[Notice] August 17th (Tue), 2021 Known Issues (Updated on August 27th (Fri) 05:12 [PDT])

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to inform you about several issues that have been encountered within the game after the maintenance.

Please check the details below for more information.

[Known Issues]

– An issue in which ‘Beachside Isolet’ motions are shown abnormally.

– An issue in which the description of Aselica’s ‘Blessing of the Sun (Skill 2)’ [Dark] is shown differently in some languages.

– An issue in which the daily DMG points in the World Boss content was shown abnormally.

:: We have made adjustments to the account in which abnormal points were shown for the World Boss content. Furthermore, we will make sure to take the proper measures in order to prevent the same issues from happening. Once we’re done, we will be fixing it immediately.

[Fixed Issues]

– An issue in which the icons are abnormally shown within the game.

– An issue in which the price within the Orvel Water Park event are shown differently.

  • Please note that we have distributed the amount of goods that were used to purchase the Reforge Tickets with abnormal prices from the Exchange Post.

– An issue in which the effect shows up abnormally depending on devices when Aselica’s ‘Judgment of the Sun (Skill 3)’ [Dark] Transcendence Perk is not set up.

  • When the [Dark] Transcendence Perk is set up, the effects are shown normally.

We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced while playing the game and will do our best to provide a better gaming experience.

Thank you

GM Gremory

14 thoughts on “[Notice] August 17th (Tue), 2021 Known Issues (Updated on August 27th (Fri) 05:12 [PDT])”

  1. Reforge tickets in the event shop are 250 capsule tickets per reforge ticket. Pretty sure that shouldn’t be the case.

      1. No i apparently can’t lmao. I even checked to make sure they didn’t mention it and it still went over my head. Also, where do you get that all i know is to rant Raizo? I’m not like those morons who comment on everything about buff this buff that this update is shiat and what not.

  2. no mention of your server taking a dump and the game just falling apart right before our very eyes?

  3. You guys should check World Boss and PvP content as well. Can’t seem to complete it successfully without getting an error at the end (Ex: Unstable Network/ Incorrect battle information error)

  4. So when’s Emergency Maintenance?
    I’ll be honest, its rather annoying to see the lack of icons on my consumable tab
    Please fix this Vespa, I get the game is held together with duct-tape, but at this rate, its hard to introduce newbies to the game when they see things like this

  5. The client crashes every other minute, LoH and WB are unplayable, the webview window is in shambles and you’re STILL not doing something? Buy your own damn battle pass, I’m done with spending on this game until you get your shit together.