[Developer’s Note] August 2022

Hello, everyone.

I am Jin, the PD of King’s Raid.


I’d like to thank all the users who have constantly loved the game despite so many difficulties our company had to counter.

I promise again that we will constantly go on with development and updates in the future, and along with that, I’d like to inform you in advance about the adjustments we are planning in August.

While preparing Chronicle 2, we are always pondering about ‘the fun of Chronicle 1 which must be remained’. As those will be still the main attractions of King’s Raid in Chronicle 2, so we believe that succeeding it by changing it into the most appropriate status, rather than maintaining its current form.

We’d like to add some adjustments to [League of Victory].

Today almost all the games allow users from all servers to get gathered in one place for competition. But to our regret, League of Victory was separated by each server which made it impossible to match with other servers.

we have racked our brains until we decided to enable global matching in League of Victory where players can find more active combat matching and various opponents with the fun of competing for ranking at the same time.

As we have mentioned in the maintenance notice before, we are going to apply the following adjustments in our update.

– Real-time ranking replacements according to scores

– Adjustment of reward at the end of season for each ranking

– Initialize all the players as Bronze Tier when a season is over


Also, as it is global combat that is not limited to the server, we are going to change the rewarding structure according to the result of the competition.

Season Reward in League of Victory will depend on the global ranking, indifferent to the ‘server’ ranking, and the same goes for World Boss while removing unnecessary server rankings in various content UIs.


In World Boss, the former system divided into [Reward according to the server ranking] and [Reward according to the World Ranking] will be transformed to [Reward according to the World Ranking], where the server ranking reward will be removed.

Also, in order to make the reward from global competition the main reward, the system of Participation / Daily Achievement Reward will be also removed.

We are planning to transfer the removed rewards to Reward according to the world ranking and Daily/Weekly Missions.

In the UI of League of Honor, the server ranking window will be removed as it is regarded as unnecessary, and the global ranking window will only remain.

Since the League of Victory is changed into global matching, there will be changes to the AI teams appearing in Battlefield of Ordeals. In the past, decks used in Arena were summoned within the limited range of the server. But after the adjustment, all the decks used in the combats in League of Victory will be summoned regardless of the server. (There will be more various opponents.)

That’s all for this note.

The update is aimed at a more reliable solution to let the contents of King’s Raid compete for global ranking and therefore, to reform the former reward systems to be more significant depending on global ranking replacements.

We will do our best to implement the adjustments mentioned above within August and we will make sure to inform everyone about adjustments related to combats due in September.


Thank you.


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  1. Global LoV is a good move to deal with the current state of the game, as well revive the (long dead) Europe Server. However, removal of the server ranking and reward changes (both pvp and wb) are real bad and not cool at all.