[Maintenance Notice] August 2nd (Tue) Delayed

Greetings, Raiders.

GM Ophelia at your service.

We would like to that the maintenance preparation work scheduled for August 2nd has been delayed.

We are actively preparing for the update, but unfortuantely the final testing is not complete, making difficult to proceed with the maintenance on August 2nd (Tue) as informed in advance.

Please allow us some more time to prepare for distribution in each market and prepare for maintenace as soon as we finished. We will notify you again as soon as it is ready. Also, please understand that the new maintenance schedule may be imminent when the re-announcement is made. .
(We hope to hold the maintenance this week, and we will inform you through the official community and in-game notice at least a few hours before.)

Thank you.

Greetings Raiders.
GM Ophelia at your service.

We would like to inform Raiders that a maintenance will be held on August 2nd TBA.

King’s Raid will not be available during the maintenance.

▶ Date: August 2nd (Tue)
America Server (UTC -4): TBA
EU Server (UTC +2): TBA
Asia Server (UTC +7): TBA

Maintenance Details
▶ Guild Raid
– Rubies will be excluded from the reward mail sent to all the guild members after defeating a boss. The reward will change starting from the bosses defeated after the maintenance. The bosses defeated before the maintenance will remain the same.

▶ League of Victory
– Tiers are determined only by ranking according to the Arena Score of each user.
– The amount of rubies received from season reward after completing a season will be changed
(The rewards in the lower tier will be greatly reduced, and the rewards in the high tiers will be greatly increased.)
– At the end of a season, all the users will start at Bronze Tier 1,000 points.
– The reward for the reaching each tier for the first time will be changed.
– To integrate the above changes, League of Victory will not be available from Monday until Tuesday maintenance.

▶ World Boss
– Server Season / World Season Ranking rewards will be changed.
(The rewards in the lower tier will be greatly reduced, and the rewards in the high tiers will be greatly increased.)

▶ Guild Attendance Request
– All the rewards of Guild Attendance Request will be changed.
(Daily Reward, Daily Guild Attendance! Reward, Our Guild’s Weekly Attendance!, Continuous Attendance Reward)

▶ Achievments
– The existing World Boss achievement [My Hobby is Hero!] will be changed to an achievement with different conditions.

▶ Guild Shop
– Stamina Potion that can be purchased at the Guild Shop will have a limited quantity available and reset weekly.

※ The following details will be updated in the future maintenances after the August 2nd maintenance.

▶ Maximum amount of Currency
– The maximum allowed amount of currencies for each content (Raid Coin, Guild Coin, etc.) will be set.
– It will not be possible to hold more currencies than the amount set to the limit, and after the initial holding limit is established, the holding limit will be lowered little by little after each update.
– This is to refine the economic balance in the game little by little for the 2nd Chronicle update, so please check the notice frequently despite the inconvenience. We recommend that you use each content currencies as much as possible before the change is applied.

▶ Divine Punishment Raid
– Mana Addiction will be changed so that it applies differently acccording to the stage.
– Required stamina to unlock will be reduced.
– The ‘Unique Gear Ticket’ of the clear reward will be changed to obtain on probability, not guaranteed.
– The amount of rewards for each stage will be reduced.

In some contents, the rewards or entry items will be changed after and before the maintenance, resulting in different rewards.
(Guild Raid, Guild Attendance, Divine Punishment Raid Unlock stamina, and Clear Reward, Guild Shop, etc.)

Details about changes in the contents can be found in the patch notes posted after the maintenance. Please understand that additional changes may occur before the actual maintenance is carried out.

We will do our best to provide stable gaming experience.

Thank you.


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  1. Why?? I’m new player been playing for few months, now the reward will be greatly reduced? A lot of my friend already quit. Sadly the one destroyed the game always the dev.. It’s time to say good bye then