[Notice] Android OS 12 Crashing Issues Fixed Version Market Update

Greetings Raiders,
GM Ophelia at your service.

We would like to announce that the latest version with fixes to abnormal crashing issues that occurred after the Android OS 12 version update has been registered in Google Play/One Store/Galaxy Store Market.

▶ AOS Only
– Fixes to Android OS 12 version crashing issues

We recommend downloading the latest version from each Market for smooth gaming experience.
King’s Raid will strive to create a more stable gaming environment.

Thank you.

GM Ophelia

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  1. I still cannot play on Android 12. The game won’t even start at all. Anyone knows how to fix this? Already tried to uninstall both Webview and Chrome update like dev suggested in previous post.

  2. To tell you yhe truth, after the updated the problem has gotten worse. As I can’t play any content of the game. It will force closed every time. Are you sure that this patch is a fixed patch?

    1. Its broken again on Android 12, you even going to post about that or anything? I emailed support once and the response claimed they responded to a prior email i never sent and refused to even copy that response to the only reply I actually got.