[Notice] Announcements regarding charged Gold Bars of Golden Queen / DMG of World Boss of Xanadus / obtaining Hero Isaiah

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to make several announcements regarding the item Gold Bar of Golden Queen, World Boss, and issues about obtaining Hero Isaiah after the updates on June 8th.

[Announcements regarding the Gold Bars of Golden Queen]

After today’s updates, we have opened the event ‘Ophelia’s Workshop’ in which the items [Gold Dust of Golden Queen] & [Gold Bar of Golden Queen] can be used to craft other items.

However, when using the item [Gold Bar of Golden Queen] to charge the entry tickets of the Repositorium, there was an issue in which the items couldn’t be used at all for the event.

As we have announced through our ‘Developer’s Note – June 2021’ on June 4th (Fri), we will be improving the contents for the Repositorium, and the way in which the entry tickets for the Repositorium will be charged and consumed will also be changed.

When making improvements to the Repositorium content, the ‘Gold Bar of Golden Queen’ (current entry tickets for the content) will not be consumed anymore. Also, the ‘Gold Dust of Golden Queen’ that could be obtained by clearing battles in some of the contents, will not be used anymore in other contents. Please note that you will not be able to obtain these items after the first update in July.

As for the charged entry tickets for the Repositorium, they will be deleted through the improvement updates of the Repositorium through the updates on June 22nd (Tue). We will be sending all Raiders the amount of ‘Gold Bars of Golden Queen’ that have been deleted through the in-game Mailbox.

We are aware that some Raiders are frustrated that charged Gold Bars for the Repositorium can’t be used on the event ‘Ophelia’s Workshop’. We ask for your patience and understanding as we will be making updates to the game, so that you can use them on the event after the updates on June 22nd (Tue).

[Announcement regarding the World Boss ‘Xanadus’]

The World Boss is a content in which the highest scores (DMG) of the battles are accumulated, and rewards are distributed according to the rankings based on the calculation of the final scores.

We have updated the option ‘Immortality’ through the updates on April 6th, so that more Raiders could aim and challenge for the highest scores.

However, in case of the World Boss Xanadus, we have made the adjustments so that the max score (DMG) that can be reached through 1 battle is around 16,000,000,000,000,000. This max number of DMG was set on April 6th according to the max number of accumulated scores from the 6 accumulated battles in World Bosses.

At that time, it was a score that couldn’t be reached, however, many Raiders have shown incredible records that surpassed the system in KING’s RAID. We’d like to help Raiders record their highest scores, but due to the limits of the current server in KING’s RAID, we are not able to help record these high scores. As for this issue with the scores, we will be making adjustments to the game in a way that highest scores can be recorded in Season 2.

Please note that we are currently checking to make the necessary adjustments for the accumulated DMG of the next season’s Xanadus as well.

As for the current scores for ‘Xanadus’, scores couldn’t be recorded properly even though higher scores have been reached for the World Boss. For Raiders who have scored over 16,000,000,000,000,000 points, we will be making the adjustments today starting from June 8th (Tue) 03:30 [PDT] sequentially, so that the max points of the system can be implemented today.

For Raiders who have surpassed the scores for Xanadus over 16,000,000,000,000,000 more than once, we will be checking and distributing ‘Crystallized Power x 4200’ additionally after the end of Xanadus’ Season.

[Announcements regarding the Hero ‘Isaiah’]

After today’s maintenance, the [Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Isaiah] has been closed. Hero Isaiah was supposed to be added through [Special Shop – Heroes] for 6,000 Rubies. However, the updates for the Hero were left out during the update process. Please note that we will be updating her through today’s additional patch around June 8th (Tue) 05:00 ~ 06:00 [PDT].

We will try our best to provide an enjoyable game for all Raiders.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

18 thoughts on “[Notice] Announcements regarding charged Gold Bars of Golden Queen / DMG of World Boss of Xanadus / obtaining Hero Isaiah”

  1. You’ve never updated the HP / scoring system of WB and GC as much as in the recent months.

    Truly showing how fucking retarded the new heroes / new gear are and how you’re helpless trying to catch up with everything, really pathetic. You don’t even have a true understanding of the highest value a teamcomp can unload during a whole run of gc or wb, showing how much you’re invested in the game’s balance. You just throw random scaling, you stuff as much abilities and buffs as possible, and god will tell if you fucked up or not. If you fuck it up, you bow and apologize in a pathetic way, proceed to fix your mistake, and pray for it to sustain for a month or two.

    Keep going, you’ll truly make this game a masterpiece.

  2. Okay so the trash rates in ophelia’s workshop is intended.

    bravo. Fucking bravo.



    I can guanayde when WB4 comes it will also be Physical playground since Physical heroes has the uPpErHaNd these days.

    1. Dude each type of hero has there own contents, Phys for wb3 and magic for conquest. Also magic isn’t even that bad anymore in wb3 with May and Jane, its come to the point where many players can achieve 1 quad or more on the boss. It’s only the crazy whels that go and max out everything to achieve their 10 quad+ scores.

      1. Yeah sure. Say that again when Hanus mains runs GC3 this week, lmao.

        * Also please note how magic supports are always universal and happen to benefit all team types (Veronica, Shea, Fallen Frey, Oddy, May) but then you get OP heroes like Shakmeh who is selfish as fuck.

        * PVP: Physical is also having the upperhand in Arena too (Scarlet, DLK, Kasel, Shakmeh, Cain, Evan, Lakrak, Rebel Clause).

        * And lets compare the buffs Chase/Kasel got compared to Seria please.

        * WB1, Mitra/Roi/Cecilia does more DMG than some magic heroes like Mirianne, Epis, Theo etc…

        *TM raid, physical have upperhand in 2 out of the 3 bosses (Galgoria 9 and Ascalon 9). Magic teams struggle more for those two.

        And you still believe physical bias doesn’t exist?

        Well I’m not surprised seeing you are meta-abuser and physical main. Bet you when WB4 is out it will favor physical heroes too.


      2. idk, I’m a magic main and I’m not having much trouble at all with TM raids. Hell, I use Aisha in all 3 and can effectively auto all 3 stage9…. despite vespa ruining her dmg with the last “buff”. been an uphill battle for the last 4 years trying to keep her dmg up and they kneecap her again.

  4. Thank you for the positive reaction to players feedback regarding charged Gold bars!

  5. Please, i hope this is the last rng event that will ever exist, my account already cursed on awakening stuff, and now this

  6. Thank you for the changes and updates! What a treat for the veteran players to be rewarded for all of the accumulated Gold Dust 🙂