[Maintenance Notice] Last week of August (Complete)

Greetings Raiders.
GM Ophelia at your service.

We would like to inform Raiders that the Last maintenance of August,
King’s Raid will not be available during the maintenance.

 Date: 2022-09-01 05:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC)
America Server (UTC -4): 
EU Server (UTC +2): 
 Asia Server (UTC +7): 

▌Maintenance Details

▶ Improvement of the league of victory
– As explained in the developer’s Note, It will be modified such as global matching, tier reset, reward and etc.
– For preparing the maintenance, Arena Contents will be restricted from 00:00 Monday to completing maintenance.

▶  Modification of Currency Maximum Limit(2/5)
– Max Limit of Currency(set on last 12th August) will be changed. This will be modified by each update(until 5 times)


Currency Max Limit

Store Name 2nd Implementation
League of Victory Shop Medal of Victory 1,000,000
Medal of Honor Shop Medal of Honor 400,000
Insignia of Honor Shop Insignia of Honor 30,000
Battlefield of Ordeals Shop Ordeal Point 100,000
Raid Shop Raid Coin 500,000,000
World Boss Shop Crystallized Power 1,000,000
Guild Shop Guild Coin 7,000,000
Guild War Shop Guild War Medal 150,000

▶ Change of some selling items

– Insignia of Honor Shop, World Boss Shop, and Challenge Raid shop(Single) will not sell ‘Unique Gear Ticket’ after the maintenance.


▶ Added the Season Data in Guild War, Guild Conquest.


▶ Removed the Reward and ‘Server Ranking’ in World Boss

– World Boss Server Ranking will be removed.

– Server Season Ranking Reward and Daily/Join Reward will be removed, and the reward will be added to other contents.



▌Challenge Raid
▶ The next Challenge Raid schedule will be announced with this notice.

▶ Challenge Raid “Thorpe”

  • Multi-Season: 8/29 ~ 9/10
  • Single Season: 9/12 ~ 9/24
  • ATK/DEF/Max HP is increased on Thorpe.


At the end of each season, the remaining clear points will be initialized, and the unused points will be replaced by ‘stamina potion’ and sent to

Please check the detailed patch note after the service maintenance.
We will do our best to provide a stable gaming experience.

Thank you.