[Notice] 2022 Orvel National Day Celebration Illustrations

Hello Raiders,

GM Ophelia at your service.

To celebrate Orvel national day, our studio prepared exciting illustrations!

We will release Orvel national day celebration illustrations to express our gratitude to the Raiders!

You will be able to download these wonderful illustrations through the link below!
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Link: [Click]

이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 orvle_nationDay_01-1.png입니다
이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 orvle_nationDay_02-1.jpeg입니다
이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 orvle_nationDay_03_%E5%A3%93%E7%B8%AE.jpg입니다
이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 orvle_nationDay_04.jpg입니다
이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 orvle_nationDay_05_%E5%A3%93%E7%B8%AE.jpg입니다
이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 orvle_nationDay_06-1.png입니다
이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 orvle_nationDay_07-1.png입니다
이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 orvle_nationDay_08-1.jpg입니다

This concludes the release of 8 congratulatory illustrations sent by the King’s Raid Studio art team to celebrate Orvel national day.

I hope you have a great time in KING’s RAID!

Sincerely Yours,

GM Ophelia

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      1. I’d say Jin or maybe Brownie look more like Kasel and Frey’s love child.
        Brigantia is more like Artemia mk.2 lulz.

  1. Posting about KR celebration but at the end you’ll see Time Defenders. This is just BS. Your just using this to promote your other game.

    If KR and TD is having a collab then its ok. Putting it at the end just doesn’t sit well. I’m very sorry for what I’m gonna say, this illustrations are useless and doesn’t bring anything engaging for players. You guys already failed to deliver on updates even though you delay it for a week then another 9 hours for maintenance. This is just poor company handling.
    For some obnoxious players aka whiteknights that gonna think they are doing their best, doing their best isn’t gonna cut for a job/company. Companies must produce output and revenue in order to stay afloat. Just look back on how the game is performing, you just know that they are struggling and they keep making another mistakes every patch and updates. It was fun before but bye King’s Raid, your not worth playing anymore.

  2. while I do appreciate that hot booty at the end… this does not change the fact that you completely fucked this entire round of GC and need to reward everyone Rank 1 round rewards. There is a significant disadvantage to those that did GC after the patch compared to players that did it before the patch.

  3. wo ist das Update das ihr alles fixt??
    Solo-Time zurück wieder ins Spiel!!!
    Runen System Überarbeiten!!! Gear und UW Trennen?!!!!
    Die Story Quest stürzt das Handy ab??
    Die laags und bugs das nichts angezeigt wird!?
    Ihr habt nurnoch 1x die chance euren Fehler vom 3.3.2022 zu Korrigieren!!!! Lasst endlich leute arbeiten an dem Spiel die ahnung haben!!!!
    Wie kann man nur so alle Spieler vergraulen und nichts fürs Spiel tun?

  4. Game literally on fire with alot of problems and issues that you just create for the new tune system, solo time removal
    Yes let’s ignore it and Celebrate.

    Jesus, priorities? This is like a screw you all message




      1. free stuff = you don’t have the right to complain about this shitty state of the game? huh

  6. Nothing can be celebrated with so many bugs in the game. It’s become unplayable, I can’t do certain dungeons because it crashes instantly, the removal of solo time ruined the experience even more, though I’m more concerned about crashes.

    Instead of wanting to add content, why not fix the client?

    And why don’t they give news about the progress of KR2? In my opinion, I would prefer that they give Re-runs of old events and tell us about how KR2 is progressing, than not having news of anything.

    There is too much uncertainty in the users, and too many complaints about the bugs present, please fix the crashes.

  7. thanks to ur solo time bs, gremory got indirectly nerfed… and what have u guys done about it?? nothing. literally invested in her A2 a couple of days ago. at least compensate people w a Soul transfer ticket since you’ve downgraded ur anniversary anyway… honestly just a bunch of stupid decisions after another