[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – August 2021

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Greetings Raiders!

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

First of all, we’d like to mention about the data of owned Costumes we have revealed through our previous Developer’s Note. Many Raiders have provided us feedback and concerns that we’re relying too much on our database when releasing new Costumes.

We promise we will continue to release Costumes evenly by taking into account factors such as the release date of the Heroes and the period in which Costumes were not released for these Heroes. Also, we will make sure to consider details of different kinds of factors when releasing new Costumes. As for our plans for releasing Costumes, we will be announcing about these details through our Developer’s Note in the near future.

Next, we will be providing more details about the improvements we’re about to implement to the Challenge Raid content plus additional contents which are under development.

Improvements to the Challenge Raid Content

As we have announced through our GM Note, improvements will be made to the Challenge Raid content during the first updates in August. Many Raiders have provided us feedback that new bosses were added and their stats were increased continuously. However, as an old content within the game, it had same old patterns and it did not require high-skill controls. In other words, the word ‘Challenge’ in the content’s name was meaningless. Therefore, we have decided to add a new system called the [Raider’s Pledge], in which Raiders will be able to control the difficulty level of battles. This system will add more challenging factors into the content and will provide more entertainment than the previous one.

[Raider’s Pledge]

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

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Through this system, you will be able to choose from dozens of battle penalties and advantages on your own. If you add battle penalties, the difficulty level and the points you can obtain will be increased. On the other hand, if you add battle advantages, the difficulty level and the points you can obtain will be decreased. As the Challenge difficulty level (Easy/Normal/Hard/Hell) increases, the points you can obtain also increases. However, every time you clear a dungeon, you can only obtain points that exceed your current ranking points. If you clear the battle with points which are lower than your ranking, you won’t obtain any points. We’re expecting to see a content with new challenges in which Raiders will be able to adjust the difficulty level, Penalties and Advantages depending on their party stats and Skill Attributes. This will be a new challenging content in which Raiders will be able to increase or lower their goal levels. Furthermore, we are planning to implement penalty changes every time a new season starts. By doing this, it will allow Raiders to experience different battles throughout the seasons.

[Exchanging Points]

Previously, there were unnecessary rewards that were provided throughout seasons. Due to this problem, there was a lack of motivation between Raiders to play this content continuously. In order to improve this content, we have made changes so that Raiders will be able to select and obtain the items they need through the [Exchange Points] tab. Through this content, Raiders will be able to obtain different amount of points depending on the difficulty level, Penalties and Advantages. Please note that the rewards that you can exchange during the Single/Multi season are different. We’re also planning to make improvements to the Single Ranking rewards. We will make sure to provide further details about these improvements through our upcoming Patch Note.

Besides from the improvements to the Repositorium and the Challenge Raid contents, we are continuously checking and planning to make improvements to old contents. We promise we won’t stop after making improvements to these contents. We will continue to monitor the community and feedback of our Raiders in order to make the necessary improvements to the game.

Addition of a New Raid (Dragon Boss)
As you may have noticed through our latest Satisfaction Survey, many Raiders have been asking us for the improvements of the old Dragon Raid content. We understand that the Dragon Raid is a content in which most of the beginners play in order to obtain their Gear. As Raiders keep growing throughout time, Raiders look out for other farming contents besides Dragon Raids, making it useless for Raiders with higher levels. However, this content is still required for new and returning Raiders for farming Gears for their Heroes. This is why it is hard to make improvements to this content as we need to consider lots of different factors before the actual implementation. Nevertheless, we are planning to add a new raid which will be a high-level stage that will be related to the existing 4 Dragon Raids. We are planning to make these updates in September, and we’re also planning to expand the story through the appearance of the Goddess’ Apostle. We are planning to provide a whole new experience with a different gameplay with this content. Furthermore, we are also planning to make balance adjustments to the Hero ‘Yanne’ altogether with the new Raid updates. We are expecting to see a splendid comeback and synergy of the Dragon Slayer with both of these new improvements and updates. We will be providing more details about this update through our next Developer’s Note as this content is still under development and the details may be changed during the process.

Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero! – Limited Costume
Our Hero ‘Pansirone’ who has won the first place in the event ‘Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero!’ last March, will be getting a new Costume during August’s 3rd update. Thanks to the support of our participants, we are currently developing this Costume and we’re doing our best in order to provide a good quality Costume for our Raiders. For those who are curious about the Costume, take a look at the artwork of Pansirone’s Costume.

Please note that this Costume will be provided for free within the game. Additionally, we are continuously communicating with our Raiders through our Costume Voting posts. However, some Raiders are mentioning that it is unfair that unpopular Heroes are not being selected. As we are aware of this issue, we will continue to find ways in which minor Heroes are not left out in the process. We ask for your understanding as we will continue to make improvements throughout time.

As for the updates we mentioned above, we will continue to test and make improvements during the process. We ask for your understanding as the contents may be shown differently during the actual update.

Our pace may be slow, but our KING’s RAID Studio will continue to make our best efforts to satisfy all Raiders.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio

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  1. Any other news about balance?? Cause this doesn’t answer any of that. You just mentioned Yanne cause of the new dragon raid. Give us a concrete DATE, TIME, NUMBER OF HEROES THAT WILL BE BALANCE PER MONTH. THIS IS SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT. EVERY DEV NOTE, I ONLY SEE “WE PLAN”, “WE’RE TRYING” BUT NO ACTUAL PLAN. Do you expect your players to just wait patiently while the game is getting stale. Promises that doesn’t have any concrete plan means nothing honestly. The balance in this game is getting really bad and slow. If you can’t do proper balance schedules, then just gives us transfer tickets every month atleast.

      1. Who’s trash here? A person voicing out an opinion or you who just being toxic in comment? The real trash is you buddy..

      2. The pansirone costume is rlly nice but don’t like the wings part tho but overall it’s good but can you make costumes that fit the Unique weapons of heroes??

  2. Sounds good, but I am still skeptical.

    Anyway, there is one thing that I am more interested of.
    What is your justification for releasing “King’s Pass” artifacts as Hot Deal items?
    If those artifacts are obtainable via other ways than “King’s Pass”, then the meaning of the supposed-to-be exclusive “King’s Pass” is nonsense now.

    Just change the name from “King’s Pass” to “WhaleKing’s Paywall hehe”.

  3. Can we not be forced to play in Party Mode?

    I want to do Challenge Raid as solo, I don’t really care if some of my heroes are auto and I can only manual 3 or 4.

    I just hate playing with other players since most of the time you can’t even rely on them to do their job and it adds 3x the amount of time required to complete.

    You made TM enchantment dungeon well- able for players to solo and party party if they so choose it. Why can’t you enable BOTH solo mode and party play for standard CR?

  4. Just please fix Yanne so she has use outside of dragons at least. Having all 4 skills + UW, UT3, and UT4 have effects that only work on dragons and disappear if there isn’t a dragon feels way too restrictive. Keep the Dragon bonus in S4 and flesh out the rest of her kit. If anything, you can also make it an option in her kit to sacrifice Dragon DMG to increase damage to non dragons. The game is in a state where heroes who do more than 1 content thrive the best and with Yanne being able to be viable in only 1 content and that 1 content is one of the least played and rarely updated content in the game doesn’t help.

    Just please for the love of god don’t just buff her dragon damage and call it a day. That’s literally what every Yanne buff has been and you can see how well that has helped her in 2019 up to 2021.

      1. Seems my slaty fans became impersonators. Sorry for not tuning in the patch note post but these wasn’t anything to even bother there. However seeing you miss me so much, that you went all the effort to impersonate is commendable. Let your slat take over my dude. Lets met in a new post soon.

      2. Nicky isn’t balanced. Her niche holds her back too hard because they only buff her around her S2 which is only useful in PVP and only against very specific comps. She is still lackluster compared to all the other PVP warriors and her PVE is still bad because they refused to touch it.

        Balanced would be something like Isolet who is strong but has clear weaknesses and downsides to her kit. A niche is fine as long as it’s used correctly and not overpowering the hero as a whole. It’s why hard investing in Bau or Leo outside of being a PVP try hard just isn’t worth it because all their power budget of their kit is shoved into their S3 which only has use as a PVP skill.

        Yanne kit basically says I have to attack a dragon or I can’t be useful at all. Which means unless you only want to fight dragons and nothing else you are better off getting a hero that can do DMG equivalent to Yanne in terms of % dragon damage (so Kasel, Artemia, etc) reach around the same or even more DMG and have more use outside of dragons.

        It’s fine if she had 100% Bonus DMG to dragons
        But saying S1 has no utility and less damage, S2 literally loses 60% of it’s DMG ratio attacking non dragons, and S3 does no DMG and is only a Pen buff against non dragons. That’s the part that feels restricting and bad.

      1. Pansi is already too op to be true, ur suggestion is illogical😅

    1. In terms of art especially for 3D models yes actually. When transitioning from a 2D to 3D view via concept art you have to take into account the Z axis and things that you can’t normally see in 2D you can’t in 3D. It’s the same concept of showing the back of a weapon or inside of a cape and things like that. They could always just go the Genshin route and just slap bloomers and shorts on every skirt wearer

      1. Thats a hell no to bloomers and shorts. No spats either.

  5. All these player asking for balance patch and you only mentioned Yanne. Can you make whole balancing decision more transparent, so we see the reason and need for the adjustment. We dont want to see another over buffed hero like Kasel or meme buffed hero like Nicky.

    This kind of black box operation is starting to get suspicious already.

  6. Fucking hell, forcing people to play co-op ??

    Can you just make all CR soloable please.

    Especially on dead servers, trying to find RELIABLE people to play with you is hard at.

  7. Why would you make CR have tons of restrictions but then also force party play?

    Imagine even finding someone competent enough to do CR with you who can handle all those restrictions.

    Party play for CR is dead.

    Just make all CR soloable. Best quality of life update since I’m sure 90% of players are solo gamers.


  8. We need a solo challenge raid, co-op is terrible. Most of your partners are always newbie to trash gear, not even bothering to read the boss description and expecting your 3 heroes to do all the work for them. If you are not a member of a large and competitive guild, finding a worthy partner is UNREALABLE. Co-pe mode is a holdover from the old KR, please and I beg you to get rid of it 🙏🙏🙏

  9. Why are you so fucking retarded? My dps died and the entire party is still not capable to leave/resign after fucking 4 years. Can you think at least once before you “finish” something?