[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – December 2021

텍스트, 사람이(가) 표시된 사진

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Greetings Raiders!

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

After the latest updates, many Raiders have sent us additional feedback regarding the improvements of the Lil’ Raider content. We’re continuously collecting and checking the feedback we have received through all available platforms, and we will make sure to implement these changes to the Lil’ Raider content as soon as possible in order to provide a satisfying gaming experience to our Raiders.

Through this Developer’s Note, we will be revealing the list of updates we’ve been preparing for the month of December.

Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Jewel Exchange Post

Through December’s second updates, we will be opening an ‘Exchange Post’ where you will be able to exchange your ‘Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Jewels’ for different kinds of rewards, especially, rewards that can be used for the growth of your Heroes. Please keep an eye on the community as we will be providing more details about the updates and the rewards through our community posts. Additionally, we’re also preparing a Christmas Note with a special reward, so please look forward to the surprises we have prepared for our Raiders.

Super Pass

The Super Pass event, an event where you will be able to strengthen your Heroes quickly and easily by clearing different kinds of missions, will be back this December. The protagonists for the new Super Pass will be Dark Lord Kasel, Fallen Frey and Rebel Clause. By clearing each of the missions, you will be able to recruit Heroes, level and strengthen them up to Lv. 100 & T5 instantaneously, plus you will be able to obtain Gear, Goods, including the Soulstone, which are needed for the growth of your Heroes. Besides the rewards we’ve mentioned above, we’re also working on special Costumes that can be obtained only through Super Pass missions. After revealing Clause & Kasel wearing rags through Chapter 10 and the Final Chapter, Raiders have been requesting us to release these appearances from our Heroes as Costumes. To thank our Raiders for supporting us for all this time, we’ve decided to release 3 unique Costumes from Kasel, Clause and Frey through the Super Pass. Please look forward to the Super Pass event, an event in which you will be able to strengthen your beloved Heroes, and at the same time, obtain amazing Costumes that have not been released yet in KING’s RAID.

[Dark Lord Kasel]
사람, 무용수이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
[Rebel Clause]

사람, 코트, 어두운, 입은이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명[Fallen Frey]

Legend Costumes

As a fan of KING’s RAID Costumes, you may have wanted to try out interesting Costume concepts such as Miruru freed from her curse or gender swapped Heroes. In order to bring life to these imaginary concepts, we are planning to release the ‘Legend Costumes’, Costumes with unique concepts, through December’s second updates. Legend Costumes, as the name itself implies, are different from the usual Hero Costumes. Unlike Normal Costumes, Legend Costumes will increase some of the Hero’s Effects when equipped. Moreover, the Legend Costumes will have new skill effects and new Hero motions and Hero voice will be added according to the concept of the Costume.

We’re planning to release Legend Costumes continuously throughout the updates, and for the first 3 Legend Costumes, we will be releasing the Costumes of Heroes Jane, Lucikiel & Maria.


실외, 눈, 스키타기, 사람들이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
During the Demon War that took place 100 years ago, the Dukedom of Gray was the first to be invaded by the Dark Legion that descended due to the scheme of the traitor Malduk. Meet Jane, the Princess of the Dukedom of Gray, who has confronted the invasion of the Dark Legion. Remember Jane, the brave princess who has sacrificed herself to stop the invasion of the Dark Legion back 100 years ago, and please look forward to her new appearances through this new Costume.

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
Known as one of the 5 Primal Demons, the Demon who has caused tremendous damage to the Dukedom of Gray and the Demon that has took away Jane Gray’s life. Meet the new gender swapped Lucikiel, the powerful Incarnation of Destruction, in her unique and charming appearances. Prepare yourself to experience a whole new level of power with Lucikiel in her new Costume!


And lastly, we will be revealing Maria, the girl who was once called the Saintess of Light. This Costume will reflect the appearances of Maria back when she was one of the most outstanding Priestess of Light from the Church of Lua and right before she went out to confront the Dark Legion with Kyle. Meet Maria in her holy self, and experience the powers of light from the Holy Dragon Oricana.

We’re working on the Legend Costumes with the aim of showing different appearances, besides the existing story or concept of the Heroes. The Legend Costumes will be a new attempt and a new content we will be releasing for the first time in KING’s RAID. Due to this reason, we will make sure to listen to the feedback and opinions of our Raiders in order to bring out whole new different sides and charms of our Heroes. Please look forward to the new Legend Costumes we’re preparing for our Raiders.

As for the effects we’ve mentioned above, the effects will only be applied when wearing the Costumes. Please note that the original voices of the Heroes (voice actor/actress) will remain unchanged.

Before finishing off with the details of the Legend Costumes, we’d like to reveal a sneak peek image for Raiders who might be curious about the next Legend Costumes that will be released in January. Please look forward to these new Costumes for the next month, and feel free to share the news around to your friends!

텍스트, 식물, 나무이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Update Adjustments

Additionally, we’d like to make several announcements regarding the adjustments we have made to the list of updates for this month of December.

[Lil’ Raider Rework Update]

After announcing the updates for the new Lil’ Raider Gear, ‘Star Gem’, and the addition of new Lil’ Raiders, many Raiders have been providing us feedback about how this content may bring more pressure to Raiders in many different aspects. Instead of focusing on adding more content, we’ve decided to focus on making improvements to the original Lil’ Raider content.

[Story Dungeons]

Adding simple story dungeons to the game was somewhat monotonous, and the connection between the content updates and the story dungeons lacked consistency in many different ways. This is why we’ve decided to redeem the lacking areas by upgrading the connection between specific contents, making improvements with better quality scenarios, and making additional upgrades to the scenes. We will be updating the upgraded version of the Story Dungeons in 2 parts throughout January. We’d like to apologize to Raiders who have been waiting for new story contents, and we promise we will be back again with better improvements to our Story Dungeon content.

[Christmas Costumes (2nd)]

With a heavy heart, we will be sharing some bad news to Raiders who have been waiting for the release of the last batch of Christmas Costumes (2nd) this year. When we first started planning for the updates for December, we have planned to provide a jam-packed update to our Raiders through the addition of Normal Costumes, Legend Costumes, and Gray Costumes. Unfortunately, due to unexpected issues during the content development process, we had to adjust the number of Christmas Costumes that we have planned to release for the 2nd batch. Therefore, we have decided to release the Christmas Costumes of Valance, Annette, and Nyx, the Costumes of Heroes that have placed 1st ~ 3rd place (global) through the Free Costume Voting Event #8. Once again, we’d like to apologize to all Raiders who have been waiting to try out different Costumes for our Heroes.

The weather has become cold and there is only one month remaining for the year of 2021. Year 2021 was a memorable and meaningful year as we have made the updates for Ⅹ: The Final Chapter, and we were able to reveal the grand finale to our Raiders. All staff members from our KING’s RAID Studio are making their best efforts to take the big leap forward in 2022, and we will continue to work hard to pay back for all the support and love our Raiders have given us for our game. We’d like to thank everyone once again for believing in us, and for staying with us for all these years. We will continue to work harder to provide a satisfying gaming environment for our Raiders in 2022.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio

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  1. I’m so hype with broken clause and kasel skin…
    But, why we only get jane,luci,and maria costume? Why not make her warrior type with the spear and maria priest type or luci become assassin type

    Sorry Vespa, you missing this opportunity to stalling more KR2 with the previous hero

  2. First of all Vespa, your update this time is truly looking great from this developer’s note. It seems that it will really compensate for December’s Ist update since the later one looked sort of empty.
    The superpass event revolving around DLK, RC and FFrey is amazing although I will say that these three are popular heroes and present in the game since a very long time. A lot of us have already invested in them significantly so for those of us who got them maxed out already, some rubies or some other worthy reward in exchange would be nice. Their costumes are truly great and I am glad to know that they are obtainable through superpass missions which I hope are free. Also I am really hyped about this legendary costume thing, sounds really great to me and the choice of heroes is really nice as well.
    My only complaint is regarding a rune crafting material ie. ‘rune codex’. There’s literally no way to get this thing so either remove it from the game completely or make it available on some shop.
    Now I would like to get down to the business, the actual reason I decided to comment.
    So some of you might be thinking this is a trash update, just costumes, costumes and costumes, right? If you wouldn’t be blinded by your kiddish desperation of badmouthing then you would have realized this is “not the complete update”. This is just a developer’s note and after it, there will be Sneakpeak and then actual update where we will get to know full thing so atleast get mature enough to shout after knowing the complete scenario.
    A lot of people looking depressingly worried that what if the legendary costumes are locked behind a paywall. I suppose most of them are either kids who are still going to school and thus not aware how an industry works or they are really greedy adults who want everything for free. I am also an F2P and I wouldn’t mind if they are locked behind a paywall. Because cash is important for the game to last long and a lot of people like me who are F2P want this game to last long because even though we haven’t invested cash but we have invested our time and hard work and most of all we really love this game. Hence, if the game will lock a few things behind a paywall for its survival it should be acceptable because a sane King’s Raid player won’t want it to give everything for free and then get shut down after a few months. It’s pure common sense, I wonder why it’s so hard to understand for you guys.
    This game is letting you A220 your UW which is the highest possible state of UW, this game let you 5* UW and 5* UT. This game provides enough TM tickets to get your favourite heroes to full TM and still you cry if they lock a costume behind paywall, like seriously? Do you think this is some kind of social welfare scheme or what?
    My comment sounds like I am some Vespa employee or Vespa bribed me to write nice things, is it? Well, I am not a Vespa employee but yes Vespa has been bribing me throughout the year to write good things. Let me tell you what all Vespa gave me this year as bribe.
    Twice they gave me 5* Unique Gear ticket, once it was only for Kasel, Clause, Frey but they gave transfer ticket to literally make it like full-fledged selector.
    This year they gave me 45k+ rubies around 15k at the time of Chapter X update and 30k recently.
    They also gave me 7.5k Insignia with LoH glaring costume of Erze and 2 pieces of 2 costlier accessories and this entire thing could be worth 15k Insignia approx.
    Also they bribed me with crazy amount of Red and Gold Ethers over the few updates if I am not wrong they gave me for around 4k+ Gold Ethers and 8k+ Red Ethers.
    And most of all they bribed me with wonderful and detailed characters and a good plot with a very generous F2P environment.
    So, if you have also gotten the same bribe as me, show some gratefulness atleast. Besides a “Video Game” is a product of a company, a group of people or a person. A video game is not some social welfare policy of government where you cry for free and rights. Why don’t you cry on the social media of music artists so that they make their albums available for free? Why not crying to Producers for movies to be available for free? Or simply cry in front of your internet service provider to give you internet for free. You pay to access everything and here they are letting you play whole game for free, letting you get your hands on topmost stuff without you spending even a single penny and if they hide one thing behind a paywall, you are suddenly criticizing, it’s shameful.

    1. You must be misunderstanding somethings.

      I view this legendary costume as a dangerous game destruction concept. Criticizing is to make them stop this madness.

      A decent game ‘did die’ because of the costume skill update locked behind a pay wall, or at least seemed to die to me (including the active community). Not even a good update can save it afterwards. Because they did put a really good update afterwards. I don’t see people on my friend list return though. And I left that game. Today it looks quite dead.

      Why? It is simple really. Never make a clear statement that “F2P will never catch up to P2P” in terms of power and content. Costumes with upgraded skills sounded just like that. There is no illusion that one will get it eventually. We need that ‘illusion’. Even if it takes months and years.

      P2P can’t live long without F2P to keep them feeling competitive.

      It does not mean I am not grateful about the freebies they are giving us. They are doing a good job at that. But one thing cannot compensate for another. Like you can’t compensate cheating by being kind.

    2. You are calling people childish while being the actual disillusioned person here. The “generosity” you have mentioned are all results of vespa screw ups or being just cheap bribes.

      The 5* UG selector was limited to Kasel, Frey and Clause only. At the time, Clause was the only remotely useful hero out of the three to even justify investment. Yes Kasel got mega buffed later down the line but that’s more likely a coincidence than anything else.

      The free Erze LoH costume/accessories/insignia were compensation for a major Isaiah bug that was reported and ignored for at least 4 months.

      The free red/gold ethers were due to them releasing the wrong event info and ended up angering the community after correcting the event. So they had to make up a new “generous” event to make up for their own mistake.

      Detailed characters and plot are pretty much a joke and meme, unless we are talking about the “plot” they keep trying to sell and milk with all those swimsuit costumes.

      Honestly speaking, this game still have good potential and is still regarded as one of the more F2P friendly games. But vespa have made many many MANY questionable decisions just this year alone, not to mention the constant cash grabs. People hated the old PD because he clearly had no idea what the players wanted and we had hope when the new PD came in and made some good changes at the start. But it’s now obvious he’s working with the completely wrong agenda (or the right one if you are vespa and care about your financial wellbeing).

      I agree many of the comments here are way out of line and horribly exaggerated, but there are also plenty of legitimate constructive criticism, albeit being ignored regardless because fixing problems is much harder than releasing more fan service to milk players.

    3. We all agree that game developers aren’t working for free and so far KR has been great as a f2p game for several years, I myself find it quite generous with the ressources as you stated, but there is a bigger issue you seem to have missed I’m afraid.

      Most successful and lasting f2p games with a shop mechanic use a very straightforward approach: they let P2P buy time, cutting hours, weeks, months and sometimes years of hard grinding with money.
      The reason it works is because f2p know that they can achieve the same level with time, grind, and luck.
      F2p who are hooked long enough end up most of the time making the jump with small purchases there and there because they find it normal to invest in saving time after playing a game for a very long time.

      Now the issue when you introduces artefact (thanks king pass), pets (line pets) and MAYBE (we don’t know yet you are right) costumes which offer stats which are blocked behind a paywall, you are no longer competing with time but how big is the wallet.

      F2p ends up leaving because the goal to reach higher tier is unachievable, casual spenders can’t keep up as the developers end up introducing increasingly more frequently p2w mechanics, dolphin can’t just compete with whales and finally whales don’t invest time and money in a dying game.

      Most people are angry and emotional not just because they are kids, but because they love KR and don’t want it to go down that road.

  3. Super pass kinda late, already got all 3 of them fully built. But the ragged costumes look amazing, especially Clause. Hope you don’t require us to do Divine punishment raid to get those costumes (or any of the other rewards).

    I don’t like the fan service legend costumes though, especially Lucikiel wtf?! And Maria ia basically Isaiah but with Maria’s face. Jane is cool but I still prefer her LOH costume to this one.

  4. hey Kings Raid, i noticed your youtube channel is so boring without CM FREY, her last video is already over a year ago, did she resign already? i don’t like her its just that, the game feels more dead without her xD

  5. Honestly like how Jane and Maria look for a change. This might be a near change to get people to care about the characters a lot more, without completely ignoring what or who the characters actually are

  6. Hello. everyone. I don’t understand one things. Is the Legendary Costumes already avaiable or it is on development ?.

    I see Maria Saintess on grey, and cannot select. I must do some sort of Mission or update the client ? or it must be released?.

    I collect all costumes step by step, without a P2P. yes it take more more more time.

    Thanks All for your answers and for the help.