[Notice] December 21st, 2020 Known Issues – Updated

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with news about certain Known Issues within the game.

Please have a look below for further details.

[Known Issues as of December 20th, 2020 – 23:00 (PST)]

▶ (iOS ONLY) An issue where pressing the [Get The App] on the [Community – Twitter] page will not function properly if you do not already have the Twitter App on your device.
▶ An issue where the [Accumulated Login] rewards will not show past the 1,400 Day rewards.

[Known Issues as of December 21st, 2020 – 01:30 (PST)]

An issue where [Mission] > [Event] would show the names of incorrect events that are not applied in-game. (Pressing them would lead to the correct event pages)
Fixed as of December 21st, 2020 02:28 (PST)

[Known Issues as of December 21st, 2020 – 07:15 (PST)]

▶ An issue where the HP for Riheet and Ripine in the Room of Ordeals is higher than intended.
Fixed via the hotfix on December 22nd, 2020 04:30 (PST)
▶ An issue where the BGM for Chapter 9 at the Jukebox in the Lil’ Raider House is different from the actual Chapter 9 BGM in-game.
Fixed via the hotfix on December 22nd, 2020 04:30 (PST)

[Known Issues as of December 21st, 2020 – 23:45 (PST)]

▶ An issue where the “2020 Christmas Costume Ticket (2nd)” will appear to have no costume selections upon use.
Fixed via the hotfix on December 22nd, 2020 04:30 (PST)

[Known Issues as of December 22nd, 2020 – 04:40 (PST)]

▶ An issue where the cut-scene with Mirianne in the Hero Special Dungeon Episode : Riheet & Ripine would show incorrectly for certain devices.

We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced while playing the game and will do our best to provide a better gaming experience while playing King’s Raid.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
GM Dakaris

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  1. Alright GtM Dakaris, I ran Orvel out of town and I’ll gladly do the same to you.

    Tell you what, since you’re somewhat new here I’ll go easy on you.

    Here is a list of bugs and crashes that have yet to be fixed by your incompetent dev team.
    Alright GM Dakaris, I ran Orvel out of town and I’ll do the same to you no problem.

    1: Clicking on any NPC to enter their designated features crashes the game; forcing you to waste 10 minutes of your life relogging in and getting another crash on the loading screen.

    2: Unknown error is back; and no one wants him here.

    3: Upon entering the Guild realm entering Guild Raid or Guild War crashes the game.

    4: The unplayable central orvel event. Literally laughable, took me close to an hour just to complete the 5 entry tickets. Incompetency at its finest! Crash upon entering the battle, crash upon clearing the battle–shit I even crash during the loading screen when I do eventually get into the event!

    5: Opening dragon boxes, or rather ANY dispatch box crashes the game if the quantity to open is more than 10. Absolute joke.

    6: Lil Raiders’ home does not display correctly, making it very easy to click out of it. Also, there’s crashes there too!

    7: Chapter 10 is a meme in itself for crashes, upon entering Valence Workshop there’s yet another crash!

    8: Challenge raid and World Bosses are almost unplayable due to crashes upon entering or completing them; wasting your time on them.

    9: The special shop! Not only is it a shit stain for your company, but it shows the absolute greed of vestard as well. Prices are beyond laughable; why would you put IAPs on a game barely anyone can fucking play for more than 10 minutes at a time? Besides the point; when scrolling through the special shop guess what happens. Crash!

    10: Tower of Challenge is pointless for two reasons. The terrible rewarda and yes, crashes again!

    That about sums up all the crashes I’ve encountered on your game, if you don’t fix these then honestly I could care less about playing this game. Despite wasting over $23,000 on your game in the past you have shown no signs of improving. You’re all about the $$$ while giving nothing in return.

    Now before you say “oh get a new phone” these crashes appear on Emulator–but even then I still encounter them on my iPad.

    Fix your damn game, it literally takes less than 30 fucking minutes to apply an easy fix to prevent these annoying crashes.

    It’s NOT Bluestacks problem–it’s your problem vespa. I can play BBS, Genshin Impact, etc on Bluestacks with 0 lag and 0 crashes. Take responsibility for your blatant fuckup for once.

    1. I’ve been playing with Bluestacks as well and I’ve definitely experienced some of these problems, but c’mon, you didn’t have to be that rude in your write-up. Frustrated yes, but writing in such a negative manner makes it easier to disregard the good points you made as simple bellyaching (even if it’s not).

      1. I shall give credit where it’s most certainly due.
        GM Dakaris has not deleted the comment yet, so he has thick skin.

    2. I just moved to LD player and installed the apk for emulators. No problems since then. No buggy interfaces, no random crashes, no notable bugs. Don’t bitch around, the problem is on you and your setup.

      1. Japanese whales are REALLY whales, even i am poor compared to them..
        You are only a poor soul waiting attention.. ;]
        Use your couple of thousand to dry your tears..

      2. Oh LOL look who’s deleting comments already!
        I’ll post it again so he can delete it once more–proving my point about the company again.
        It’ll be hilariousy to see all the JP Whaletards go pennyless when this game shuts down.
        Dw Dakaris, I’ll be around for a long time; you’ll have your work cut out for you :).

      3. I fully understand that you are frustrated by the lack of progress, feedback, and various issues there currently are affecting the game, and am sorry that I cannot offer more clear-cut answers.
        I am not in a position to make promises for change or more communication. However, for what my word is worth, I do promise that I am doing my best to pass on the community’s feedback and frustrations.

        I also fully support the freedom of speech and recognize that constructive/moderated criticism is an important part of a community, even aimed at the company, myself, or others.
        This of course does not mean that I believe everyone can go at each other with malicious intent.

        If you do not believe so, please note that I have not deleted any of your other posts and have no intention to do so.
        I deleted that particular post as I saw it promoting something that is against the Terms of Service whether it be a widespread/commonplace thing to do or not.

        My apologies about the long response but I felt that I had to speak out as we will be moderating this community, although it is a temporary one, more than we did with PLUG.

      4. Well well well. I’ll give you an applaud–no sarcasm here. I’m glad that you aren’t some mindless Oaf lackey working for this company. Glad to see that you gave an actual well typed out response. I’m truly impressed, Dakaris. Thank you for the response; one of the things that I wanted from GMs.

        I am shocked, honestly. But in a good way, :).

      5. Nice to see you here again FalseProphet. I thought you left, you’re another old PLUG legend along with that gays raid guy.

      6. @GM Dakaris. Lil Raiders’ home now displays correctly on Emulator. Color me surprised I guess you’re keeping true to your word. Good job.

  2. Dang Dakaris. This is the first time since I play this game I have ever read some semblance of human response from GM to player. I’m personally in a neutral state right now between the players’ frustration and the developers’ actions but this kind of gestures and responses is exactly what this community needs. In the end players just want to be heard.
    King’s Raid makes its players run their own sub-communities. They encourage them to make their own guides, their own community events, their own help channels. The community is really fragmented right now without any official voice to bring it together.
    I praise your response to the person who made this post. I hope to read more like it, and if there is any chance we can work on fixing some of these issues and better connect players and devs, please contact me.

  3. Known Issue: Esker being banned TWICE in GC3.

    Why the only hero who gets double-ban is Esker?
    So you want more players to be encouraged to build multiple DPS; more specifically, your broken favorite called ‘Pansirone’??!

    Like the problem of lack of hero diversity caused by your unwillingness to nerf is already not enough!

    If you wanted to ban a hero twice, you should have ban Fallen Frey instead. Since she is core to every team.

    Or heck, for a real challenge, ban 3 top GC3 DPS in one week.

    Yeah yeah, Pansirone Raid forever.
    Just rename your game…

  4. • Known Issue #1: The joke November balance patch which memed all 14 heroes (excluding Lilia and Hilda).
    —> Re-buff all heroes in the November balance patch (+ Dakaris from December) excluding the two mentioned above when? None of them got real justice.

    • Known Issue #2: Gremory being Yanne no.2.
    It is obvious the worst hero is Yanne, and it is saddening that Gremory is being touted as Yanne version 2. Here’s why: Gremory is only good in ONE content (TM raids) just like how Yanne only excels in dragons.
    To make things worse…
    Gremory is already kicked out of the only content she is good at (Technomagic Raids) in less than a month thanks to new powercreep hero called Ripine who performs like a God even at 0*UW/UT/no SW.

    •Known Issue #3: WB3 Physical Amplification.
    The change to WB3 overtuned amplification has existed for 9 months! Even now Magic teams cannot compete. Also WB3 Xanadus is about to die (again) even with the recent HP buff!

    •Known Issue #4: Technomagic Raids Skill Selector costing an insane 40 Technomagic Reports.
    The cost should be reduced by half. We only gain 10 Technomagic Reports a week, and that means only one piece of gear per month; or a whole set every 4 months! —> We have no events where we gain Technomagic reports (the Dice event was a one-time only special). Paying 40 reports to craft one piece of gear means we can forget ever making our gears ‘Reclaimed’ status. Basically the only way around this is to SPEND money or farm for another 10 years.

    • Known Issue #5: Crashes upon Gear Presets.
    This one has existed for months. For a feature which costs rubies, it should have received an imminent fix but it did not.

    • Known Issue #6: No more nerfs.
    Dominating heroes (you know who) not receiving nerfs is the reason why so many recent reviews of your game have been at one star.
    —> A HEALTHY and BALANCED game will mean a good Developer would nerf their too-strong heroes. Yet Vespa, you skip over the issue and are scared to nerf simply because of fears to “dishearten players”. Have you thought about those who don’t build these broken heroes? Do they not feel ‘disheartened’ that their heroes continue to be in their terrible state for years, and feel saddened because you are failing them over and over? Especially when you bring terrible balance patches which keeps their outdated heroes remaining in the garbage can? Does this not dishearten and frustrate these off-meta players?
    —> No nerfs encourages lack of hero diversity and meta-abuse. Currently majority of players abuse the same heroes.

    The word “balance” goes two ways: Buffs AND nerfs.

    Remember that Vespa.

    •••••If you want to regain players trust••••••
    •••• Make 2021 a better year, please. ••••
    ••• No more false promises. Show real action. •••