[Maintenance Notice] September’s Third Maintenance Announcement, September 20th (Tue), 2022 (06:47 UTC Complete)


This is King’s Raid


We will inform you of the third Maintenance schedule for September.

The current maintenance date may be on or after the 20th. Although it has not yet been determined, we would like to notify important updates in advance.


You will be unable to log into the game during the Maintenance.

Please refer to the following Schedule to avoid any inconvenience.


▌Maintenance Schedule

▶ Maintenance Time: 3rd week of September 2022 (Maintenance time will be notified later)

– The maintenance schedule may change according to the preparation and inspected status. The maintenance time will be notified by the (modification) mark in the title of this announcement.


▌Maintenance Contents

▶ Currency limit will be adjusted(4/5 round)

– The Currency has been lowered on the maximum basis set in the past August 12th. This operation will apply each update (up to 5 rounds).


▶ Battle system reorganization

– As notified in the developer notes, there will be major changes to the Battle system of King’s Raid.

– The damage application formula and Hero/Gear’s stats. All Heroes’ skills will change with the new battle system, and the monster’s stats will also be adjusted accordingly.


▶ Transcendence Attribute system reorganization

– Existing Transcendence Attributes will be adapted as a whole to increase Hero’s stats.


▶ Unique Weapon Transcendence Awakening &Hero Limit breakthrough

– Unique Weapon can be Transcendence to Awakening 5 or above, up to Awakening 15.

– The highest level of Hero will be changed to be able to grow a little more than the current level of 100.

– ‘Transcendence Awakening’ and ’Limit breakthrough’ both require different conditions than the original reinforcement method.


▶ Add Attendance Event

– To commemorate the large-scale battle adaptation, a limited number of Roll Book with rich rewards will be provided.


▶ All-in-one Special Summon reorganization

– All-in-one Special Summon composition will be changed.


▶ Ruby Merchandise Sale Changes

– The way ruby currency items are sold will be changed.

– The 1+1 system of the “First Purchase Reward” will disappear, and the multiplier of rubies will be doubled compared to the original product price.



– Guideline will not be issued in ruby goods, and will be unified as Lua’s token.

– 1+1 re-purchase of the activation condition’s “cumulative ruby consumption” function will be unavailable after maintenance and will disappear.


▶ Deleted Items in the Special shop

– Some products sold in the Special shop will be deleted after this update and stop selling.


테이블이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명


The detailed update content will be confirmed by the patch notes released after the server maintenance.

We will always do our best to provide stable service.