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16 thoughts on “[Event] TV Animation ‘KING’s RAID : Successors of the Will’ Favorite Character Vote & Review Event Results!”

  1. Viola Violet, don’t lewd our Jane. Those whom lewd our Jane must die. Include you Marduk and Theo.

  2. lol she appeared only once! well, in animation, dead and living have the same value as long as they move. gg Jane xD

  3. Buff Theo properly!!
    He got memed in November!
    Also buff Jane!

    Look how popular they are in the game as well as your anime even though they aren’t even the main characters, always top your polls.

    Goes to show they are really loved characters, more than your real MCs!

    1. Don’t be deceived by theo mains.. Look how theo is able to down imet 10 and big shak 9 now…

      Buff Mirianne instead!

      1. Yeah and other warrior DPS can do both at WAY less investment than he can. To pull of such feats, Theo needs a disgustingly whales and high investment team that most players can never dream of.

        Theo still has an outdated kit even in 2021 btw, and got meme buffs in November.

        Kirze for example is the female carbon copy version of Theo and yet performs miles better than him everywhere. Also has way higher DMG output than him. There is zero incentive to build Theo when he just gets trampled on by his female replica.

        Imet 10 is a poor example. Most warriors can do that. Even Knights can do Imet 10, KEK.

        Mirianne I can agree needs a buff, but you’re wrong if you think Theo isn’t outdated, garbage and sucks in end-game content 😂

        Yanne still takes the top spot for in desperate need of buffs though.

        Btw, are you the one on PLUG who spams “Buff Miri” and “Miri for all content”? Lol.

  4. What does it mean lucky drew? I do choose Theo,does am I got the lucky drew too? I’m regret cuz I didn’t chose Jane cuz the confusion between choosing Jane or theo… Their story and character was touching

  5. Buff Theo!
    His November buff was so laughable, all it did was remove things that shouldn’t have exist in the first place (Mana block). He needed way more changes but after that pepega meme buff you decided to call it a day.

    Also Crow 1.8% buff… yeah really helpful… not!!

    Roi also still in dumpster because meme buff as well, like KEK mana reduce and tiny BOM layer on s2… still terrible.

    November was the worst balancing in the history of the game.

    Don’t even get me started on the other Novembee heroes, lol.

    If you don’t revisit them and just move onto other heroes, it is very insulting.

  6. Funny thing about Theo is that he is only one (as far as i know) who has a theme song in KR. not even Kasel has one. he’s actually hero statue and somehow MC of magic types. now imagine the theme was played while you’re playing with him in your team. he enters the battle with all those speedy moves and lightening and…he looks like an insect moving his limbs as fast as he can behind all other dmg dealers in your party. Before november, he might’ve even died like one. with that theme song it’d be an absolute comedy.

    I used to think since he has good cc and number of atks it makes sense for him to have lower dps. but actually all warriors, due to lower base atk are behind other dmg dealer enough to not need extra handicape. he only needs smth like 10-20% extra dmg on non-hero enemies(as the story mode suggest him to be so much hostile against them; unlike many others that unreasonably have such passive skill). but they’re not giving it. I can just hope the reason is there’s going to be a next version of him like kasel after Jane’s story comes to conclusion(along with Jane herself maybe).

    1. If they fixed Theo’s garbage RNG UTs, increased base S4 activation rate and gave him 20% non-hero enemy DMG, they can call it a day. There other issues like garbages uptimes on his S2 amp, SW amp (5 seconds, lol) and unused T3 perks but whatever.

      As for the point of him having loads of CC which is the reason why his DPS output is lacking, other heroes like Kirze (Theo’s female replica) also have tons of CC and still deals like 2x his DMG. So there really is no reason for them to treat him like this.

      At least updating him properly instead of memeing him would actually fit with the lore, seeing Theo is supposed to be strong as he downed Mountain Fortress by himself and clashed with bosses like Malduk and Lucikiel (the latter who is the strongest of the 5 demons).

      Similarly, Crow is in the same boat, both of them are supposed to be “strong” in the story but they are garbage and outdated heroes in reality.

      Makes me laugh now Jane and Theo appears in like 1 episode and they took 2 out of 3 spots in the top 3.
      But hey, Vespa claimed “we don’t buff popular heroes” which is likely why Crow and Theo got the short end of the stick.

      Just saying, they need to seriously revisit the November balance patch instead of moving, on as if they didn’t do a poor job.

      1. you said it all. wish they at least showed a reaction to our demand. at least an explanation for “why not”…

  7. When the anime is over, I’m gonna write and post a true review on your new community, one that everyone can read. I’m very good at judging anime and have amazing taste in fiction.

  8. Onec the anime is over imgonna write a true trwiew here orn the nowe community, onexthat everyone can read, not just the gms.