[KING’s RAID Studio] December’s 2nd Developer Talk

Greetings Raiders!
This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

We have prepared a second Developer Talk episode based on the feedback that all of you have provided.

We would like to let you know about what we have planned as well as answer some of your questions and feedback with regards to Hero Balance Adjustments and Quality of Life/Content Improvements.

▌Hero Balance Adjustments

We are planning to adjust the balance for Gremory, Shea, and Artemia during the first update of January 2021. You may wonder why there are only 3 Heroes being adjusted unlike the balance adjustments in November and December. We had tried to tweak as many Heroes as we could at once but found that adjusting too many Heroes at once led to unforeseen circumstances while testing as well as other issues. We think that is mainly why the balance adjustments turned out to be lackluster. As such, we have decided to only adjust the balance for a few Heroes in order to focus and make notable changes. Please check below for more details on what we are planning for the Heroes in question.

The original plan for ‘Gremory’ was for her to be an Assassin dealer able to support other Heroes. We have decided that her performance as an Assassin not living up to our expectations as well as a lack of content that she excels at is an issue. We plan to adjust Gremory so that she will be able to fulfill her dealer role as well as perform better in various content by enhancing her main skills in a variety of ways.

‘Artemia’ was a Hero that was able to defeat multiple enemies by using Area of Effect skills. However, she was unable to perform as well as she used to after higher tier dungeons and monsters with better abilities had been added. We plan to enhance her Area of Effect skills to allow her to be able to clear multiple enemies at a time to allow Artemia to claim her former glory.

Finally ‘Shea’ was an attractive Hero that allowed you to provide buffs for your team as well as sustain crowd control immunity. However, ‘Fallen Frey’ added in June also had a crowd control immunity effect and Shea was also balanced to the point where she is no longer quite on the list of ‘must have’ Heroes. We have decided to make it easier to utilize Shea as well as to allow multiple buff effects at the same time in order to mitigate the current issues.

We have fully felt your mistrust in us to make buff oriented balance adjustments from the previous Developer Talk episode. We also agree that there are some older Heroes that lost their place or niche in KING’s RAID and it is our plan to continue making adjustments to those Heroes in order to allow your favorite Heroes to be used in various content once more.

▌Quality of Life and Content Improvements

First of all we would like to apologize for the improvements mentioned in November’s Developer Talk, such as ‘Increasing the chance of obtaining a Soulstone via Soul Judgement’, ‘Renewal of the monthly Roll Book’ etc, taking longer to implement in-game than expected due to preparing new content at the same time as making adjustments.

We are planning for the ‘Increasing the chance of obtaining a Soulstone via Soul Judgement’ update to hit the live servers during the second update of January 2021. We plan on continuing to develop Soul Weapon content in a way to allow more Raiders to enjoy it, but we do hope you will understand that we will not be able to increase the chances in a way that will allow Soulstones to become an ordinary/everyday pull.

With regards to the ‘Renewall of the monthly Roll Book’, we are sorry to say that it may take a while longer as we are also trying to rework the entire system instead of simply changing the rewards due to extra development and testing. We will do our best to bring you this new Roll Book as soon as we can.

We are also taking a look at other content that we see as outdated in the current meta. Among the various content we are looking at World Boss, Guild Content is high up on our To-do list and we are aiming to make changes in 1Q 2021.

Again, we apologize for the delays in implementation, but we hope you understand that it was due to us doing our best in order to figure out the best way and point in which to change the contentto provide a better gaming experience. We will continue to monitor your feedback as well as the game data in order to improve what needs to be changed.

▌Client Stabilization

Lag/Freezing/Crashes as well as being unable to access certain content is constantly on our radar and we are fully aware of the significant turn off factor that they present. While we are constantly working on client stabilization, we are sorry that we do not have as much to show with regards to these issues.

We will do our best to make meaningful changes in order to allow you to play in a more stable environment without having to fight the game itself. This is always at the top of our issue list and is something that we are chipping away at. Please bear with us a bit more and we promise that we will continue to make steps in the right direction.

It is unfortunate that we had much to apologize for and not much to celebrate in this episode of Developer Talk as well. We are always aware that the KING’s RAID Studio can only exist thanks to the love and support of all our Raiders and will continue to strive to make improvements to allow you to have a better experience while enjoying KING’s RAID.

Through our attempts at communication via Developer Talk, Behind the Development, Storytelling from the Scenario Team, etc we felt that we still have a long ways to go. Unfortunately, this episode of Developer Talk will be the last of the series, but we plan on trying to find better ways to communicate. However, we will always have our ears open to your feedback and will come back with a new platform for communication. We hope that you will stay with us to see the improvements being made to KING’s RAID in the future.

Thank you.
KING’s RAID Studio

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  1. I love the direction the game is going but I swear to god, if you screw up Shea like you did with Aisha I won’t get to see any of these changes. I’m already on the edge of my patience with the incompetence of the balance team, but I’m still somewhat hopeful something good will happen that will change the boring state of this game. Please understand! We don’t want Shea to be EASIER, we want her to be STRONGER. Enough with making this game a cakewalk for braindead players. Shea was historically the only high risk high reward hero we have ever had, and you are going to screw it up.

    1. I appreciate your passion for the passion for the game, but this comes off unnecessarily nasty. As a recognized content creator in the West, you’re particularly empowered to help lead the community in a more positive direction. Like in a marriage, threatening to leave may feel like a big power play, but it’s never the best way to bring real changes.

    2. Making Shea worthwhile enough to play again means she’ll have to displace a spot that is already occupied by current ‘required’ support. Then you get a pile of newShea totally makes XYZ unit useless posts!!!
      If she’s powerful enough to get the max score for max/min content, then she’s going to be required again. If that’s the case, I hope Vespa can get their servers/instances to be lag free. There’s still too many hiccups and weird lag to make high touch units fun to play.
      It would be annoying if she will need to occupy a manual spot again as well. Already have enough need-to-be-manual units taking up 4spots. Wish Vespa could add a side skills bar for the subteam.

      While it would be more engaging if Ffrey shield doesn’t negate the mechanics of all pre-TM fights, the fact remains that KR really hasn’t added new content other than TM in a long while. All that old content just wasn’t made with a Ffrey shield in mind.

      I do wish Vespa GL in making older units more relevant/viable alternative again in some content; but ultimately they just really gotta add more new/variety of content.

    3. I’m hopeless with this situation for the exact same thing you are saying. The only way to succesfully buff Shea is to bring her back to top spot, and that is equally as bad for the game. It’s why I insist over and over again the right way to balance this game is nerfing FFrey. She noty only pushes all other priests to a side in every single content, but also enables a lot of squishy heroes and team comps who in the past had to sacrifice quite a bit of damage in order to add defensive tools or mitigation layers to avoid death. Nothing of that exists anymore, and they could give Shea any upgrade I can think of and nothing of substance will change in the game.
      My only hope is when they say “make her easier” is to make her a bit more auto/dispatch friendly, and somehow excel in multiwave content. Otherwise, the only real way of bringing balance in the future as you say is inventing fights that cater to old heroes strengths, and artificially punish shields.

  2. Buff Dimael pls? I mean, just look at this compare to every other heroes’ skillsets lmao
    Dimael Skills
    Skill 1: Dark Rampage [Cost: 1] [Cooldown: 8]
    Deals ??? M.DMG to an enemy.

    Skill 2: Black Shackle [Cost: 3] [Cooldown: 15]
    Deals ??? M.DMG to enemies in range and shackles them for 6 sec.

    Skill 3: Shadow Wave [Cost: 3] [Cooldown: 20]
    Deals ??? M.DMG to enemies in a straight line and inflicts Blind for 6 sec.

    Skill 4: Black Stain
    Each auto attack deals extra ??? M.DMG that ignores target’s M.DEF.

      1. You’re trolling right? How can you say he’s fine after seeing how simplistic his skills are? He’s one of the ldest heroes and he’s very outdated.

      2. Yeah I think Dimael is just fine, many challanger tier use him good, it just people who suck at build him

      3. Haha yeah! I see mre dimaels in challenger mre than others archers! Pls nerrf dimael and buff ratquinaaaa

  3. Keep delaying the little things people ask you to do, way to go.

    It sure is really hard to change a number by an other number. 3 months to buff sw pulls ? No, it’s been more than a year that it is irrelevant.

    You do realize most (non ignorant) people aren’t asking for better performances but rather a nerf on fucking broken bullshit heroes, right ? Stop being delusional and face the truth, not only you made crazy strong ones that are entirely shaping the metagame (bs dark lord kasel and fallen frey for example) but you are also ineffective in properly buffing heroes so they can fight those other broken heroes. In the end you just made insignificant buffs most of the time, and it’s not enough for most players.

    But because you’re so entitled to not nerf the op ones, some people will ask you to make their heroes OP aswell.

    Nerfing 5-10 heroes or buffing 60-70 heroes ?

    You are stupid to take the long road especially if you are already too busy to try and hide the misery of the lags and crashes of your poor game.

    King’s Raid is in a pityful shape, what a shame…

    1. How the hell is Increased SW chance irrelevant?

      People are asking for performance optimization. I know I would like to play without crashing every 10 minutes on emulator.

      I agree with nerfing heroes, and they need to revisit previous buffs, but what the hell is “you’re so entitled to not nerf the op ones”? Do you even know what entitled means?

      You say none is asking for performance fix, then go ahead and complain about performance? and that they’re hiding it?

      You are the ignorant one here.

    1. Yeah vespa has forgotten mirianne. Look at all those overpowered assasins such as kibera, ezekiel, nia and ripine. I believed shes 1 of the assasins apart from gladi and laudia that has yet to buff. Pls nerf the other assasins such as nia, kibera and eze, they are truly broken.

  4. Hero Balance

    These changes are either quite good, absolutely horrible. Nera has won himself a place in my shakmeh team. Let’s hope the buffs are along the lines of of Nera, Frey, or Lilia… and not another Aisha, or Crow.

    I’m mostly interested in the Shea changes. Shea was a great hero to get at some point, giving a lot, but also taking some investment and manualing to make work. FFrey completely replaced her with her immense shield (it basically never breaks), while also having far more offensive capabilities. Just making Shea more accessible wont cut it. FFreys shield also brings a whole lot of problems and I still think a nerf would make your life easier.

    I also think you need to revisit the heroes in the October Balance and the ones before. Some of them still have problems (Hilda) others have received close to nothing (Crow) or even lost things (Aisha). Lewi also still has a broken perk and UT, not usable without S4L. These things should be looked at again.


    You need to announce delays earlier. You could have said this in the last Dev Talk. A simple “We are working on it, it takes longer than expected”, would have been better than nothing.

    Soul Judgement was something I had been saving up for, but with no word on it in the last dev talk I decided to use my Fragments. No one is expecting the Soul Stones to drop all the time, but getting that one measly ball of ether just feels horrible too. Interested what you’re going to do here. Simple chance increase? or more changes?

    Roll book is getting a complete overhaul, huh. That is great, but of course that is also going to take longer.

    Happy to see you thinking about Guild Content.

    GR and GC need some work. GR is ridiculously easy these days and needs something fresh. GC1 and GC2 are also relatively easy, with most of the guild simply ignoring those bosses, as just a few players are taking them out entirely. With GC3 being taken killed even after the HP buff, I think there needs to be more substantial change for it.

    One thing I thought might make it more interesting would be something like Pre-fixes, changing some boss mechanics to favor different lineups, Changing pillar positions / amount, changing boss debuffs, buffs, etc. with each rotate could keep it fresh and interesting, making a more diverse roster in the guild favorable – instead of all building the same teams.


    The client needs work, now. instead of new content, you should make the old content function properly. People are still losing eclipse teams, gc entries, etc.

    > Unfortunately, this episode of Developer Talk will be the last of the series, but we plan on trying to find better ways to communicate

    Why is this the last Dev Talk? What are you going to do next? It sounds too me like there is nothing to replace it yet. Are we going to be sitting in the dark until you decide to let us know patch notes as it was a year ago?

  5. I’m just sad heroes such as shamilla who got like 0 improvements are not even going to be reworked, I have been waiting years for that but the single patch we got did absolutely NOTHING…

    Guess she is just part of the unlucky bunch that had their only opportunity of getting a proper buff screwed up for at least 2 another years….

  6. First of all, Thanks for the updates plan. It’s a really good approach to keep us player updated about the direction of the game.

    Looks like my advice (about the giving us player information about what will you do to the balanced heroes) is here too, i also believe that’s a good thing since you as developer of the game will be able to see player opinion/reaction of how their beloved heroes become after the patch..

    If i may give you another advice, since you took no-nerfs approach, there’s a (very) long line of queue of old heroes need to be “adjusted” to current state of the game. It would be great if you give us the list of heroes that will be on that line for let’s say.. next 3 months periods. For example; for 1st jan patch is she,arte,grem..for 1st feb patch is yanne,kara,viska..and for march there will be lewisia,erze,jane and so on. This way we will have a good understanding that our beloved old heroes is not forgotten and there’s still a glimpse of hope for them.

    And if this is the last devs talk, please maintain if not make a better way to communicate to your player..

    Goodluck !

  7. buff chase pliss his damage now is very sad seriously in pve and pvp he now like a uselles heroes cause lack of damage even naila and gauLord more broken even kasel get much damage in pvp or pve so sad now chase like a nicky meme dps :'(

  8. So Vespa, after getting 100+ comments on your previous post about refusing to nerf heroes you decided to stay silent and pretend you didn’t hear anything?

    Also those 100+ comments you received in the first two hours when you made that meme November patch?

    Just rename your damn game to Pansirone Raid already.

    If Gremory and Shea gets meme buffs, you can stuff it.


    Again, there is still 0 incentive to invest in any of your heroes except the broken ones: Pansirone, Fallen Frey, Lorraine, Dark Lord Kasel (Xerah, Ripine/Riheet to some extent as well).

    Your game still has NO DIVERSITY.
    Only 5-10 heroes are being used whilst like 90+ continue to suck.

    Also Velk got killed already (even after HP buff) LUL.
    Also Xanadus still no Physical Amp change even after 9 months. Xanadus also about to die because you pets don’t give basic stats, but DAMAGE LAYERS.

    Bring nerfs back, re-buff all memed November heroes and you’re set to make people happy in 2021.

  9. Lol, last Developer Talk? Guess you’ve given up already. I knew this thing will be short-lived just like your Letters to Developers back in 2018/9.

    Buff all the heroes who got memed in November again.

  10. I really hope that Gremory got selected because my mail suggestions some days ago showing how she lacks in comparison to others, I’m happy but at the same time scared hoping that she will get an actual relevant buff as a damage dealer role, I’ll keep suggesting other things I left out after seeing this, seeing this made my day but I want to think as well of other players with their favorites heroes and as well the meme buffs heroes got on November, 3 heroes a month when there is 96 heroes in game is absurd.




    I want see REAL buffs for our memed November heroes: Roi, Theo, Crow, Lewisia, Tanya, etc!!!

    None of them got real buffs! All just meme!

  12. Thank you for your hard work. I hope this game will be so exciting next year as well. I am confident that more heroes will continue to change their hairstyles. I still miss it. And NPC Valance. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, a lot of health.

  13. Buffing Artemia, Shea and Gremory is definitely a listening to the fans and a step in the right way. Next would be buff Aisha, Dimael (his skills are too boring Vespa please), Crisha, Nia, Viska, Mirianne, Reina, Luna and of Course Yanne. I think Yanne is the worst hero right now, so a buff is really needed. Then nerf Pansirone and FFrey. I know you have a no-nerf-policy, but nerfing then doesn’t mean make them useless. But when you can go through various content without a tank but a shield, there is something wrong. Don’t kill them, just nerf them a bit. Pansi can stay at the top, but not alone. Together with other heroes. Thank you for making this game possible and a happy new year.

  14. Thank you for you effort I appreciate that you directly address the feedback. Some people could definietely be nicer about it but at the same time their frustration is understandable.

    Please understand however, that no one expects you to make the OP heroes to be useless. They can be nerfed properly without destroying them. Look at FFrey, her shield perk increases number of targets from 4 to all without any drawback. All other heroes usually have their mana cost increased or the effectiveness of the skill reduced(Cain, Frey, Zafir). Add 1 mana cost if the perk is picked, reduce dmg increase from S1 perk from 20% to 10% and remove heal rate reduction from s1. Voila, still strong but more balanced.

    Please, buff Esker. His s4 is utterly terrible. It takes forever to stack and it’s not that great. Consider reducing the time from 10 sec per stack to 5 and give him 50% crit dmg at full stacks. Make s2 undispellable for himself and make his UW increase his mana on basic attacks as well(but for half value).

    Thank you again for your work, I do wish you best and keep my fingers crossed for your success. Merry Christmas.

    1. Esker does not need buffs, imo.

      Anymore and we’ll get Esker complaints in. I don’t want him to be Magic Pansirone thanks. Similarly, even when he isn’t played main DPS, he is amazing as support for magic teams in scoring content.

      Regarding s4 taking too long to stack, I want to say that Esker’s whole kit is meant to be based around stacking as he is meant for long-duration PVE battles only.

      He is good for what he is meant for and I’m happy with that.

      And this is coming from an A220 Esker main.

      1. Dark lord Kasel should hae his no need for accuracy removed, there is litle to no defense to his mana block, or should have a initial cooldown like berheim for that matter

  15. I smell bulshit, in mid january you just gonna postpone it to another month, didn’t ya ?

    I suggest you just stop making new hero if you can’t manage them all, don’t say BALANCE if you just buffing them all and never nerf anyone

  16. I honestly am disappointed you make no mention of rebalancing the November heroes you memed HARD.

    Could your team please redo the November balance patch with the same heroes (excluding Lilia/Hilda/Miruru) + add in Yanne and Dakaris in there as well?


  17. Vespa ignore those that ask for nerf but also asklng for buff.they are clearly not understand the word balance.this people not wanted a balance they wanted to replace.if you wanted to nerf then nerf all hero to the lv the lowest hero.that way all balance if you cant nerf all at once then nerf at least 5 hero every month vice viersa

  18. Arte buff:
    – More NH damage
    – More DMG
    – Innate Crit, Cdmg, Penet
    – Undispellable S4

    – Boost allies NH damage
    – Boost allies penet

    – more innate mana regen
    – more faster animation

    1. I hope Vespa do NOT listen to your pepega suggestions.

      First, you’re asking for way too much for Arte. Do y oy want her to be Magic Pansirone or something? Please no.

      Second, as IF Gremory will be saved just by getting more “mana regen” and “faster animation”. She needs WAY more changes than that.

  19. I know aisha is not many people favorite these days especially for new player, but please, make her great again! Plus you said nerf hero gonna “dishearten” people that already invested on them, but what about aisha, or any other hero that maybe already forgotten, with many transfer tickets these days it’s like you suggested us to change our favorite hero to newer one for content sake,

  20. Some real love for Hilda would be welcome. Everything about her points towards a main dps geared towards TM raids in particular, and chunky steady damage with some burst potential in general, but there are quite a few holes in her kit. The buff left many things unanswered, some new voids like a now useless perk and didn’t make her fulfil her role, but with even how small it was the change was welcome.

    1. Hilda is a PvP hero. Not sure why everyone wants her to be good at everything (next Pansi). Hilda is S tier in LOH, especially if you run TM gear lines which increases the damage of her normal attacks.

      For PvE she is good in Siegfried TM raids. Earth 10 not the best, but far from the worse.

      That being said, the November balance patch was terrible and all of them (excluding Lilia) need another round of buffs. And REAL ones this time.