21 thoughts on “[Event] 2021 Casual Costumes – Vote for your Favorite Hero Event!”

  1. Eskek for best gays raid!!!
    Kibera, Bern, Crow, Evan, Mitra are good alternatives why can’t I choose more than one?

  2. We all know waifus are going to win… ugh
    I hope you can release wallpaper with at least the top voted male …

  3. Xanadus is dead again! Thanks to your constant physical team bias with OP powercreep physical heroes and WB3 overtuned physical amp for 11+ months.

    Horrifying how all physical support heroes and tanks benefit ONLY physical teams. Meanwhile magic support/tanks benefit both damage types??? Just biased.

    Then also meme buffs for magic heroes (Theo, Viska, Chrisha, Seria etc..). Instead physical heroes who don’t need buffs get buffed (Chase and Selene).

    And broken physical heroes become ‘nerf-immune’ like a Pansirone, dark Lord Kasel etc…

    Absolutely disgusting how you treat magic team user.
    All magic users are dead thanks your bias. Congratulations!
    Also you remain silent and have no words for this biased behaviour. How disgusting.

    “MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd” – PD Sean

  4. Magic teams are dead thanks to brainless devs to release broken physical heroes that ONLY work for physical teams.

    Meanwhile, Magic supports work for both teams.

    Clearly Vespa HQ is full of a staff biased towards physical .

    No wonder WB3 amp no adjusted for 11 months! (Will be a year in March).

  5. i know this is not the place but still… could you plz consider increasing otherworldly shakmeh time limit? even staying alive in stage 7+ for those who only have frontline dps is hard enough. the time limitatoin is too much… . i mean you even added frontline wizard recently. but even with full offencive sets on dps, without healers’ buff, it looks just unreachable to me. buffs from tanks who mostly add increase dmg effect onto the enemy(works for both sun and shadow path) doesn’t suffice. and to make it worse, i’m a kirze main- a220- and she’s one of the recommended heroes and yet, along with 2 other dps i still hit the time limit since my main is not receiving healer’s buffs. this content is not tower of challenge or challenge raid. it doesn’t look fair to ask for only backline dps. you fixed this issue for eclipse already by having the enemies target the foremost hero(tank most of times). plz do the justice for otherwordly shakmeh too. increasing time limit or increasing dmg from sun path.

  6. Results:
    The winner is physical team because they are vespa favorite

    The loser is magic team