14 thoughts on “[Event] 2021 S/S Season Wedding King & Queen Contest – Result Announcement”

  1. Dear vespa, I just spent close to 110 tickets on TM reforge and have not seen atack% once.

    Now, in the introduction post of tm gear you pointed out that there were 20 reforge options, assuming a balanced probability distribution of 5% for each, the chance of missing 110 tickets in a row is 0,35%, although possible, I would like to ask you to stop rigging options. Thank you.

  2. The current reforge system should be enhanced, something like the failure bonus of awakening should be added, for example if a line is reforged for x times (let’s assume it’s 20) you should be able to choose an option, there has been many cases of using over 200 reforges just for a single line, while others could just reforge and get it from the first or the second time, things shouldn’t be left completely luck dependant, not to this degree…

    1. i feel your pain but thats the beauty of reforge , u never know what u ll get (RNJesus just like f-ing with us)
      But If they implement your idea , this game will be dead bcs the more u whale = the more u can play the game

      1. That still happens in the current system, to a higher degree even. A F2P player is at the mercy of RNG, a whale can just push through the RNG with money… also, “u never know what ull get” is cool when there are multiple good options, not 1 good (in the current meta attack%), and getting “debuff acc” instead

      2. What are you talking about! whales can do anything already, this need to be implemented for all of us especially f2p
        also your opinion about the ” beauty of reforge” is very weird! I don’t believe the others would share you opinion, I believe most players would agree that the reforge system needs enchantments, also this idea isn’t to make reforging easier but to set a max number of reforges per line so we don’t spend 100-200 reforges for a single damn line because we have a bad luck! I keep waiting for reforges for over a month and then spend it all for a single line? that’s not beautiful nor funny

  3. So cute!! Congratulations to Lucikiel and Estelle and their strong popularity!!

    1. its not really popularity on poopsack’s part. its more like the other 3 choices were shet and nobody cared.

      1. I agree with this, just did the survey for the rewards, also I was surprised that Estelle won, despite her being hated by most old players,I would never vote for her honestly even tho I like her costume 😀

    2. Lucikiel was easily the winner in the male category.

      Estelle is exactly popular. She won only because she is OP support in game and can be abused by all players alike. Very few people actually like her for her character/personality.

      If Estelle was not so broken I can guarantee someone else would have topped the poll (Jane/Lavril/Lilia probably since from previous polls they topped them).

      Even some content creators express their dislike for her personality. On Facebook there are many memes of people expressing they all love Estelle only when she brings her Estelle missions and people changing their view on her when they discovered how broken a support she is.

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