[Event] August 12th Surprise Mission Clear Event! (Updated on August 12th (Thu) 04:30 [PDT])

Due to insufficient rewards, we have decided to make improvements to the rewards, and we have extended the event period as shown below.

[Changes made to the rewards and event period]

Event Period: August 12th (Thu) 00:00 ~ August 13th (Fri) 23:59 [Local Server Time]

Reward Distribution Date: August 18th (Wed) 00:00 [Local Server Time]

Rewards: Circle of Friendship x 20

14 thoughts on “[Event] August 12th Surprise Mission Clear Event! (Updated on August 12th (Thu) 04:30 [PDT])”

  1. This is uh… kinda bad?

    Thanks tho, it’s 2k friendship points I didn’t have before, so that’s nice.

    Also, does it have to be 3 different NPCs or can it be the same NPC thrice?

    1. Hey there, MezMezzy! It can be the same NPC! As long as you give him/her friendship items 3 ‘times’, your participation will be counted! 🙂

      1. I don’t really get the “three times” thing. So you mean like, gifting once per day?

      2. @L.G You should learn how to read in between the lines.

        Check the event period lmao

      3. Thanks for the clarification! Also, thanks for the upgrade to bands. I know you probably didnt have a hand in the upgrade, but bless you for answering! Have a wonderful day.

      4. @Aki yeah that makes sense… sorry for asking a stupid question but also thanks for clarifying.

    2. it’s gifting NPCs 3 separate times. So instead of gifting them 3 items at once, do so 3 separate times and it’ll be counted

  2. if it were 200x proof of friendship, it would be way better…
    but i’d take it anyway.. thanks! xD

  3. Thanks for the upgrade to Bands of Friendships. It was weird that it was 20 amulets of friendships ngl. Bless you Vespa.