[Developer’s Note] 1st Quarter of 2021 Developer’s Note

Greetings Raiders,

This is the KING’s RAID Studio

First of all, we’d like to express our gratitude to Raiders who have supported KING’s RAID for all these years, and also we’d like to apologize for our lack of communication.

Last year in 2020, we have communicated with our Raiders through our Developer Notes, Developer Talk, Storytelling from the Scenario Team and Behind the Development Notes. For this year, we have been thinking for too long about the ways to communicate with our Raiders, and as a result, the communication has been delayed for quite some time. We deeply apologize for not being able to communicate closely with our Raiders and we regret for not having provided the communication our Raiders were asking for.

Everyone from our KING’s RAID Studio have been checking all Global communities. We are all aware of the issues about the game performance, crashing issues, and all the other issues with the contents that our Raiders were informing us. Our efforts in trying to make improvements were not enough for the expectation of our Raiders.

From now on, we promise once again that we will put more efforts into receiving the suggestions of our Raiders through a clearer and more refined route. We will make sure to review closely the suggestions of our Raiders in order to apply them without any issues.

Furthermore, we will try to explain in more details of why the suggestions of our Raiders are being delayed in being implemented along with our future plans in KING’s RAID. By providing the details of how we’re processing work, we will make sure to closely communicate with our Raiders.

To explain more about how we’ve been working these days, we would like to provide you more details for our quarterly production plans for this year of 2021. We know that many of our Raiders were curious about KING’s RAID Season 2 Remaster (Tentative name), and we’d like to explain more about this in details.

■ 2021 Annual Development Plan

For this first quarter of the year, we have prepared various events in order to celebrate the 3rd/4th anniversary through this year’s Orvel Foundation Day.

On the second quarter of this year, we’re planning for the final chapter in which we will be closing down the final scenario of KING’s RAID. We will be revealing the final adventure of Kasel, the Warrior of the Holy Sword, which have been developed for these 4 years.

Also, we’re in the process of developing the new content ‘Enchanted Dungeon’ (Tentative Name) in which it will aid Raiders in the final farming of the Technomagic Gear..

In between the 2nd and 3 quarter, we will be reviewing and applying the improvements that have been requested by our Raiders for all this time. Also, for the promise we have not kept last year, we will be reviewing and working on the Heroes that lack the number of costumes and Customization items, and we’re planning to proceed with the balance patch of the Heroes.

Additionally, we’re constantly checking the lagging, crashing, freezing issues and stability issues that have been reported through our community pages and 1:1 inquiries. We’ve been checking up on these issues, but it has been taking some time to determine the exact cause of these issues.

Although we’re not able to check the exact cause, we’re constantly checking for problems with the server or defects in the app itself. We will make our best efforts, so that we can show these improvements as soon as possible.

For this year’s 3rd quarter, we will be revealing some contents of the remastered update, which will be the next story that will be continued for KING’s RAID. As for our first story, we will be revealing the new World Boss and we will be also revealing one of the protagonists of our next story.

And for the last quarter of this year, the long-awaited KING’s RAID Season 2 Remastered (Tentative Name) will be revealed.

As some of you may know, only the name Season 2 has been revealed through some of the news articles. However, we decided to reveal more details regarding this updated to our Raiders than anyone else. We will be revealing some of the key points from the Season 2 Remastered update.

■ Details about the KING’s RAID Season 2 Remastered (Tentative Name)

Changes to the artwork

The Heroes you’ve all loved, story, world, etc, and all art from KING’s RAID will be born again with the new graphics engine and quality, with the unique charms of KING’s RAID.

New Story and Refined Content

The story of Heroes who made great history in Orvel will come to an end, and the story of new Heroes will take place.

The contents that required uncomfortable and excessive playtime will be supplemented and modified.

Furthermore, we’re planning for new contents such as large scale siege battles, air advanced base, and newly designed Tower of Challenge, Raid contents, and more to come.

And of course, the Gear you have collected and Heroes you have strengthened through continuous gameplay won’t go in vain in the Season 2 Remastered version. In fact, it will be used in greater performance and efficiency.

We will be providing more opportunities to Raiders to become more stronger, and we will make sure the process of growth is entertaining as well.

■ About the App Stability and Performance

In this section, we will be revealing our plans regarding the issues with the app stability many Raiders were reporting us about.

Currently, we’re still making improvements continuously to fix this issue. We’re aware that many Raiders are having difficulties playing the game due to this issue, and we apologize once again for the inconvenience caused.

We’ll be fixing the slow loading speed and lagging issues during battles through grand scale code refactoring and we will be improving noticeably the app freezing issues due to excess memory in devices.

In this process, we won’t be making any changes that could affect the battling style of KING’s RAID or timing of the control. In other words, we will be making improvements to the game without affecting the originality of the game.

■ About the Operation and Communication

We will be communicating and listening the suggestions from our users from now on. We’ll be taking into consideration the changes our Raiders are desiring the most and we will be checking thoroughly before implementing these changes into the game. After thorough testing, we will be adding these to our development schedule.

If we encounter a situation in which the implementation of the changes is difficult, we will make sure to provide you the reasons of why it is difficult to be implemented and we’ll be explaining our future plans, so that misunderstanding is avoided. In this way, we will try to reinforce the communication with our Raiders once again.

We think that this will be a stepping stone for us to keep the promises we once made to our Raiders. For those who are reading this note, we know that you’ve all cared for the game with continuous encouragement and feedback, and we want to repay all the love we’ve received by making these improvements.

We have discussed about ways to maintain the uniqueness of KING’s RAID, and at the same time solve and accept the issues and feedback sent by our Raiders. We will be making our best efforts to provide a satisfying live service to Raiders who are playing our game.

We’d also like to inform that KING’s RAID Season 2 Remastered (Tentative Name) will not be released separately as a new application or as a whole new project. It will be the next large scale update to the current game of KING’s RAID. To be specific, it will be a whole new upgraded KING’s RAID itself.

We’re aware of all the disappointment, curiosities, and anticipation you’re having towards KING’s RAID. And for that, everyone from the KING’s RAID studio is grateful, and at the same time, we’d like to send our deepest apologies from the bottom of our hearts.

We have never forgotten, or we’ve never been careless about all the suggestions and feedback sent by our Raiders. We hope you all know that your love, support, including all the negative feedback are precious and valuable to us.

We promise we will do our best to listen to the feedback of our Raiders to make the necessary changes to the current and the KING’s RAID of the next generation, even during the development process. As mentioned previously, we will make sure to share the improvements that will be implemented by the feedback of our Raiders, and also we will be sharing why some of the fixes and improvements are being delayed. We will be providing detailed explanations of the process, and we will try to communicate often through our Developer Note, GM Note, and other announcements as well.

And for our last words, we promise we will try to become the KING’s RAID that can fulfill the expectations of all Raiders from around the world.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio

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    1. 3 years. The game has been living for 4 years but only the 1st year was good. After that it went downhill and they stopped listening and made one million empty promises.

      It’s laughable how many times they promised to communicate better with raiders. Lost count.

  1. Thank you vespa. Tbh King’s raid is so far the best game i have played on my phone. I keep looking forward for the update. I am not from the very beginning but let’s all raiders stay positive and support the devs

  2. It’s reassuring to know KR2 is not a new game. Gotta admit that was a poor choice of tentative name. Lol.

    As for the rest, it all sounds great. For now, all I can add is that in order to send this feedback you need from us, we need a channel first. I understand this website is temporary, but an official way of posting and providing feedback is urgent since this forum is quite dead due to the tedious wordpress registration process.
    The customer service email is not a solution. During the years the people attending it has demonstrated to be not competent enough to understand some of the things we’ve sent, hindering the whole process or making it pointless.

    Hoping the best for the game

    1. IF they made a discord it might help a lot. I wouldn’t go so far as to say to have daily conversations with the devs but if there was a channel designated towards the issues of King’s Raid. Then they can backread and see what are the common issues that people talk about.

      They can also have mods that can monitor it as well and find the most common problems. Its also a lot easier since all of the issues are in just one place and they dont need to sift through thousands of individual emails.

      There’s probably ways to make this more efficient since it is just an idea but a discord server wen t along way into making a community for the game just like what genshin did.

    2. I’m glad we’re keeping our heroes and progress and that this basically only means they won’t be involved in the upcoming story plots. Maybe cameos during holiday events? I hope they keep releasing skins for old heroes though

      Hoping my queen will look even better.

  3. Please only say 2 condition for continium play this:
    -Hold the lenguage spanish
    -And try hold the all resources posible of accounts(heroes and unique weapon the other things for me no important)
    I trust you Vespa i like your game so much.

  4. It’s okay…I really love ur game…I trust you what ever you do vespa…I have fun played king’s raid…and if you do some costume for new heroes it’s really great😆😆 take ur time vespa…

  5. “ Also, we’re in the process of developing the new content ‘Enchanted Dungeon’ (Tentative Name) in which it will aid Raiders in the final farming of the Technomagic Gear..”

    More stamina sinks.

    Like we don’t have stamina issue already.

    Basically just don’t farm until this so called dungeon since all our gear will be rendered useless. Waste of stamina.

    Btw you only mention fixing balancing in 2nd to 3rd quarter. That means from April-September. Lol. More waiting after waiting 2+ years??

    Yeah well more pepega balancing for magic heroes and more OP broken balancing for physical heroes. We all know.

  6. Vespa is very talented at one thing. Making long posts filled with 50+ promises only to never fulfil a single one.

    Their most repeated promise? To improve communication.

    Never happens.

  7. Fix your November balance. Only Lilia/Hilda and Roi got justice!!

    What about RE-BUFF my Crow, Theo, Viska, Lewisia, Chrisha etc..??

    Stop move onto other heroes who do not need buffs like you did with Chase/Selene!!

  8. Thanks for the update Vespa. Yeah there are issues with connectivity when I run some multiplay with my guildies, but if I really did hate the game, I’d have stopped playing long ago.

    It’s a fun game, and I hope to see more uses for endgame magic tanks than just Galgoria. Hopefully we get some cool new bossfights soon.

    Bless you and have a wonderful day.

  9. Will sleep until KR2 to see if you will really hold up your promises or not. Honestly tired of playing the waiting game for no results, Vespa.

    Will play other and better games in the meantime.

  10. • Fix WB3 Xanadus extremely titanic physical amp or BUFF magic amp significantly (persisting problem for 1 year)
    • Fix November meme balance patch (Crow, Viska, Theo, Tanya, Chrisha, Lewi etc…).
    • STOP buffing heroes who were already in a good position (Selene/Chase).
    • Fix poor game optimisation.
    • Give REAL fixes to Devourer Shakmeh such as dispatch or turbo mode (60 tickets is not a fix!)
    • Give MOBILE users QOL update by making events applied to dispatch so they don’t need run game day and night.
    • TEST your game yourself before implement on live servers.
    • STOP using your own playerbase to test new heroes/contents.
    • Fix significant stamina issues (not enough).
    • Fix Magic vs Physical disparity or rename your game to “Physical Raid”.
    • Give Magic equivalent of Loman/Shakmeh/Estelle.
    • Don’t be afraid to nerf too-dominating heroes.
    • LISTEN to your players instead of killing communication.
    • Fix gear preset crashing issue.
    • Stop monetising things which were previously free (example: Central Orvel).
    • Stop making limited costumes/accessories cost insane Ruby amounts (45000/each). – Most of your playerbase barely gets even get 2000 a week.
    • Stop making Special Shop note 10 times longer than patch note.
    • Adhere to your promises instead of making lengthy posts apologising for not being able to do it.
    • Make 2021 user satisfaction survey for honest answers and feelings from your players.

  11. Apparently writing to your CS doesn’t work, so here’s to hoping your community managers are more attentive.

    Asia LOV and LOH isn’t working. Our players have been fighting nothing but bots for the past 2 days, and your CM Rouge insists there are no issues. Asia guilds have not received their Guild Conquest rewards either.

    Still, there is “no issue” according to your CM Rouge after his “investigation”.

    1. CS is absolutely clueless. Can confirm.
      I reported a bug to them months back and they were convinced that nothing was wrong even with screenshots and video evidence. Instead, they claimed it was an error on MY side even though me and a few other guildies had the same issue. One patch later it was fixed and stated in the bottom of the patch note so clearly it was a known bug.

      Tldr; CS can only help regarding $$$ issues since that’s all they care about. They are clueless about everything else.

    2. Hello Six, Thank you for leaving us your comment. We have checked the issue you have mentioned and we found issues with the rewards in the Asian Server. We have posted this issue on our known issues, and we’ll be checking this issue as soon as possible. Thanks again for reporting us about it!

  12. I hope KR2 new protagonist is not boring like Kasel. Roi was more interesting.

    Most importantly I also hope you won’t false advertise heroes as “strong” in the lore when they are absolute trash in the game.

    Two huge examples of ‘false advertising’:

    • Theo. You want me to believe that Theo is the Transcedent of Lightning and defeated WB1 Mountain Fortress? That he can 1v1 on equal terms against Lucikiel? Nice joke!

    • Crow. You want me to believe that Crow is the strongest Hound unit member when Pansirone exists? Impossible!

    Hopefully there will be no more instances of these lies in the next part.

  13. “We will be communicating and listening the suggestions from our users from now on. We’ll be taking into consideration the changes our Raiders are desiring the most and we will be checking thoroughly before implementing these changes into the game. After thorough testing, we will be adding these to our development schedule.” No Kappa

    Aside from that, looking forward to what the game has to offer this year!

  14. Dear King’s Raid team. Personally, I love this game. I haven’t missed a single day since I started the game. I think something should be done with NPC heroes. It is very difficult for them to collect the unique weapon. I hope Valance, Havelock, maybe Turan will join the team soon. Thank you for the game, every day is an experience.

  15. Oh my goodness!!!! I am tearing up and am so happy to hear this. I love King’s Raid so much! Please don’t be so hard on yourself. You don’t need to be perfect! I want to play King’s Raid forever and ever, ’til death do us part <3

    I had not heard of Season 2 until now and am so looking forward to it. I am so grateful to be here celebrating your 4th anniversary together with all our beloved Heroes!!!

    I can't believe the story of Kasel and his friends will be coming to an end. From a player/development perspective, and it sounds like a practical writing decision as well! It will definitely be bittersweet to see this chapter come to a close, but I am hopeful that we will see our Heroes reunite and regenerate all of the love and friendship they've shared!

  16. Please fix your meme November balance patch (Crow, Theo, Lewi, Tanya…),

    Also give us more stamina potions and fix magic to physical disparity and I will forgive you for the mistakes you made last year Vespa.

  17. Buff Crow, Theo, May (literally most powercreeped NPC), Talisha and ALL Magic Knights.

    Save magic teams and stop with the “magic has the uPpErHaNd” BS. Physical has the uPpErHaNd for over a year!