[Notice] Hello Dear Users, This is Jin Soo Kim

Dear Users,

I am Jin Soo Kim, the CEO of Vespa.

Before it is too late, I thought I should deliver the necessary news to many users who love Vespa’s game.As you have seen in many recent press releases in Korea, it is true that Vespa had to regretfully let go of many family members.

I thought I’d always done my best, but I couldn’t yield good result and the company faced serious financial difficulties. I would like to overcome this financial difficulty somehow after much consideration to make a meaningful choice, even if it is a difficult route than taking an easy way out.

Both King’s Raid and Time Defenders will continue to service, and we will continue to take steps, although we may be slower to update the King’s Raid Chronicle 2, which the company is dedicated to.

I apologize for causing concern to many people who love Vespa’s game, and although it is difficult to show the same satisfaction as before in maintaining the game such as updates and handling CS inquiries, we will do our best to continue the service.

We will overcome this difficult situation for better games and better service. We will work hard, so please, we ask for your interest and support.

To many users who love Vespa’s games. And to the unforgettable family members who did their best at Vespa.

Thank you and thank you again.

Sincerely Yours,

Jin soo Kim

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  1. Doesn’t sound good, however, I’ll always play your games because I like them. Even though you’re struggling, you don’t give up, and that says a lot about you as the best guys! I try to buy more, and play more, love you! Oh.. Please give buff Theo and Ezekiel.. Please 🙂

  2. Just rerun some events, return the solo mode so heros like Shea can shine again, fix that freaking Karma dg, apoc raid and blasphemysmthng runes and done!!! Players will want to play again. The issue here is cause you made a lot of mistakes and you aren’t fixing it

  3. Welcome to the darkside… Yeah that’s why death Star had so many security leaks, because we were out of money to build a decent one… Now it’s your turn.

    You’ll never finish the death star… Eem… Sorry .. KR2 project, and if you do, it will be flaws full and you won’t correct them until it’s too late and someone blows it… Sorry… You loose all your players…

    Mind my words