multiple accounts, there are still another players who can bid higher than them. I hope the auction system has time limit to make other player have time to bid the item.

    Auction system is different with usual trade or market in MMORPG, I think.

  11. I’m in for all the change that will ease any of player whose walk in this king’s raid path. I dont like build a hero within a year when the game had too many heroes, kinda like more than fifthy i guess. Imagine if you gonna to maxed build those hero one by one within a year it will take fifthy years or more to be done. This part is going to kill every player who still learn or lack the knowledge of mechanism on this game especialy new player & returnee

  12. I do not like the idea of limited time costumes and 3 stsr and 4 star looks some characters look better in their 3 or 4 star lookz then tee 5 star or other costumes.

    You will regret the decision of the auction house i swear you will if it implemented best to think very careful and hard on that before you greenlight it imo.

    I do believe a survey would need to be put in order to find out the official feedback of the decisions.

  13. My 50 cents.

    At november finally build my gold income from ~150% to nearly 700% with costumes (and yes i dont like costumes actually, the only reason i did it is +% gold)… spend ~300 000 rubies. So finally i can freely spend gold in gold summon to get art. pieces and stamina to use it for TM gear farming, stamina spending event etc…. so i thought. But today they tell me “Sorry man in 6 month you have to spend rubies on our stamina bottles packages to farm something and who know maybe we even delete +gold% with customisation system rework. He he….”

    WTF is this stamina gain OP nerf s***?
    For whose who think this update is 6 month ahead nobody know what gonna be at the end… i clearly hear you BUT do you really think Vespa gonna provide us with 30+k free daily stamina??? No and that is why ->shop 20 bottles is 500 rubies = 3000 stamina = ~5$ so 30K is ~50$ daily/1500$ month of stamina free every month for future years for entire playerbase?
    Never gonna hapen. Not in this world.
    Now we have ~3000 stamina from daily quests + 20 bottles (3000) from guild. It’s only 20% of the amount i spend daily with my gold summons.
    Dont forget new chapters and new content (as Tm gear in the past) will cost more stamina.
    So together with SW stinky situation, stamina nerfs, gold income nerf (with high chance i would say) and probably more nerfs we will see in future dev updates…. **** you Vespa.

    P.S Sure emotions but that is what i read “between string”. We still have 6 month ahead but instead of anticipation of something good from update we are already pissed and demotivated and YES we all know Vespa reputation. They did ruin it themself.

    “gone to alco shop”

  14. Actually i kinda like the idea of auction system. It can be a really great addition depending on how you implement it.

    It could b a double edged sword that might ruin yr game. You might actually want to let players test it on yr PTR first before deciding to put it live in game. If its shiet, there goes the idea.

  15. Please please PLEASE, do not make costumes limited. Costumes are literally one of the main appeals of this game for me and I love to be able to buy older costumes if I feel like it.
    I don’t care about the bragging rights of owning a costume that is no longer in the store, I just want to buy whatever costume I like when I start building a new hero!

  16. After those stepup limited costumes and now you guys gonna make all costumes limited? No. just please don’t. You just want to make money out of this bullshit dick move. And please don’t remove 2*-4* costumes, personally i like some of them like clause 2* armor, those things doesn’t hurt to have

  17. Just a note on the auction house idea since so many players seem to be concerned about alt accounts, I think there should be a cool down on how much trading should be allowed. A possible idea may be like trading only once a week for big items and maybe once a day for smaller items, and possibly once a month for huge items like ss transfer tickets.

  18. Maybe they could implement an option to grind Artifacts. Ive got sooo much of them useless ones. Or maybe make a better way to farm them. Idk, there’s so much of these grand plans that the little QoL things get snubbed. Oh well, here’s to hoping Vespa manage to come thru with their plans. KR is the longest game I’ve ever had in my phone. I love it to death, and I sincerely wish they continue making it better.

  19. 5-7 new heroes every 6 months is not ideal, keep the game fresh by releasing 1 new hero every month and on top of that balance 1-2 heroes every week, the more interesting heroes there are, the more people will be likely to spend money on the game!
    Building and trying out new heroes are the two things that keep this type of game alive!

  20. Why I don’t see anyone complain about the miniscule amount of uw rune preset and transcende perk preset? we only got 3 and one hero can be used in all if not most places/content with different preset for every content (e.g estelle)

  21. My feedback:

    [PVE Competition Contents]

    – Don’t make WB too hard again. It always happens that when I reach a certain score, WBs get some stupid buff that makes my damage plummet to the bottom again. It’s honestly one of the reasons I hate online multiplayer games – you always have to compete with other people with better units. I don’t know why I’m still playing this game but I guess it has to do with me having put way too much time and money into it to quit.
    – Same goes about Guild Conquest – just don’t buff the bosses again. I’m tired of losing damage.

    [PVE Challenge Contents]
    – DO NOT make Divine Punishment Raid any harder. Please.
    – I’m against any kind of forced multiplayer activities so if that’s what your rework to GR is going to do, then no, thank you, you can keep those changes to yourself
    – 12 Constellations sounds like yet another whale content where you need to have perfect gears and specific heroes to progress, so NO. Either make it beginner-friendly or don’t implement it to begin with, unless you want to deal with the same outrage that surrounded the Soul weapon release

    [Chapter contents]
    – Just don’t make the chapters of S2 way too difficult to pass.

    2. Graphics
    – DO NOT make costumes limited! People buy costumes when they have the rubies to. That may happen right upon release or a couple of months later. Don’t try to win money by being assholes to long-time players like me who like to collect costumes at their own pace.

    4. Auction system
    – I’m against anything multiplayer-related because I have social anxiety and I’m not good at talking with people (yes, even over the Internet). This will just further widen the gap between players like me and people who play games to “connect with other people.”

    5. Gears and stuff
    – Don’t make TM gears obsolete or I’ll quit, I swear. No amount of money spent can make up for the TIME I spent trying to farm Galgoria just to get a couple of “good enough” sets. If you make TM gear obsolete, I won’t play this game anymore and will go back to playing Horizon: Zero Dawn. Better visuals and much better overall gameplay.

    7. Soul weapons and 12 constellations
    – The same goes here – if you make SWs obsolete even though I’ve spent so much money to get some of them heroes a red SW, I’ll quit. I don’t care anymore.

    8. Removal of content
    – Don’t forget to remove the LINE raiders as well as the regular ones. I never really cared about this content anyway.
    – Remove Challenge raid altogether. I don’t do it. Also remove LOH because rewards are bad even for people who try hard and play everyday like me.
    – Remove Hall of Heroes but DO NOT remove the cutscenes of heroes. They add to their personalities and backstories. Honestly, I’ll be very disappointed if you remove the cutscenes.