[Notice] March 3rd Divine Punishment Raid Reform Update Delay Notice

Hello Raiders.

GM Ophelia at your service.

During the today’s maintenance, we found a problem that could not be fixed within the maintenance time. Some contents will be temporarily suspended along with delayed update.

Among the main update elements on March 3rd, the Rune of Divine Punishment craft system, and the Divine Punishment Raid reform, there were problems in the process of making rune items and balance issues within the raid. We did our best to fix the related problems even if that meant extending the maintenance, but the issues required more time and processes to be adjusted inevitably postponing the update schedule.

We sincerely apologize for the long maintenance that started since the morning/evening, and for the content update not proceeding smoothly.

Divine Punishment Raid will be temporarily suspended. The Rune of Divine Punishment craft system, and ‘Rune of Void’ item which is to be sold in certain stores will be added in the next update. We will post a separate notice about the related content and the update schedule as soon as the problem is fixed. Among today’s update, contents other than what is mentioned above can be accessed normally after the maintenance.

We are very sorry to deliver such disappointing news to users who have been waiting patiently for a long time. As for the disappointment of users may feel with the suspension of Divine Punishment Raid and some of the contents we plan to compensate with the following rewards.

▶ Compensation Information
Target: All King’s Raid users
Reward: Mysterious Rune: Legendary x 10 + Unique Gear Ticket x 2 + 3000 Rubies
Distribute date and last date to receive: After maintenance on March 3 (Thu) ~ March 10 (Thu) 23:59

We apologize again for any inconvenience you may have experienced while using the game.

KING’s RAID will do its best to provide stable gaming envirnment.

Sincerely Yours,

GM Ophelia

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  1. Seriously what was the point to delay update for a whole week. In the end we have to wait 2 more
    Whats the point of the horrible rune system?

    Seriously just say you are going to end the game already