[Maintenance Announcement] Battle System Reorganization Update Delayed Announcement


This is King’s Raid

The large-scale Battle System Reorganization Update was planned to be available in the last week of September, but since it is a very large update, it will take more time to prepare thoroughly internally.

After the announcement was issued in advance, everyone showed great expectations, but we still need to inform you that the update will be Delayed, about which, we are very sorry.
This is also the process of making this good game of King’s Raid more enjoyable, and we hope most users will understand. We’ll do it better and show it to you in the first week of October.

You will be unable to log into the game during the Maintenance

Please refer to the following Schedule to avoid any inconvenience.

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Period: First week of October 2022 (After that, the maintenance time will be notified in the game)
– The maintenance schedule may change according to the maintenance preparation and inspection status. According to the progress of the acceptance, the update schedule will be notified in advance through the game announcement.
– Regarding the content of the update, please confirm the content of the previously announced <The Third Maintenance Notice in September>.