[Patch Notes] Update List of December 21st (Mon) – Updated

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with news about the latest update.

Let’s take a look at what is prepared for the update on December 21st (Mon)!

※ Please note that the screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken from a test environment and may differ from what you see in-game.

[Update List]

▌ New Heroes

▶ December’s New Heroes <Lightning Flash of the Dark Moon ‘Riheet’ / Swordswoman of the Silver Moon ‘Ripine’> [LINK]

※ Notice regarding the joint skill(Full Moon Execution (4th Skill)) of Riheet/Ripine
– The joint skill ‘Full Moon Execution (4th Skill)’ will be used immediately by either Riheet/Ripine if they are set as AUTO ON.
– If one of either Riheet/Ripine is set to the Sub Team and another is on the Main Team with AUTO OFF, the Hero on the Sub Team will use ‘Full Moon Execution (4th Skill)’ automatically if the skill is activated.
 :: Please note that you will not have the ability to select when to use ‘Full Moon Execution (4th Skill)’ if a Hero is on the Sub Team which will participate in battle with AUTO ON, unlike the Hero on the Main Team which can be set as either AUTO ON/OFF.

▶ Added Limited Costume for Riheet / Ripine

– Lunar Liberator Riheet / Lunar Liberator Ripine costumes have been added.
– The costume can be obtained from the ‘First 10 time summon benefits’ for the Rebel Clause Step-up Summon.

※ These costumes will not receive accumulated bonus effects.
※ In-game illustrations will be shown separately per Hero.

▌ New Costumes

▶ 2020 Christmas Costumes (2nd)
– 8 new 2020 Christmas Costumes (2nd) have been added.
– You will be able to obtain 3% more EXP when owning one of these costumes.

– Nicky / May / Xerah / Isolet

– Dosarta / Evan / Hanus / Kirze

▶ Costume Signature Motions Added
“Signature motions for the 2020 Christmas Costumes (2nd) have been added.”
– Heroes will have specific signature motions even if the costumes are of similar concepts.
– You can check signature motions by going to [Dressing Room] > [See Motions].

▌Special Event/Dungeon

▶ Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Riheet & Ripine (Part 1) [LINK]
“Take a look at what happened to Riheet and Ripine when they arrived at an Orvel that wasn’t a target for their vengance.”

– Event Period: After maintenance on December 21st (Mon) ~ Before maintenance on January 19th (Tue)
– You can enter the [Episode: Riheet & Ripine] dungeon by talking to ‘NPC Riheet’ located at [Central Orvel].
– The [Episode: Riheet & Ripine] dungeon will be split into 2 parts.
※ Part 2 will open during the maintenance on January 5th (Tue).
– The [Episode: Riheet & Ripine (Part 1)] dungeon consists of 7 [Story Dungeons].
– You will be able to obtain Riheet and Ripine (both 5 Star, Lv. 50) after clearing the Story Dungeon Prologue.
– Please check the details from the Hero Special Dungeon notice.

▶ Estelle’s Special Order – Returning Raiders Jumping Order
“We’ve come back with special orders that will help returning Raiders JUMP right back into the action!”
– Period: After maintenance on December 21st (Mon) ~ Until further notice
– Who can participate: Accounts that have not logged into KING’s RAID for more than 15 days

– [Returning Raiders Jumping Order] will appear 1 time per account for accounts that have not logged in for more than 15 days. (Will appear from the 15th day)
– The [Returning Raiders Jumping Order] will not appear even if more than 15 days have passed if the account is already clearing [Beginner Raider Jumping Order].
– The Returning Raider Jumping Order will not be visible once you have cleared all the missions and received the rewards.

– You can move to the Special Order page via the [Returning Raiders Jumping Order] icon on the main page or in the [Missions] page.

– [Returning Raiders Jumping Order] is comprised of 14 [Daily], 13 [Challenge] and 14 [Attendance] missions.
– Missions must be completed in order. The next mission will only be unlocked if the previous mission has been cleared. (e.g. Challenge 3 can only be accessed after clearing Challenge 2)

[Jumping Order Information]

※ The ‘Daily Missions Progress Bar’ is the [Progress] bar that can be found at the bottom of [Mission] > [Daily/Weekly] > [Daily Mission].

▌Improvements / Changes

▶ Added new functions to Valance’s Workshop

– You will now be able to select the [Additional Skill] when crafting Technomagic Gear from [Valance’s Workshop] > [Technomagic Crafting].
– You will see the [Additional Skill] filter if you select all [Set, Class, Type] when [Technomagic Crafting].
– You will consume additional Boss Crystals and Technomagic Experiment Reports when selecting the [Additional Skill]. (Total consumption: Boss Crystals x54,000, Technomagic Experiment Reports x40)

▶ League of Honor Global Regular Season 11 Open
“The League of Honor Global Regular Season 10 will start after the end of the pre-season.”
– Regular Season Period: January 3rd (Sun) 09:00 ~ February 28th (Sun) [PST]
– Regular Season 11 reward costumes will have a [Preview] feature.
– 6 new accessories will be added as Regular Season Ranking Rewards. (Legendary x3 / Ancient x3)
– The [Honor Medal Shop] and [Insignia of Honor Shop] will be reset in accordance with the start of Regular Season 11.
– The [Insignia of Honor Shop] item list will be updated.

– You will be able to choose the costumes of [Requina / Fluss / Ophelia] upon using either the ‘Honor Costume Ticket (Snowflake of Resolution)’ or ‘Glaring Honor Costume Ticket (Snowflake of Resolution)’.

[Season 11 Ranking Rewards – New Costumes]
– Annette

– Lucias

[Season 11 Ranking Rewards – New Accessories]
– [Blooming Blue Flame] Thorned Crown of Honor (Ancient) / [Blooming Blue Flame] Thorned Crown of Glaring Honor (Legendary)

– [Blooming Blue Flame] Monocle of Honor (Ancient) / [Blooming Blue Flame] Monocle of Glaring Honor (Legendary)

– [Blooming Blue Flame] Wings of Honor (Ancient) / [Blooming Blue Flame] Champion Wings of Honor (Legendary)

▶ Changed the way the League of Honor League Ranking Rewards are Distributed
– We have changed the way League of Honor League Ranking Rewards will be distributed. (Image updated as of December 20th 20:28 23:25 23:50 [PST])

▶ Guild War Global Regular Season 8 Open
“Guild War Regular Season 8 will start after a brief interval once Season 7 ends.”
– Regular Season 7 End-date: January 4th (Mon) 06:59 [PST]
– Regular Season 8 Period: January 11th (Sun) 08:00 ~ March 22nd (Mon) 06:59 [PST] Postponed until further notice [Updated January 4th 23:00 (PST)]

▶ Added January’s Story & Cutscenes to the Monthly Orvel
“Congratulate the lucky Heroes that have birthdays in January!”
– Heroes with birthdays in January will be revealed in the Monthly Orvel on January 1st (Fri).
– You will be able to obtain a reward after watching a cutscene of the Hero’s birthday. (Rewards will only be given 1 time.)
– New Heroes that have their birthday in January are as follows.
:: Hilda

▶ Added new Title Illustrations for Lil’ Raiders / Heroes
– Lil’ Raider / Hero Illustrations have been added to the ‘Technomagic Kingdom’ Main Title Illustration.
 :: Illustrations with Lil’ Raiders will be shown during the day (06:00 ~ 18:00).
 :: Illustrations with Riheet & Ripine will be shown during the night (18:00 ~ 06:00).

▶ In-game Community Changes
“The in-game community UI has changed due to PLUG service termination.”
 :: Please make sure to check the following notice for more details. [LINK]
– The in-game PLUG community UI has been replaced with a new community UI.

– You will be able to select and move to the relevant community by pressing the icons on the left of the community UI.
– Provided communities: EN Community / Facebook.EN / KRO Twitter

※ Please note that the EN Community is a temporary community site. We will provide more details of the community platform being developed at VESPA once it is ready to be released.

▌Challenge Raid

[54th Party Clear Challenge Raid – Kerberen]

▶ Challenge Raid ‘Kerberen’ Balance Adjustments
– The ATK / HP of Kerberen has been increased by 15%.

(Typo fixed as of December 20th 22:30 [PST])

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes
– Fixed an issue where the ‘Darkness of Baudouin’ costume would show incorrectly in-game.
– (iOS ONLY) Fixed an issue where the 2020 Christmas Costume (Holy Night of the Desert Laudia) will not appear when equipping default weapons.

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes
– (English ONLY) Fixed an issue where the introduction text for ‘Isolet’ was incorrect.
– Fixed an issue where the clear results will not be properly saved when clearing the Battlefield of Ordeals content with only one particular Hero.

That was all for the second update of December!
Happy Raiding!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris

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  1. So in the end is 1 TM selector per month at best.
    Since we only can get 10 reports per week, not to mention you wont have enought mats to upgreat your new gear….
    And you totally forget about the increased rate for soul judgment…
    Such horrible year and your making it worse, thanks 🙁

      1. Reports may be a problem instead of crystals, you get 10 reports a week so it is 1 tm selector per month

    1. This is end game content for a reason, you slowly build up your gear to be able to do dragon and get chimera gear to eventually be able to get TM gear. As a vet who has been playing for 3 ish years this is nice to have something to work towards.

  2. I love the Evan costume but are you being serious Vespa?!
    Only ONE male hero gets a Christmas costume (Evan) in this batch… really???

    The male to female costume ratio is getting WORSE and WORSE every patch. It used to be 3:5, then it went to 2:6 and now it’s 1:7.

    And let’s not forget there are heroes who haven’t had costumes in years (poor Dakaris/Kaulah etc).
    Plus how you “buffed” Ripine’s chest to make her sell… god.

    Well at least the Lucias LOH costume is good.

  3. Poor Roi was so badly “buffed” in November that he is trying to make ends meet by modelling for Vespa’s new LOH accessory… even then he can’t even show his face because he is forgotten and not loved by Vespa.

    Sadly Roi users are all dead. They’re non-existent ever since the release of transfer tickets.
    And btw, huge laughs to making a selector cost 54k crystals and 40 reports. Absolutely ridiculous. Should have been 30k at most + 20 reports.

    Horrible year overall. Cannot wait to see your “Green Note” and “January Developer Talk” where you will get even more backlash for not listening to players and saying more laughable things about balance.

  4. Are you insane??! 40 REPORTS for one selector?! We don’t even have many ways to earn reports! It should have been at MAX 20… But no. ¥€$PA really wants players to wait FOUR months to craft ONE set.

    As usual Vespa screws up and never fails to disappoint.
    *claps* 👏

      1. Imagine the game will have longevity. Considering the state of balance (it just got worse with Ripine + Riheet combo) I highly doubt it. At best, maybe a year or two.

  5. Can’t wait for patch to come to transfer Gremory/Dimael to Lorraine, Pansirone or Fallen Frey. Or maybe the new heroes too. Since that’s what Vespa wants everyone to do after all.

    Since they gave up on balance 🙂

  6. “Please note that the screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken from a test environment and may differ from what you see in-game.”

    Wait, you actually test your game? Because from the current state it’s in (balance/crashes and optimisation) it sure doesn’t seem like it.

  7. Vepsa is the dark souls 2 of game companies for every good thing they do they have to shank just to make the good thing mediocre or bad

    Tm crafting YAY
    4 months for one set of gears NAY

  8. I agree with many commentators here. ONE piece of TM a month is a massive joke. It’s been like 5 months since this garbage equipment system was implemented along with Ch.10. But you have NOTHING significant to fix it’s huge problems. At least reduce the amount of Technomagic Reports it costs to craft. Seriously. We only get 10 reports per week.

    Basically from the last few patches: Both balance and TM gear acquisition in Pansirone’s Raid still remains a joke. Lies, lies and more lies from Vespa’s team to “improve”.

    The whole year has been money focus: 45k rubies limited costumes, rubies to open Central Orvel, 99-pages long Special Shop Updates, gear presets which cost 1k for more slots but crashes upon use, pets which have separate damage multipliers…
    • Let’s not forget their latest announcement to “not nerf” broken heroes (Pansirone/Fallen Frey/Lorraine/Dark Lord Kasel), their simple but stupid HP buff to Velk (which needs hell lot more changes) and 9 months no notice to changing WB3 Physicsl Amplification. How they buffed Ripine’s chest to make her sell and made her brother Riheet DLK v2… but perhaps even more cancerous… this shows you their priorities are all over the place.

    Vespa, you keep stabbing your playerbase over the over with your baffling decisions. This means that the wounds you create from your empty promises and refusal to listen to players feedback ultimately never heals.

    If you want to drive even more players away, then you’re indeed heading there.

    So much for your latest Christmas letter where you claim to have “not given up on the game”. Your actions speak otherwise.

  9. Plot Twist: Vespa is never gonna renew the Estelle Missions (we gut the 100 days for a mission that can be completed within 2 weeks). They will just say “30 more days” and “60 more days” and “100 more days”…

  10. Please re-buff ALL the heroes in November balance patch (+ Dakaris from December) because they all got memed apart from Lilia and Hilda.

    Also buff Gremory (Yanne no.2) because she is garbage everywhere. New hero Ripine 0* UW/UT/no SW out-DPS Gremory and is also useable in way more contents.

    Focus on BALANCE in 2021 instead of stupid powercreep heroes/equipment/pets system.