[Patch Note] 5/31(Tue) Update Details

Greetings Raiders,

GM Ophelia at your service.

We would like to share the update details for May 31st (Tue) maintenance.

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in the Test Server.


▌Challenge Raid
▶ Skull Collector – Obrigard
테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

※ At the end of each season, the remaining points will be reset. Unused points will be replaced with ‘Stamina Potion’ distributed via mail.

▶ Raider’s Pledge Penalties Changed
Raider’s Pledge will be changed according to the changed Challenge Raid boss.
– Increased points obtained via setting Raider’s Pledge penalty in Single Season.

▶ Boss Balance Patch
Buffed ATK/DEF/HP of Obrigard in Single and Multi mode.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

▌ Special Shop Update
▶ New Package

– Sales Period: May 31st (Tue) After Maintenance ~ June 15th (Wed) 23:59

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– Sales Period: June 1st (Wed) 00:00 ~ June 30th (Thu) 23:59

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

※ ‘King’s Pass Random Artifact Box’ x 1 can be purchased with no cost.

※ ‘King’s Pass All-In-One Artifact Box’ x 1 can be purchased with no cost after purchasing ‘King’s Pass Lucky Artifact Package 1’ x 3 and x 6.

For more details of the components and rates of the packages, and refer to the [Rates Table] below.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– Sales Period: June 16th (Mon) 00:00 ~ June 30th (Thu) 23:59

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

▶ Rates Table

King’s Pass Lucky Artifact Package

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

King’s Pass Random Artifact Box

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

▌Bug Fix

▶ Corrected Typos

– Fixed an issue where incorrect text shows in League of Honor season reward ‘Glaring Honor Costume Ticket’ when clicking on ‘Details’.

That’s it for the May 31st (Tue) update Patch Note.

Thank you for enjoying King’s Raid!

Thank you.

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  1. Just shut down your game. Your lack of communication and inability to take on feedback has turned this game to essentially a graveyard.

  2. If this all-in-one artifact for $ – my recommendation dont waste money to this near death game. If rubies – up to u. Can be quite good to upgrade hero’s plague of appreciation. Or others, if u need.

    1. My advice is that you should [LTG.gif] and stop being a pathetic loser whose mother will never love as much as she loves me.

  3. It’s been quiet for a month without these shitheads here, but they’ve smelled KR2 coming and returned to shitpost xD pathetic ppl, just die and stop talking shit.

    1. Imo game wont be released this summer for sure. Or u really think that Vespa will release it w/o some dev notes posts that shows that they really have done already?

      1. I wonder how does your life taste like?

        Maybe you don’t have any, that why you came here to say something negative and think that this will highlight your pathetic life.

        If this game is dead, just leave, don’t come and comment on the website.

        I uninstall it almost two months, am only follow-up updates, but am sick of retards like you.