[Notice] Dear KING’s RAID players. This is Jin Soo Kim, the CEO of Vespa.

Dear King’s Raid players,
I am Jin Soo Kim, the CEO of Vespa.
How have you been doing?
I apologize for taking a long time to write a letter.
In that time, I have carefully read
many complaints from the players.
Although we always want to improve King’s Raid,
we failed to do so this year, and this makes me—as a developer
and a lover of the game—very ashamed and sorry.
Although we put an extra effort to reveal
King’s Raid’s mega-update of season 2 quickly,
the updates were slightly lacking and had many complications
due to difficulties we faced and other issues with the new game.
As for Lil’ Raiders that failed to find their place in the game,
repeated farming content that made the players weary,
and other content that merely became tedious chores,
I sincerely apologize.
It is a shame that there still exists information in the game
that are not user-friendly even though
a long time has passed since we launched the game.
I believe that in order to overcome this situation,
the first thing we need to do is to listen to the players.
We will listen, take time to explain,
and try to make the changes happen quickly.
We will also not lose courage and move forward once again
to improve and develop new content.
We will receive all of the criticisms we need,
and do what we need to do.
So we are waiting for your criticisms!
We are preparing numerous updates for the future,
but as for the details, we will try to communicate more often
and announce them later.
We are always grateful for your support.
We wish you happiness and good health.
Best Regards,
Jin Soo Kim

72 thoughts on “[Notice] Dear KING’s RAID players. This is Jin Soo Kim, the CEO of Vespa.”

  1. Jim Soo Kim for President..
    I hope this game will become better and better

    1. The stock price has dropped by 80% in like half a year. Vespa should have invested all their resources into KR properly instead of trying to develop whatever shitshow time defenders was.

      1. they blew all the monies on hookers, crack and cocaine.

  2. A third year straight of apologies, failed promises, and disappointment. What’s new?

    1. watch they gonna give some crazy free handout and everyone just gonna forget everything. GOOD LUCK ppl who actually fund yo game are leaving

    1. to be fair they aren’t touching anything because they plan to rework the whole game optimization and graphics with KR2, unfortunately we will have to wait the big update to see improvements 🙁

    2. did you download your game from the google store or from the galaxy store because i have the galaxy store edition and there is nothing lagging and crashing for me 🙂

    3. i have an s21 ultra and it runs kr fine. delete that hentai on your phone bro

    4. here ill save you time trying to email ve$pa. Just delete the game and reinstall it and if that doesn’t work just don’t play the game. They’re actually doing you a favor tbh.


  4. “So we are waiting for your criticisms!”

    oh yeah they loved drama & toxic comment.

  5. Thank you for your honesty.

    But to be honest, if you took our scolding seriously… we would see improvements for the past patches in the last 4 months.

    WE sincerely hope you ll get better.

    Also do please remind your team to check out mirrianne’s kit.. Shes outdated.

    ~ Your bunch of toxic, nerds, degens that truly love KR

    1. i know right cant wait till KR2 comes out. It’s gonna be a s@#% show.

  6. First and foremost, you need to get rid of “no nerf policy” its unhealthy policy that will kill the game in slow process. Second, fix the game bug, heroes positioning is top priorities. Third, we have more than 100 heroes now, there should be and must be a 2 first ban and 1 last ban in League of Honor. Fourth, fix the issue of fps drop during battle for android user.

  7. Vespa, please make the game not lagging due to skill. Imagine playing pvp and meet shakmeh s2 lead to instant lag. Or when doing gc 3 casket phase instead of burst of damage, its burst of lag.
    Personaly i enjoy old content and all things in kr except the lag ahaha

    1. i gotchu ve$pa. Thx for your feedback we will address this issue as soon as possible (2 years later and still nothing).

  8. So we are waiting for your criticisms!


    1) Promised of WB4 by 2021 Q3
    2) Promised of Constellation Pets by 2021 Dec (For real, jus delete pets already. I wouldn’t mine if you put pets as the last priority)
    3) Delay of KR2 launch
    4) Promised of KR2 Prologue
    5) Lack of contents (just hvin costumes wont keep the game going)
    6) Ninja skill description fix of Valance S2 without proper address(Hello?)
    7) Frequent game crashes
    8) Outdated GW, its no longer motivating to play. with all the shitty conversion rates and rewards. (can you jus delete all the bots and give 0 coins to players that doesn’t participate in GW/GC)
    9) LoH costumes reducing from 3>2>1
    10) Hero rework balancing reducing from 3>2>1>None?
    11) Failure of first ophelia workshop event? (isnt even fair for ppl unfavored by rng.shitty experience)
    12) Failure of second lakrak event? (isnt even fair for ppl unfavored by rng.. shitty experience)
    13) Failure of world tree event where all servers probably couldnt even reach the last reward?

    To be honest, i dont think you are ashamed with the fact that you are thick skin enough to keep these going for the past 4 months straight. (IF YOU ARE ASHAMED, YOU LL PROBABLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. At this point i doubt our replies would even reach you despite the fact that you said that you ll listen to us) Pretty much sure that if you are aware of these going on but you chose to redirect your resources on time defenders ultimately lead to the downfall of KR.

    If you can’t even do a proper job for king’s raid, i doubt you even do a proper job for time defenders.. honestly.

    1. +100 I agree with this comment

      This game has fallen so hard due to the numerous mistakes and broken promises

    2. I just saw time defender games trash HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. They’re doomed tbh. Why would i play that when there’s ark night

      1. well i got my popcorn gonna just enjoy the s#%^ show

  9. My thoughts about the state of the game.
    1. Make contents better for all heroes, as of right now only a couple of heroes are being used. The apocalypse content shouldn’t be lock with specific heroes to clear. As well as any future updates, make use of all your hero rooster.
    2. Be more active and transparent on hero balancing, lets us know who will be balance, a concrete schedule should be made about this. You skip this December balance with KR2 on the horizon I’m sure your going to release a lot of heroes again. This will make old heroes more obsolete and frankly useless
    3. When doing the costume survey atleast don’t include hero that was in the past survey. For example Estelle, we got 2 in a row for this when you promised that the release of hero costumes will be balance and yet you keep adding heroes that was on previous surveys on the new ones.
    4. This might not be important to all, but for me I would like to have a feature for Guild Master to monitor all member participation on a clearer window instead of the guild contributions. Give us a simple data who participate and who keeps on missing guild duties.

  10. As an loyalty player. This game still get my love on it.
    Be strong with your road and give KR2 a big shining star.
    Hope you and your company can go through this difficult time.

    And also, it chrismast time. Take some rest for a difficult year.
    Merry Chrismast to all Vespa’s Employee – Hope your have peace and love.
    ♩ ♪ ♫

  11. I am an old player of this game. I leave kr when you didn’t ban all Eclipse abusers. (Btw no mention about that in your post and has an ancient Serenity/Eternity guild member we now that’s a real fact). So how you want to expect us to believe you when this game is already unfair? I won’t list again all the problems, people already do and you know these problems. So for now, I will wait and see.

  12. Now raid become gremory raid because her kit zero block, dmg dealt…..and old dps become shitty
    We want a fair raid not 1 hero for raid

  13. Thank you Mr.Jin Soo Kim,

    I love this game to bits and I hope you’re having a wonderful day. people like to naysay and the comment section here is well… not exactly my favorite. I know these past two years have been hard, and King’s Raid has held on strong. I highly appreciate what you have been doing for the game.

    I like the new ideas for outfits and especially appreciate that the project has finally decided to add changeable hairs. I hope we can see more of those.

    As for gameplay, Apocalypsion has been absolutely beating me black and blue, and I recently have been able to beat her with 1 penalty, its not much but its a start. I hope the World Boss you guys announced gets released soon too.

    Please keep up the good work and thank you very much.

  14. [Suggestion for new pvp game mode]

    Instead of having the cancer discussions, can we have a new pvp game mode? For example…

    Team Vs Team PvP

    Each team would comprise of 3 random players of the same league. There would be 3 bans each by the opposing teams (6 bans in total)

    Each player would control 2 heroes. So total 6v6 hero battle. (No duplicates)

    There would be penalties set for alternate weeks like CR and rotated weekly. (E.g. Warrior ban, archer ban, prevent mana gain at start of the battle for 5secs, artifacts would not activate for the first 20secs of the battle, dispell all effects of unique gears of all heroes on the battlefield every 10secs for 3secs, all heroes transcendence perks would b disabled if hp is below 50%, SW effect duration is reduced by 50%, insert more degen penalties of yr imagination)

  15. “the first thing we need to do is to listen to the players.” ©
    Oh shit. Here we go again.
    Swimsuits fail wasn’t enough?
    NEVER LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS!!!!!!111 Make your game as you want!!! Players always dont know what they realy want. Srsly

    1. Thats actually true. Seriously, dont just listen to the players. Most of them doesnt know what they’re talking about. You need to bring more idea vespa

  16. KR haw been my longest-standing game I’ve ever played. In my opinion, this is the most generous when providing events and items for F2P.

    Though there are some moments that left me bored in this game because of the lack of content, but it didn’t reach to the point that I would want to quit the game.

    I will be always looking forward to this game to have its breakthrough and to let potential players be able to see the greatness of the game in the future (hopefully in KR2) and I’m hoping that every problems within the game will be resolved immediately.

    Advanced Merry Christmas VESPA 🎉🎉

  17. aiya first pd sean, pd edge, who jin now?

    pd jin, how am I supposed to make fun of former nexon employee if he gone now. tell truth or get soap on tongue putang

    all this listen to player bullllllshit
    next you say nothing happen in tiananmen square, june 4th 1989. hong kong already fucked, next taiwan, i no take stand for this, no more take shit from vespussy company aiya how chinese cock taste? come come, I give xi jinpenis for free. No need be shy now, this far from first time. no more chinese cock, more improve game aiya tanginamo

    1. hmmm give me a sec to see how much money you put into the game. ZERO MONIES? no buff for you COUGH(KASEL).

  18. it would be interesting to see roguelike content in the game, where along the way you can collect buffs like in Arena No. 3, and at the end there would be a boss, such content does not tire of gameplay and rewards are given for greater results.

  19. Over 100 heroes, you only see the same 12 on every content
    People defend this like but talisha is good on eclipse, well Gremory reach same floors, can be top on wb, can do apocalyp etc etc
    Lack of fixes: why you address gc3 lag for emulator and not for mobile for you mobile game
    Alot of promises: Remember they promise us new content related to legendary costumes or how we going to get a ptologue for kr2 but there is nothing.

    Don’t to mention the delay of kr i really wonder if that would happen and is not just bait

  20. there are also a huge number of heroes in the game, but the meta of arena heroes does not allow many other heroes to even step on it, to increase diversity and increase interest, it is worth increasing the number of starting bans to at least 3, then people will come up with new strategies themselves

  21. What you’ll probably end up having to do is actually revert some hero changes from this year and last. A lot of them go against what you all said you would do for the hero. Take Aisha for instance. Shes a PVE hero, not PVP. What you said was you wanted to push her more to PVP… what you DID was give her basic free stats and zero way to actually do anything in PVP while making her weaker in PVE. The people that go on about “Oh, Aisha is a terror in PVP, she blasts straight through people.” These assholes dont even use her. Proof? Look at any of the rankings, maybe 3 Aisha in the whole thing? Her S2L is dispellable, she has no CC, she has no way to get put of any danger, she cant target enemies next to her so they dance in her face or jump behind her and she cant do a thing but get CC’d for days on end. Her CDs are too fuckin long for PVP, 1 quick stun and she cant even use half her kit for the rest of the battle. You took away her UW effect of Atk as M.Dmg yet countless other heroes kept theirs or was added. On top of that she has to get 500 hits to actually ever be full power with her UW which she’ll never attain during a PVP match. This whole thing even affects PVE especially in areas with multiple enemies. Velkazar? You wish. Eclipse? Better hope there are no worms left. Ascalon? Enemies surround her. Xanadus? She does like 0 damage to the orbs which lowers her damage potential. Admittedly, Xanadus and Velkazar are not places you would use her anyway. These changes were unnecessary and made no sense. You could do better than any of that but you sandbagged it like a chump. How do we know you can do better than that? Need I remind you of Gremory 1.0? How about Kasel going from mediocre to now being top in every piece of content and now getting chosen over any other dps on Physical side?

    I also seem to remember you all saying you weren’t going to do anything about Lavril’s healing… why does her S1D have increased healing by 100%? That sounds like a throwaway perk knowing it wouldn’t amount to anything.

    1. This isnt a post to get more PVP perks for Aisha. I would like her pushed back to PVE where she belongs.

      1. Maybe instead of trying to mock players that see how vespa has wronged a hero, ppl can actually give opinion on another hero that vespa may have wronged. Idk, just seems like a way to dismiss concerns some players have and get nothing changed.

  22. This whole year was awful. Here’s why:

    Rushed chapter 10 story
    Delay of KR2
    Lack of balancing of heroes and reduction of balancing. Also questionable balancing choices
    Whole year full of swimsuit costumes
    LOH costume reduction
    New LIL’ Raiders “content” requiring 1736 clicks
    LINE Pets unbalance
    Same 10-15 heroes used for all content
    Boring content
    Tedious content
    Impossible events (RNG and server events)
    Mobile player friendly updates lacking (still grind fest and kill your phone events)
    Lags and latency
    Millions of bugs running rampant
    Some heroes still bugged skills and perks (Esker for example)
    Outdated reforge system
    Not even enough skip tickets
    Boring daily quests
    Everything requiring rubies when most players don’t even get more than 2000 a week.
    Translation errors on patch notes and in game.
    Recent updates being terrible (please take a look at your latest patch)
    Lack of communication from PD, CEO, GMs.

  23. Honestly, you need to revert the no-nerf policy. The recent balance patches for this whole year are TOO GOOD, so heroes who got buffed in November 2020 and December 2020 can’t even compare to 2021 buffed heroes’ utilities and damage. Right now, OP supports like Estelle, Valance, Isaiah are great for most contents that team building is hardly necessary. Just put those 3 in most content and you’re set. Additionally, you did not have to give certain units a DPS overbuff. For example, Gremory, you designed her as a support/subdps for TM raids but her damage is outstanding. Why even listen to the player base whining about how “she doesn’t do damage,” when her whole design was sub-dps/support? The fact that her kit had so much utilities (being a support originally), made 90% of all magic dps go extinct in PvE because Gremory is that one unit that has it all. Apart from Gremory, Kasel + Erze + Lucikiel + Shakmeh also have fully decked kits, which is stupid.

    I know I might get hate from posting about this problem, but I am pointing out how choosing to not nerf heroes like DLK or Pansirone resulted in big Generalist DPS buffs or powercreeping supports / DPS. This ends up in a continuous cycle, where people end up asking for more buffs for their mains because they got power crept. I think that by the time you decide to change how you implement your buffs and do less power creeping, hero buffs after the 2021 batch will suck and still not overthrow Gremory.

    Please, if possible, think about nerfing heroes. If there’s no chance of that happening, then just release more buffs for future content like how Laias buff was for Divine Punishment raid. Also, please release content that have more than one enemy, no point in using most dps if Gremory speed runs it faster than the hero who was actually designed for it.

    Happy Holidays to Vespa + Vespa employees + other people! Hope you all have a great day.

  24. 99% of issues of the game have already been addressed, it’s all up to you guys to do your part

    1. Also, I’d like the idea of not just buffing heroes but buffing unused artifacts/UTs as well instead of the same powercreep on whatever is released every time

      1. nah at this rate they just trying to juice yo wallet. They’re just gonna drop more artifacts and keep power creeping.

  25. Thank you for your response to the community.

    While there are still a lot of improvements that can still be made (balancing heroes, improving pets, some automation, more dispatchable content, new content, optimization, LoH/LoV), and some decisions that weren’t great for the health of the game (pets, lakaraks event, first ophelia event), overall the game is in a relatively free to play friendly, and not insanely gacha heavy game.

    Please keep in mind there are a lot of silent Raiders that aren’t posting comments here, and spewing only toxicity and vitriol. There are lots of other places people are posting aside from here.

  26. Great game overall but stability is still a mess.
    I really hope you’ll fix that one day because it’s been like 2 years since it’s started….
    Every 2 or 3 updates the crashes are back lol….

  27. Still love Kings Raid with all things happening, and just realize soon will be 5 years playing it. Hopefully get more waifu in KR2. 👍🏻

  28. Everything that was done in the game for me is perfect ♥♥ and Lil Raider Too ♥♥. Too bad that many people the only thing they know how to do is criticize everything

    1. LOLOLOL keep lying to yoself this game is dead at this rate. There’s no new content and they never address any of the issues. No one is gonna believe this fake arse apology written by someone else.

      1. If you don’t like the game, and you don’t respect the comments of others, go away ^^

  29. Who are you lying too Mr Jin Soo Kim listen to players? did anyone even ask for a half arse anime and the other turds. What did you guys even put all the monies that we funded ya with. All I know it wasn’t put into improving K.R. All your going to do is keep giving free handouts, and pretending everything is fine. Can’t wait till yall release KR2 so I can enjoy the s%#^ show.

  30. XD OMG i just saw time defender GOOD JOB VE$PA. im gonna have to assume yall are doomed. Way to go with the copy and paste of arknight.

  31. The lil raiders changes is really… bad.
    Like, we don’t want more click click click auto stuff especially the rewards are stingy af.
    Honestly, i prefer the old one. Not to mention that we can feed em 1 by 1 which imo is rather pointless… why not just make them spent their food when on mission?
    The current lil raiders is … it’s an unnecessary little works that try to create a new mechanic but failed miserably because it’s not worth doing so.

  32. Two things only from me:
    1. Please balance hero more often, there are many hero that are quite outdated and peoples are too invested in them to the point of getting salty
    2. Keep up the work of latest costume design, both the design and drawing are very good!

  33. I don’t know how many times i have heard these EMPTY PROMISES “We are trying to listen to the player base bla bla bla…. .. dumbshit” AND countless WORDS OF WISDOM “We are apologize bla bla bla…… dumbshit”, i lost count.