[Maintenance Notice] 11/09 Maintenance Notice (Complete)


This is King’s Raid.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by frequent changes in the maintenance schedule. We would like to inform you that the maintenance date below has been finally been confirmed.

This is to inform you that the maintenance on November 10th has been changed to November 9th.

Guild War and League of Honor begin normally on the scheduled date.

※ We will inform you of the update in this maintenance notice, and there will be no separate patch notes on the day of the maintenance.

It is not available to access the game during maintenance.

Please check the maintenance schedule below to avoid any inconvenience in playing the game.


▌Maintenance Schedule

▶ Maintenance date: November 9th 2022 05:00 ~ 07:00 [UTC]

– The maintenance schedule can change depending on the update preparation and maintenance situation, and the maintenance time information will be indicated “(Revised)” in the title of this notice.


▌ The Details of Key Maintenance Progress

▶ Adjustment of Currency Maximum Limit (5/5 The last time)

– The last downward revision will be made from Currency Maximum Limit set on August 12th.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

▶ Season of Guilds War, Guilds Conquest, League of Honor Starts

– Next season information of the competitive contents below will be reflected

– Guilds War : 2022-11-05 ~ 2022-12-30

– League of Honor : 2022-11-07 ~ 2023-01-01

– Guilds Conquest : 2022-11-08 ~ 2023-01-02


▶ Correction of the Rune of Blasphemy’s Reflection Damage

– As the battle renewal progressed, there were some unadjusted formulas related to the reflection damage of the existing Rune of Blasphemy [Geb], so the reflection damage through the Rune of Blasphemy was incorrectly applied after the update. We will adjust the relevant application formula to modify all [Geb] Rune so that normal reflection damage can be applied.


▶ [Event] Thanksgiving Day Defense Battle Re-open

– The ‘Thanksgiving Day Defense Battle’ event, which was held in November last year, will be held again.


▶ Event Details

– Period : After maintenance on November 15th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on November 29rd

– Details : Defeat as many Stealer Goblins as possible in a certain amount of time to earn cumulative rewards!


▶ How to participate

01. [Thanksgiving Defense] Dungeon Entry

– You will be able to access the [Thanksgiving Defense] dungeon by talking to ‘NPC Hanus’ who will be located at Central Orvel.


02. [Thanksgiving Defense] Dungeon Details​

텍스트, 전자기기, 컴퓨터이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

– The [Thanksgiving Defense] Dungeon consists of 1 Dungeon. Within this Dungeon, you will have to defeat as many Stealer Goblins as possible in a certain amount of time.

– The [Thanksgiving Defense] Dungeon can be accessed with ‘Event Entry Tickets.

– You will receive 3 initial ‘Event Entry Tickets’, and 1 ‘Event Entry Ticket’ will be charged at 00:00 [Local Server Time] every day.

※ You will not be able to have more than 3 ‘Event Entry Tickets.

– There are 42 Heroes that can be used in the [Thanksgiving Defense] Dungeon. Please note that the stats of all Heroes are fixed within this Dungeon.

– You will have to select 4 Heroes from the list of 42 Heroes. Defeat the Stealer Goblins by using the skills of the Heroes and accumulate the [K.O Counts] within a certain time limit.


▶ Event Reward Details

– You will be able to accumulate the [K.O Counts] by defeating the Stealer Goblins through the [Thanksgiving Defense] Dungeon.

– The rewards of the event consist of 2 different rewards: [Daily Level Rewards] & [Accumulated Completion Rewards]


[Daily Rewards]

– [Daily Rewards] are distributed at the end of the battle according to the [K.O Counts] you have accumulated during the battle.

– The rewards for each level are distributed only once a day. The reward for each level will be reset every day at 00:00.

※ Please note that the Level Rewards you have already acquired during the day cannot be obtained anymore even if you clear the Dungeon multiple times.


[Accumulated Completion Rewards]

– [Accumulated Completion Rewards] will be accumulated according to the [K.O Counts] you have collected by defeating Stealer Goblins during the event period.

– Every time you reach a goal [K.O Count], touch the [Claim Completion Rewards] to obtain your rewards.

– Please note that you will be able to obtain [Accumulated Completion Rewards] only once during the event period.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

[In-game screenshot of the Haphazardly Drawn Mask of Goblin]

실내이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명


▶ Change Buff Event Progress Date

– The event buff, which was held every two days, is changed to a one-week progression, and it is organized as follows.

– The change plan will be reflected from next Monday (10/31) and will be rotated every week without any notice.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명


▶ Fix bugs and others

– Fix some invalid text errors in the game.

– Loads and memory-related optimizations are reflected.

– Correct problems with milestones and jumping orders

: Fix the issue where the League of Honor participation mission was not checked normally.

: Fix an issue where Craft Fragment of Infinity missions was not checked normally.

: Fix an issue where the achievement gauge for receiving an all-in-one summon ticket at the top performing the Returning Raiders Jumping Order was not checked correctly. We will correct the problem and reactivate the expired Returning Raiders Jumping Order and postpone the expiration date for those who have experienced inconvenience, such as users who have already closed after the expiration date.

– Adjustments will be made to some monsters that are too defensive. (Velkazar, Lakreil)


▶ Items that will be extended in a special shop.

– The following items on sale at the special store will be extended.

: Soul Weapon Package 1 / 2

: Reforge ticket Lucky Package

: Special Ether Ticket Package

: 3 types of transfer tickets


We will do our best to provide a stable gaming environment.

Thank you.

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  1. fix the priest’s healing now, they’re so useless. In addition, it is necessary to change the basic stat to have a difference between the roles because currently the tank’s hp and the dps’ atk are not outstanding compared to other roles.