[Maintenance Notice] 2nd Maintenance of August

Greetings Raiders.
GM Ophelia at your service.

We would like to inform Raiders that the 2nd maintenance of August is planned to be held next week.
King’s Raid will not be available during the maintenance.

▶ Date: 2nd week of August (TBA)
America Server (UTC -4): 
EU Server (UTC +2): 
Asia Server (UTC +7): 

Maintenance Details
▶ League of Victory
– Tiers are determined only by ranking according to the Arena Score of each user.
– The amount of rubies received from season reward after completing a season will be changed
(The rewards in the lower tier will be greatly reduced, and the rewards in the high tiers will be greatly increased.)
– At the end of a season, all the users will start at Bronze Tier 1,000 points.
– The reward for the reaching each tier for the first time will be changed.

▶ Maximum amount of Currency
– The maximum allowed amount of currencies for each content (Raid Coin, Guild Coin, etc.) will be set.
– It will not be possible to hold more currencies than the amount set to the limit, and after the initial holding limit is established, the holding limit will be lowered little by little after each update.
– After the maximum limit is set, the excess currency will remain untouched. But if the limit is exceeded, additional currency will not be obtainable.

▶ Divine Punishment Raid
– Mana Addiction will be changed so that it applies differently acccording to the stage.
– Required stamina to unlock will be reduced.
– The ‘Unique Gear Ticket’ of the clear reward will be changed to obtain on probability, not guaranteed.
– The amount of rewards for each stage will be reduced.

We will do our best to provide stable gaming experience.

Thank you.