[Notice] League of Victory Unsettled Reward Distribution Notice

This is King’s Raid

Regarding the issue that League of Victory-related daily settlements did not proceed normally, the notification was a little late. We hereby express my sincere apologies. The content and reward processing method are notified here.

On September 14th, we fixed a bug in League of Victory with an emergency maintenance, and on 9/14, we were notified of the settlement not taking place. The daily settlement should have been carried out normally since 9/15 as usual, but from 9/15 to the present, the daily settlement has not been carried out.

Since there is no settlement, it is difficult to provide the rewards based on the ranking of players in the past daily units, so it is decided to issue the following daily rewards.


*Reward distribution

> After the League of Victory that ends on Sunday (Sept 18th), the rewards of the corresponding tier will be sent based on the “Seasonal Rewards” settled at 0:00 on Sept 19th.

> The daily calculation has been missed 6 rounds, and we apologize for the late processing, then we will send 10 rounds of rewards.

> Log in to the game after the service is stabilized and maintained today, and you can confirm 10 settlement emails in your mailbox. (The expiration time of the mail is 3 days, please pick it up before the deadline.)


Sorry for the inconvenience.