[Notice] December 7th (Tue), 2021 Known Issues (Updated on December 7th (Tue) 02:03 [PST])

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’re here to inform you about the issues that have been encountered within the game after the maintenance.

Please check the details below for more information.

[Known Issues]

An issue where a product from the [Hot & New] Category appears 2 times within the Special Shop.

: The product’s image is shown repeatedly within the shop, however, the purchase limits of the product will remain unchanged.

[Fixed Issues]

Fixed the issue in which an error pop-up window popped up on the screen intermittently when logging in to the game (while being joined to a Guild).

Fixed the issue in which Raids (rooms) created by other Raiders did not show up.

Fixed the issue in which the game crashed when Raiders were invited to participate in Raids.

Fixed the issue where an error pop-up window popped up on the screen when creating a Guild.

We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced while playing the game and will do our best to provide a better gaming experience.

Thank you

GM Gremory

5 thoughts on “[Notice] December 7th (Tue), 2021 Known Issues (Updated on December 7th (Tue) 02:03 [PST])”

  1. This does not make sense at all. What you guys just did was introducing a new event and a new costume. How does this affect the guild-related mechanics??

    Are you guys drinking while coding, or is your code just…that messed up??

  2. I hope you have a good plan to compensate people who lost their guild login streak because of this screw up.

    Seriously, how does a near empty patch get extended maintenance AND bugged on a content completely unrelated to the update?!

  3. I was on day 99. You can’t just ignore taking out everyone’s login streak

  4. I think after the update, it’s getting lag in league of victory and multiplayer, I don’t know, maybe my smartphone doesn’t support it anymore or other bug or something. So bye

  5. After updating my phone again for some reason Android 12 strikes again. I can no longer log into the game. My login streak gets taken out again…..