[Update Details] 10/11 Update Details

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October 11th Update Details.

Although we should inform you of the update content as soon as possible and introduce the changes in the game as detailed, but due to the adjustment of all Hero’s skills, we cannot introduce all of them in the patch note. Please check in the game. Thank you for your understanding.

Here’s what’s included in the October 11th update that includes massive battles.

[Update Details]────────────────


▶ Currency Maximum Limit

– Adjusted Currency maximum Limit that can be obtained for each content. (Round 4/5)

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– The part of the currency that has exceeded the maximum limit will remain in possession, but no more coins can be obtained.

– Currency limit of this item is adjusted, and it is planned to be gradually reduced each update (currently round 4/5)


▶ Combat Update

– Combat-related matters will be drastically restructured.


※ Battle-related fixes

– Defensive power calculation formula changed.

– Multiplication calculations such as increased the inflicted damage, damage on enemies, damage on boss, damage on enemy heroes, damage on enemies who are not heroes, damage on specific races, etc. will be changed to additive calculations.

– Multiplication calculations of effects such as damage reduction, damage reduction from boss, from hero enemies, from non-hero enemies, specific races, etc. will be changed to additive calculations.

– Multiplication calculations of effects such as increased skill damage, sustained damage, Ignore of Defense damage, Ignore of Block damage, and general attack damage will be changed to additive calculations.

– Shield defense will be calculated differently (ex: The original damage that Shield defense suffered 5 damage =10 damage – 2 defensive power + 3 damage reduction, now Shield defense will just suffer 10 damage)

– All heroes and monsters attack speed is reduced by 85% compared to the original level.

– Damage increased, decrease increase or decrease formula has been changed.


※ Hero adjustments

– Compared with the original, the ability value of 1 level, such as attack power reduced, HP by 1/20, and defense by 5/1.

– The growth value of each level has changed, and the ability value increases by about 4% per level.

– Growth value change when awakening, awakening attack and HP 1 awakening 100%, 2 awakening 115%, 3 awakening 135%, 4 awakening 165%, 5 awakening 200%.

– Change of ability value other than hero’s attack, defense and HP.

– The hero’s magic power is restored every second, and the value of magic power restored when attacking is reduced by 50% compared to the original.

– All heroes’ skills skill characteristics re-organized.


※ Gear Adjustments

– Common&Technomagic Gear’s base attributes are adjusted and changed according to the hero’s ability value.

– Common&Technomagic Gear’s additional attributes have been changed one-fourth of the original.

– Common&Technomagic Gear’s set attributes have been changed to 1/5 of the original.

– Technomagic Gear’s Extra skill effect has been changed to 1/5 of the original.

– The effects and values of artifact are adjusted according to the battle rebalancing.

-Jewelry attributes changed to as below: Earrings- Increases x% attack power (Total attack power), Rings- Increase xx% of HP value, Necklace- Increases Crit ate, Bracelets- partially reduce the damage taken.

– When gear Awakening, the growth value will be changed and increased each awakening.

– The set attributes of some items and the Extra skill effect of the Gear will be changed.

Unique Gear Adjustments

– Unique weapon,Unique Treasure and Soul weapon’s basic ability value will be changed according to Hero Ability Value.

– Unique attribites’ value of Unique Weapon is partially adjusted.

– Unique treasure’s fixed stats changes to a form with the same characteristics as the skill.

– Unique treasure’s extra stats changed to 1/3.5 of the original.

– The growth value of Unique weapon,Unique treasure per level is adjusted to change according to the hero’s ability value.

– When Unique weapon or Unique treasure Awakening, growth value will change as below: 1Awakening 120%,2Awakening 140%,3Awakening 160%,4Awakening 180%,5Awakening 200%。

– Soul weapon skill conditions‘ additional request will be doubled.


※ Additional Adjustments

– Enchant stats changed to 1/4 of the original.

– Rune main stats changed to 1/3 of the original.

– Rune Extra skill effect changed to 1/3 of the original.

– The ability value of all monsters will be adjusted according to the hero ability value.

– The BUFF (ability value enhancement boost) provided in the game content has been partially adjusted for items that apply to the absolute value of the character’s combat ability value or bring about a large % change. (ex: fragment bottle, Raider Growth Buff, Cain NPC effect, etc.)


▶ Transcendence Attribute System Reorganization

– Transcendence Attribute will change.

From the original Transcendence Attribute with various effects, it has been changed to a form that can improve each Combat stats.

– The following stats can be granted by using Transcendence Attribute Point, up to a maximum of 5 Phase.

– Each Transcendence Attribute consumes 5TP for each enhanced 1 Phase.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


▶ Hero Limit Breakthrough

※ Limit Breakthrough

– The Hero with cap level 100 can grow up to Level 110 through Limit Breakthrough.

– Limit Breakthrough increases Hero’s ‘highest Level’ by 1, and the next upgrade requires accumulation of Limit Breakthrough Numerical value.

– What is required to improve the Level is the Material and Limit Breakthrough Numerical value required for Limit Breakthrough, not the original experience value.

– ex: When using materials, when the limit exceeds level 106, all limit breakthrough values must be met before the limit can be exceeded to level 107.

– Perform Limit Breakthrough, and obtain stats and Breakthrough talent points each time you level up.


※ Required Material

– Limit Breakthrough:Requires‘Stone of Infinity’,‘Ancient book of knowledge’,‘Remove Limit Scroll’.

– The Material quantity consumed will also increase as the Limit Breakthrough Level getting higher.

– Stone of Infinity and Ancient book of knowledge can be obtained by crafting.

<Ancient book of knowledge>: Consume Each class’skill book total 40 of 4 kinds,Craft *1 Ancient book of knowledge of the corresponding class.

– Remove limit scrolls, divided by each hero. (ex: Rephy Unbound Scroll, Demia Unbound Scroll)

– Remove limit scrolls can be obtained in the All-in-one Special Summon and serval content shops.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


※Required Material Qty and Obtain Transcendence Attribute Point according to Limit Breakthrough Level

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


※ Limit breakthrough value

– Limit breakthrough value,by using <Will of the Constellation> , <Will of the Saintess>Items to obtain.

– <Will of the Constellation>: Can only be summoned in All-in-one Special Summons, it can get more Numerical value than Will of the Saintess.

– <Will of the Saintess >: Through League of Victory,League of Honor,World Boss weekly settlement bonus to obtain, can own up to ‘1,000.


▶ Unique Weapon Transcendence Awakening

※ Transcendence Awakening

– The 5 Awakening Unique Weapon liberated by Soul Weapon can be enhanced to a maximum of 15 Awakening through ‘Transcendence Awakening’.

– Each time the Awakening degree is increased; the attack power of the Unique Weapon will increase.


※ Required Material and success and failure

– Consume Weapon for Transcendence Awakening, Unique Weapon of the same Hero (not related to Awakening), Soulstone, ‘Transcendence Stone’, Gold coins.

– The higher the degree of Phase Awakening being strengthened, the higher the required material amount.

– Regardless of Awakening degree, reinforcement has a 50% probability of success and failure.

– If it fails, the Awakening degree is reduced by 1 and will not be reduced below 5 Awakening.

– Each time the enhancement fails, an additional 5% probability will be corrected, and the additional corrected probability will be initialized when Awakening succeeds.

– <Transcendence Stone>: Craft *1Transcendence Stone through Consuming 10 each of 7 Essences, 10 Stone of Infinity, and Gold coins.


※ Required Material Qty according to Transcendence Awakening Awakening degree

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


※ Other

– When disassembling 6 ~ 15 Awakening Unique Weapons, the Unique Weapon Shards that can be acquired are all 4,000.

– When a Weapon of 6 to 15 Awakening is used as a material for 1 to 5 Awakening, the probability is the same as that of 5 Awakening.


▶ League of Victory Duel again function added

– In League of Victory, if the opponent fails, the defeated player can apply to the previous opponent for another duel.

– In another duel, only the loser can challange the winner, and the winner can accept or reject.

– The competition method and scoring rules are also the same as the basic match.


▶ 28 Day Log-in Reward Change

– As new Items are added, 28 Day Log-in Reward will be corrected again (Already started Log-in Event will be maintained.)

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


▶ Added Log-in Event

– Added “Special 28 Day Log-in” in honor of Combat Update.

– After the Roll Book is maintained from 2022-10-11 to 2022-10-31, you can log in to the game to obtain, and the 28-day gifts will disappear after being provided once.

– As to already-started Roll Book,It has nothing to do with the remaining Rewards, and will be deleted after 2022-11-30 (the remaining Log-in Rewards cannot be obtained)


▶ Bonus log-in system added

– A bonus log-in system will be added to help players claim more log-in rewards.

– Bonus log-in will restart on the 1st of each month as a base.

– Bonus log-in will be maintained from the 1st to the end of the month and will be initialized on the 1st of the following month, and unclaimed rewards cannot be re-claimed.

-The basic requirement for the Bonus Log-In is to obtain ‘Lua’s Token’.

From the 1st to the end of each month, when you obtain Luya’s token [15 / 60], you can open up to 2 bonus log-ins.

– Log-in bonus can be claimed for the same number of days as the ‘log-in days in the game’, up to a maximum of 28 days (if you log-in for 10 days in a month, you can only claim 10 days of the bonus.)


▶ All-in-one Special Summon Reorganiztion

– All-in-one Special Summoned Components and rate change。

– All-in-one Special Summoned Price change. (One time:200 Ruby/ 10 times:2,000 Ruby)

– Component probability is as follows.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


▶ Changes in the way Ruby products are sold

– The way Ruby currency items are sold will be changed.

– The 1+1 system of the “First Purchase Reward” will disappear, and the multiplier of Ruby will be doubled compared to the original item price.

– Guideline will not be issued in Ruby items and will be unified as Lua’s tokens.

– The ‘Cumulative Ruby Consume’ function of the original 1+1 repurchase condition will be removed.


Special Shop New product notification

– To commemorate the large-scale Combat Reorganization, the Special Package will start its sale.

– Sale time: After maintenance on 10/11 ~ until 10/31.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


▶ Other

– In-game font change.

-Changes to the system pop-up UI and the Item information UI that pops up when touching Gear items.

– When crafting items, it will be changed to crafting directly in the pop-up window instead of in the crafting-unique UI.

The above are the details of the 10/11 update.

I wish you a happy game in King’s Raid!