[Notice] December 21st, 2020 App-player APK file and installation guide

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris.

We have prepared a specific version for Raiders who prefer using app-players.
This installation file will reflect the maintenance of December 21st, 2020.

* Please notice that you need to download the following APK even if you had previously downloaded the APK to play the game.
※ If you downloaded the previous installation file (APK) dedicated for App Player users, we recommend you install this APK file to play the game smoothly.
※ For those who use App Players and have difficulty playing due to lag issues, please download this APK file and install it before playing.
※ It may be difficult to access the game when updating through the store after installing this APK, so we will update this dedicated APK.

▶ December 21st, 2020 APK file Download link (4.17.5):
*The links for downloading APK files are unified, so there are no problems even if the links are the same as the previous links.

[How to install the APK File]

Click on ‘APK’ in the menu on the right to install the downloaded APK yourself after running the app player. (The APK installation menu may differ for each type of app player.)

– The provided installation file (APK) is an exclusive installation file for the App Players that cannot be executed on mobile devices.
– The ‘Payment failed’ error will occur when you try to pay while using the game through the (APK). However, after a failed payment the product you attempted to purchase is normally paid when re-connecting, so please proceed with the payment through a mobile device as much as possible for smooth product payment.
– It is possible to install without deleting the existing King’s Raid.

The installation file for the app player will be provided at every maintenance to provide a more comfortable playing environment. We will do our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.

Thank you.
GM Dakaris

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  1. What is the point of these useless APK files if they don’t fix any of the crashes. Can’t do central orvel event wihout your garbage game crashing at every loading screen. It takes 5 MINUTES to fix these issues but you can’t be assed. But you’ll gladly take everyone’s money and continue to fuck them over, right? Lol.

    1. What version of Bluestacks are you running? Maybe we can troubleshoot to get the game running better for you.

      I’m running version, 64-bit, and thus far it runs smoothly. Interestingly enough Bluestacks initially installed the 32-bit large virtual address version for King’s Raid; now the multi-instance manager says the large virtual address version is deprecated. I guess Bluestacks themselves are busy trying to determine the best version of the emulator for which to run the game.

      1. I am running the same version as you, 64-bit as well. I continue to crash upong completing any CO mission. Can’t do Talisha’s dungeons because of crashing after 5 runs.

  2. While I dont currently play kings raid on a emulator, emulation isnt perfect, and faults normally rise in the see to use emulators that mimic phones and tablets rather than the software itself.. so to see people complain here I find find funny!! And I also find Suprising to see the Vispa staff working hard to help fix the problems people have on a emulator ♡ that’s honestly awesome!!
    Cause though my phone has enough power to play kings raid just fine!!
    The Game does look really nice blown up from my laptop to my 4k TV!! ♡_♡

  3. Playing on Bluestacks after this update and I haven’t experienced a single crash yet. This as opposed to the last update where the game would crash right after the loading screen. So far so good! Thank you for the update!☺