[Maintenance Notice] September 13 06:00 ~ 11:00 (UTC) Maintenance Announcement (Complete)


This is King’s Raid

We would like to inform you of the Maintenance schedule for September 13.

You will be unable to log into the game during the Maintenance

Please refer to the following Schedule to avoid any inconvenience.

Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance Period September 13, 2022 (Thursday)  (UTC) 06:00 ~ 11:00
– Maintenance Schedule is subject to change depending on maintenance preparation and inspection status. Maintenance time Announcement, etc. Will be notified by (modification) in the title of the Announcement article.

Maintenance Contents
▶ The currency limit will be adjusted (3/5 round)
– The Currency has been lowered on the maximum basis set on the past August 12th. This operation will apply each update (up to 5 rounds)

Currency Maximum limit

Usage Currency Name Adjustments on Round 3
King’s Raid Shop Victory Medal 700,000
Honor Medal Shop Honor Medal 300,000
Insignia of Honor Shop Insignia of Honor 20,000
Battlefields of Ordeals Shop Trials Points 70,000
Dungeon Shop Battle Token 300,000,000
World Boss Shop Crystallized Power 700,000
Guild Shop Guild Coin 4,000,000
Guild War Shop Guild War Token 100,000

▶ Reward Modifications

– The following item rewards will be fixed during maintenance

: Beginner Raiders Jumping Order, Returning Raiders Jumping Order, First Clear Reward, rewards based on the number of stars earned in chapters, Guideline (chapters), 28 Day Log-in, New User Attendance, Return User Log-in.

– The rewards for the above content will be slightly reduced compared to before. If you are currently performing Jumping Order, Chapter Clearance, and Chapter stars, it is recommended that you could clear the chapters as much as possible before the next maintenance.

▶ More requirements for Obtaining Kirze and opening the Tower of Trials

  • Before: The Tower of Trials opens when you own a 5-star hero
  • After: When you own a 5-star hero and you have cleared chapters 4-21, the Tower of Trials will open

The detailed update content will be confirmed by the patch notes released after the server maintenance.

We will always do our best to provide stable service.