[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – June 2022  

Greetings, Raiders.

This is King’s Raid PD Jin.

I haven’t been able to provide updated news for about a month.
Today, I will introduce the changes in the chapter map that I mentioned on the last note.

In King’s Raid 2nd Chronicle, we are making great efforts to improve the quality but maintain the existing atmosphere and the artistic emotion of King’s Raid. Through the chapter nodes, we hope to convey the feeling of King’s Raid world a little better.

Also, please allow me to talk to you about the schedule of Chronicle 2, which many Raiders are worried about.

As many have already guessed, the development schedule is being delayed little by little. As it stands, it is difficult to schedule the launch in June. In addition to the balance issues that have been in King’s Raid, the stability, optimization, and major modifications to the internal system to ensure stable and fast future updates are unavoidably taking longer time.

I sincerely apologize that we couldn’t keep the release schedule that as we promised. We are doing our best to repay Raiders with more complete game as the schedule gets delayed. I will inform the Raiders of the release date again as soon as everything is more organized.

In the next note, we will introduce the new characters of the new chronicle that Raiders must have been curious about through GM Note.

I am truly sorry and regretful that the development is not going as fast as the Raiders expected. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to many of Raiders who have been waiting despite the situation.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


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  1. Vespa please just complete the origional vison of 2nd chronicole.
    instead of adding more and more features the more it gets delayed.
    please look at what happened to project copland it got delayed more and more and then more and more features were promised and it never came out.
    please. please. dont repeat this mistake. i love kings raid to death and i dont want it to die. so please please just release the game with the origional vision and add any extras you promised as weekly updates or something. i dont want another game i love to die. so please. please dont repeat the project copland mistake. – a loyal fan named zanezonair

      1. Why are you impersonating MezMezzy wtf he is definitely more wholesome than you

      2. Like, who cares about nobody wants me here.
        Lmao, and why u told me to quit? Are you my grandma or what.

  2. The thing is even if KR2 is delayed, players wouldn’t really be burnout if you guys are implementing events during these blank periods. Even a rerun event would do. Don’t go on an excuse that its taking time to develop the new version and neglect players that are still waiting patiently for your progress, it doesn’t really look good on a players perspective especially the old players that hang with you guys even though their is nothing new to do with the game.

    At this point you guys need to takecare more on your players rather than focusing all on that new updates cause even if KR2 launch, what’s the point of the launch if playerbase is nonexistent. 1 year delay still nothing to show is quite embarrassing on a company perspective.

      1. And why don’t you mind your own business instead of replying to comments. Either your an idiot or your one of the devs that are butt hurt when they get criticize.

      2. The 3rd world English really sells the point, don’t it lmao

      3. ^^ Your comment is not very grammatically correct, sire!

      4. LowTier why does it seem as if your butthole is expanding to the size of a meteorite cause you are butthurt??

  3. You do realize that the reason most veterans are still playing the game is because of KR2?
    Although what you did certainly looks better than before, it is basically useless…

    Most people fly through chapters in a few days and then never spend time in the map again…
    So instead of actively spending time and resources into KR2 you spent an insane amount of effort in a feature that will barely be played at all…

    You are better off rebuilding KR from scratch I think, make that KR2 a fresh and completely new game and let KR die because it is unsalvageable at this point with all the balance issues and the bugs.

  4. After years You only show bare bones ‘updates”

    Here is My theory kr only hace a skeleton crew si they Game can continue being “playable”

    Can’t wait to this Game just dissapear and run away with they empty promise

    wow such impactful, game-changing experience..
    THIS is what everybody looking for, and it’s WORTH every month of waiting.
    you got to blurt this out so everybody know that you have improved the NODE MAP ENVIRONMENT and keep the hype up.. right ?? RIGHT????

    /sarcasm (just in case someone dumb really needs it)

  6. BLA BLA BLA. Make promises the update will be complete > got delayed > say sorry for delayed update > Make promises the update will be complete and repeat. We are waiting for a year and in the last 6 months we got nothing. No event, no rerun event, and nothing. Now good luck with your BS and i hope your game won’t die.

  7. There seem to be no more than two hundred players left on my server, and there are noticeably fewer of them with every week of waiting. Among the few remaining – literally a few with a team above 100 lvl. All they do is dailies for 10 min. per day and that’s all. Game has completely lost its player base, it does not live, but exists in space. If you delay KR2 again, pls either restart old events or close KR1 until KR2 is released because what’s going on there now is a real disrespect to the players.

  8. KR2 is supposed to be released in June 2022. Before that it was supposed to be last year Summer. 2 years later we have nothing. We are now in the MIDDLE of June and there is absolutely no promising news.

    F*cking liars who cant stick to deadlines.

    It took you over one year to make ONE logo and some 3D backgrounds. Who the f*ck cares about 3D maps except newbies who don’t exist anymore?

    I guess you’re on your last legs before filing for bankruptcy.

    At this point, you might as well just announce the game closure because KR2 will never see the light of day.

  9. You are just a scamming and lying company at this rate. You are pretending the game is still in the works, when these 3D backgrounds and maps were revealed MONTHS ago on your old note:


    If you think people are dumb enough to not notice then you’re wrong.

    Also we never got Ep 1/2/3 which was supposed to be before KR2. I don’t even know why you’re pretending you’re still developing the game at this point when it’s clear you have done sh!t all.

    Those poor white knight who still try to defend you will realise by the end of the year (when you announce your game closure) that they have defended the wrong company.

  10. The time this release is taking to actually happen makes me wonder if someone screwed something up and deleted the game files or something, i can only see this as a reason for this much delay. It is unusual to see a game take as much as kr2 is taking to be released when they had so much ready on the first teaser.
    The latest Dev notes showed nothing new related to the development of the new season, well they are at fault for teasing a unfinished product way too early, and not being able to keep up the pace for its release.

  11. WE NEED a real date this summer (July-September) only what is necessary for KR to go well and we will wait for that content every X months for more content, we can’t wait for the game to die because those who are working are taking advantage of that there is no date and it seems that this is done in free time… in 3 months a logo, 8 female characters taught, 3D maps, somewhat crappy 3D menu. Teleworking is not necessarily going slower and having that as an excuse…

      1. I am also cumming. I have been looking at King’s Raid rule34 all morning, which makes me and my little brother very happy. Unlikr Vespa, which makes me sad.